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To the uninitiated - the following ballad (ha ha) is true to almost every detail, and the content is self evident. One single detail that demands explanation: Sa is actually the internal name used for Orbotech Europe SA.

To the initiated - I doubt if anybody will have any difficulty identifying the un-named minister...


(the guy blinks myopically to his second hand screen attached to his Halftium computer, sending again and again furtive glances across his shoulder)


Hello the one and only
From those who're sad and lonely,
My soul's mate pretty sister
Come close and let me whisper
The tale of the sinister

Old men, they tell the story
Of Saland's days of glory,
Of joys in which we'd wallow,
Of laughter high and hollow
Which you're supposed to follow
                                       and swallow...

Of sunshine and of roses,
Of high and noble causes,
Of passion's frightful swells,
Of friendship's sweetest smells,
Dance to minister's bells
                                       or else...

They tell about this guy, oh, gee,
IQ two hundred forty three,
Just perfect... "...sorry sir so bright,
For us, ahmm... you're not the right,
You see, your teeth are not so... quite...
                                       so white..."

About this guy - when pouring rain
Soaked books and files once and again,
"Please help!" he cried, to hear them say
"...it will be fixed first summer's day"
Then "...coming winter", then "...next May",
                                       let's pray...

A Christmas legend me they tell,
Quand wonderful minister - elle
Tout simplement a decidée
Le Christmas Tree de suprimer,
La fête? who cares? obéissez!...

Millennium, the world goes boom,
From Pole to Pole, from Sun to Moon,
All rock'n'swing from big to small...
And Saland ...shhh... it's snore'n'roll,
"...we'll party too by coming ...fall..."
                                       (if at all...)

Minister dear - your praise we'll sing,
Risk/sick insurance us you bring,
All healthy, young and strong - no worry,
Your future's safe and bright with glory,
All others - your's the purgatory,
                                       "...so sorry..."


Oh no, my God, they crash my door,
A booted trot across the floor,
They clamp my mouth, my eyes, my ear,
They drag me out, I'll disappear,
Forget me not my email dear...
                                        ...address unknown... Saibir



(while the wolves howl their pain to the almost full moon, the guy's terrible verdict falls in the dead quiet of the room - doomed to keep on using a 40MBytes 286 CPU MSDOS computer forever)