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  short stories of one hundred words or multiples of it...

    dot    ©anonymous100  Yellow Dust
    dot    ©anonymous100  Celestial Coincidences
    dot    ©anonymous100  "Languages"
    dot    ©anonymous100  Metals
    dot    ©anonymous100  Guinness, in 50 word slices
    dot    ©anonymous100  Isaac
    dot    ©anonymous100  Liberation
    dot    ©anonymous100  Job
    dot    ©anonymous100  Cakes
    dot    ©anonymous100  A Yiddische Mame
    dot    ©anonymous100  Marriage in 10x10, mostly negatives
    dot    ©anonymous100  Marriage in 10x10, some positives , some negatives, decide
    dot    ©anonymous100  Marriage in 10x10, some more about it
    dot    ©anonymous100  Love Story
    dot    ©anonymous100  Perfect Couple
    dot    ©anonymous100  Garden
    dot    ©anonymous100  Inversion
    dot    ©anonymous100  Loyalty
    dot    ©anonymous100  Obsessed? Yes I am.
    dot    ©anonymous100  That Kind Of Man
    dot    ©anonymous100  Divorce
    dot    ©anonymous100  Accent (or Elija Doolittle)
    dot    ©anonymous100  Heroes
    dot    ©anonymous100  Not this horror
    dot    ©anonymous100  Placebo
    dot    ©anonymous100  Universes
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Hobby
    dot    ©anonymous100  Faith
    dot    ©anonymous100  OK
    dot    ©anonymous100  Modern Age Kids
    dot    ©anonymous100  Paleo
    dot    ©anonymous100  My Wife
    dot    ©anonymous100  G
    dot    ©anonymous100  Colonization Report: Earth (translated to native gibberish . . .)
    dot    ©anonymous100  Happiness, in 5 x 50 slices
    dot    ©anonymous100  Desire, uncontrollable
    dot    ©anonymous100  ER
    dot    ©anonymous100  On the matter of obviositis
    dot    ©anonymous100  Ashes
    dot    ©anonymous100  Chance Encounter
    dot    ©anonymous100  God. Dog. Love.
    dot    ©anonymous100  Gates
    dot    ©anonymous100  Story
    dot    ©anonymous100  Expiry Date
    dot    ©anonymous100  Another day on the job
    dot    ©anonymous100  Flies
    dot    ©anonymous100  A Smotheryiddishe Mame
    dot    ©anonymous100  Hateist Math
    dot    ©anonymous100  Misogyny?
    dot    ©anonymous100  Professional courtesy
    dot    ©anonymous100  Goat Herder
    dot    ©anonymous100  Quichotte re-visited
    dot    ©anonymous100  Word
    dot    ©anonymous100  Legally's
    dot    ©anonymous100  Oh, no!
    dot    ©anonymous100  Pioneer
    dot    ©anonymous100  Quantum Leap
    dot    ©anonymous100  Like a Married Couple
    dot    ©anonymous100  Of... ahm... snoring
    dot    ©anonymous100  Humans Club
    dot    ©anonymous100  Age, dance, etc.
    dot    ©anonymous100  COVID fighting to each their approach
    dot    ©anonymous100  Superior Intelligence
    dot    ©anonymous100  Wonders
    dot    ©anonymous100  Options
    dot    ©anonymous100  Do you allow your smartphone to complete words for you?
    dot    ©anonymous100  Second Hand
    dot    ©anonymous100  S Stories (or Yey!!!)
    dot    ©anonymous100  Medecine in Belgium



    anonymous100 is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank





















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