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  Life, Like Walking On Nails -  an unbalanced mix of prose, poetry, and languages

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

~Abraham Lincoln

One absolute equation in life is itís equality to... death. Death wins in sheer immensity. Life wins in sheer frailty. Death is before and after. Life is during, when the before and after donít count. I try to write a book about it. I probably fail. So what? It is trying that matters, for as long as it matters.

This is book one. There is not going to be a book two. Rules of the game.

some things of me...

I had wonderful people in my life Ė parents, friends, wife, children, pets... yes, they were people too. I had a wonderful childhood through nostalgia eyes, a wonderful work life through workaholism eyes, a wonderful marriage through habitude eyes, a shitty last stretch through reality eyes. Life, like walking on nails.

    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Birth
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Kindergarten, Betrayal
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Kindergarten, Field Trip
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  The Diploma
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Costache
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Thirteen

some things of my mother...

A warmer, gentler, wiser person I never met. Youíll never meet. Gone too soon, at the banal end of a banal scalpel.

    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Cuvintele...
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Vijelie...
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  ...שנה טובה
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  ...לבך
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  ...פרחים
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  ...הכרתיך
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  ...אבי
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  ...אחרונה
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  ...מי צבע

some things of my father...

A harder working, better handyman I never met. Youíll never meet. Gone too late after his wife, oh, how much he wished he could have joined her...

    dot    ©anonymousmylife  1943... Bassarabia...
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Patricide
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Meat Merchants
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Sonhood
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Dragă tată,
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Your Way
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  The Last Of Your Odyssey

some things of my parents...

Beautiful poverty, filling the existence with... love.

    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Our House

some things of my wife...

Written out of pain. Written out of fright. The cruelty of life, ever present. You finally settled into the beauty of your corner, when hell decided to strike. Why is hell more powerful than eden? Youíre still breathing, yet in your pain it feels like youíve gone. I scream, I must. I donít mourn you, I mourn your loss of beauty of being, I hope you return and mock me to my death for my weakness. Please, return!

    dot    ©anonymousmylife  I?
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Big
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Modern World
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Damn you!
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  When you live with someone
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Mamă, Tată,
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Of Faith
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Mezuzah

some things of my friends...

Born to be a friend. Born to be a story teller. Born to die before me and leave me with this emptiness...

    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Lumea Nu Ştie

some things of my pets...

Oh, your love so profound, oh, your happiness so heartwarming, oh, the pain so ineffaceable.

    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Tiger...
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  ...טייגר
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  I wonder
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Tizza...
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Oh, what power...
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Letting You Go
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Missing
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Still
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Going to sleep
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  3 x T
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  Tizza, the First
    dot    ©anonymousmylife  I wish



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