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  The Book of Lust

“...each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can't strike them all by ourselves.”

~Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate

Lust, so often compared to fire. So often compared to hell, heaven and the immeasurable limbo in-between. Never compared to butterfly.

Lust, is butterfly. And you – its blooming field of flowers

    dot    ©anonymouslust  cemetery
    dot    ©anonymouslust  hunger
    dot    ©anonymouslust  semantics
    dot    ©anonymouslust  etiquette
    dot    ©anonymouslust  geography
    dot    ©anonymouslust  visitor
    dot    ©anonymouslust  smell
    dot    ©anonymouslust  dimensions
    dot    ©anonymouslust  clothes
    dot    ©anonymouslust  wash-machine
    dot    ©anonymouslust  birthmarks
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Shapes
    dot    ©anonymouslust  binary
    dot    ©anonymouslust  THE stroke
    dot    ©anonymouslust  venery
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Sun Spots
    dot    ©anonymouslust  decrescendo
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Trove
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Tools
    dot    ©anonymouslust  landscape
    dot    ©anonymouslust  birthday
    dot    ©anonymouslust  continuum
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Sweet Damnation’s Call
    dot    ©anonymouslust  perpetuum
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Take All You Are
    dot    ©anonymouslust  If Lust
    dot    ©anonymouslust  lai
    dot    ©anonymouslust  view
    dot    ©anonymouslust  momentary madness and shoes
    dot    ©anonymouslust  parts
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Count
    dot    ©anonymouslust  The Math of Lust
    dot    ©anonymouslust  inspection
    dot    ©anonymouslust  inspection, bis
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Ice Cream
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Death
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Gather Your Limbs
    dot    ©anonymouslust  whale
    dot    ©anonymouslust  I Wish It Was Sex
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Blanket
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Smell
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Drag
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Seduction
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Destinations
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Return
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Radish
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Tomato
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Onion
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Cucumber...
    dot    ©anonymouslust  ...and Beet
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Eggplant
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Watermelon
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Then
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Crying Butterflies
    dot    ©anonymouslust  North-North-West
    dot    ©anonymouslust  V
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Dimensions
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Skin Cells
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Night Trip
    dot    ©anonymouslust  skirt
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Rhyming Lessons
    dot    ©anonymouslust  Invader's Privilege



    anonymouslust is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank