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Well, if you've come so far in your SSSSMAAARTT!!!!! (my one printing finger trembles with emotion as I write these lines) decision - thank you! A seafood (ooops, my last working neuron trembles as well, you see...) - meant to say a seaful of thanks to you. And nothing's really simpler. Just click the link  Book Preview & Order  and order. It takes a few days and you get the original book in your mail. You can order also newer versions from or from Amazon, search by title, either B&W or Color. And I get my miserable estimated one dollar royalty, and I don't get rich, yet I get happy.

Questions? Just dying to get your mail at  Yossi Faybish  . As long as I'm not rich and famous I promise a personal answer to each of you. After I'm rich and famous I promise my secretary of public relations will write a personal answer to each of you. And after I'm dead - well, who the hell cares?

PS. Much later I came up with a 2nd edition. Why? Because I had a fixation from start to add spots of color to the drawings, and when it became possible at a reasonable cost (for me) - I did it. I also updated the quiz in the book, putting right points I wasn't so happy with in the first edition. So, if you are rich (yeap smiley ) you can get this second edition Color at   Book 2nd Edition, Color  or cheaper :) B&W at   Book 2nd Edition, B&W  .

   So remember: book version 1

Ah, yes. If you prefer to order it via a normal channel, such as Lulu or Amazon or Barnes and Noble or simply your street corner books shop, you can look it up by author name Yossi Faybish. My suggestion is that you go for the 2nd edition B&W or Color (and saying this saves me from making [too many] changes to this site).