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a bit about it...

I spent in Indigo 6 years, after Orbotech. I joined it when it was still independent and nimble, even though the HP shadow started planing already above it. I love small, independent and nimble - your contribution can be felt and seen.

I found there a very dynamic team - managers, engineers and supporting environment. My good colleague from the Scitex past - Glyn Evans - became my boss, and I got immersed immediately in this company's particular culture. Which was not so different from any other Israeli based high-tech company except on one aspect: it took customer service seriously and invested in it more than any other company I've previously seen. I started as Training Manager, however soon enough I moved to "my love" - Technical Manager, first inheriting and then adding to a team of highly skilled and highly "patriotic" specialists/engineers. We had to DO more than we had to REPORT and this is the kind of environment I like working in. Same with my team, and we had a great time to start with.

Times changed, unfortunately. HP bought Indigo and started imposing its ways and managers upon us, emphasis moving from DO to REPORT and from cooperating to clashing, the atmosphere became heavy, my boss Glyn left to another company... it was clear to me that I wanted to stay there less and less. And this contrary to my enjoying the team, the work itself, the high tech, and the fact that I got responsibility for 2 gigantic shows (DRUPA and IPEX) and made them into technically resounding successes. I stopped feeling right and started looking for a way out. And once I found it - I left behind seniority, severence pay and great colleagues and left of my own will and decision. To Nur.

Unfortunately... but go on and read about it in the Nur "chapter", lol.

a bit of history...


DRUPA 2004

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IPEX 2006

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Outing Indigo Adventure

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Outing Ghis Horses

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Outing Ari Leaving

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