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  Crumbs for, at best, crows

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    dot    ©anonymousother  I Am Alive...
    dot    ©anonymousother  In Another World...
    dot    ©anonymousother  At Times...
    dot    ©anonymousother  As When...
    dot    ©anonymousother  Lines...
    dot    ©anonymousother  Let...
    dot    ©anonymousother  1944... Normandy...
    dot    ©anonymousother  Execution...
    dot    ©anonymousother  mimiagatha... sic
    dot    ©anonymousother  Love Me Tender
    dot    ©anonymousother  Womanhood
    dot    ©anonymousother  Alone
    dot    ©anonymousother  Always
    dot    ©anonymousother  Imperfect
    dot    ©anonymousother  Revisiting
    dot    ©anonymousother  Daughter Dear, Mother Dear,
    dot    ©anonymousother  To Cat
    dot    ©anonymousother  Furry Friend
    dot    ©anonymousother  To My Friend's Furry Bundle Of Joy
    dot    ©anonymousother  Departing To Never Return
    dot    ©anonymousother  Dear Zach,
    dot    ©anonymousother  Jenny, Jenny
    dot    ©anonymousother  To A Friend, From A Friend
    dot    ©anonymousother  For Penny
    dot    ©anonymousother  To My Friend, Ankeeta
    dot    ©anonymousother  Céline, Céline
    dot    ©anonymousother  I Often Wondered
    dot    ©anonymousother  to Daughter...
    dot    ©anonymousother  Mîncă



    anonymouscrumbs is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank