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  Unrealities, of Various Kinds

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Right? Right. Also called Introduction.

There are so many ways one could classify a story... Romance, Vampire, Scifi, Family, Nature, Horror, Life, Humor... and probably several additional hundreds of classes, if not more. Right? Right.

Then, of course, usually there is not one class that would be sufficient because stories are a mix of a variety of classes, Vampire - Romance or Scifi - Family - Humor or Life - Medical - Horror - History or... Right? Right.

I decided to re-class my previously published short stories in just two classes, an arbitrary decision which is my prerogative as author (I think) and human (I guess). And the classes that I chose are Reality and its counterpart, Unreality. The second being everything that has to do with fantasy, scifi, witchcraft, abnormal powers, abnormal circumstances, vampires, dragons, ghosts, dream worlds... and so forth and so on. The first being everything else of course, everything that you may call life and may happen to anyone, more or less. Certainly, imperfections are part of any such arbitrary split, therefore you may and will find certain overlapping areas which I did not care to ponder too much upon and decided one way or another. My prerogative as author, as said. Right? Right.

OK, sorry. Cheated! Had to, compulsory, I have a binary mind. But now, that I did overcome temporarily this stumblimg block and before it gains control again, I rush to tell you that I created also a third class, stealing from both above into a class that is very dear to my heart: Romanticality. For all the romantic souls amongst you, me included. Forgiven? Right? Right.

Enjoy! You will! Right?

    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Magician
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  The Last Dog
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Of Dogs, Cats, And Unicorns...
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Séance
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Purplerose...
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Short Love Story...
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    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Tra & Silvania & Co. (ie Count)
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    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  The Bane
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Genealogy Tree...
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Bovine
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Lesson in Humility
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Creator
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Another Kind Of Love
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Black Fairy...
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Scales
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Almost
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Mistake... This Is The Gate To Heaven
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Ambassadresses
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Visit
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Tribe
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  A Zombie Stole My Lover’s Body
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Dimensions
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Neither Romeo Nor Juliet...
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  The Making Of, Two
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    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Fifteen
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Desert Flower
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Bacteria
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Hide'n'Seek
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  The Booker
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Glow
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Hay Fever
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Pure Alien...
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  R-evolution
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Duel
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Theory
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Matchmaker
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  The Lab
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Colors Child
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Mutant
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Lilac...
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Is It?...
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  The Booker
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Solomon's Judgment...
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Beauty Pageant
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Rendezvous
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Dialogue With Entity
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Aliens
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Irrenconcilable
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Almost About Zombies
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Twins
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  Bacteria
    dot    ©anonymousunrealities  You are alive, do you know why?  

OK, so what is Unreality, you ask. Is it Fantasy, Scifi, Legend, Vampire, Ghost, Magic... and similar? Well, it is all of this, and more. Some plainly unidentifiable as a specific “genre” yet... you will see. Does not mean that Unreality cannot be anchored so strongly in Reality, that at times it is quite difficult to draw the line between them. So what? Who wants to draw any kind of line anywhere? Certainly not me. Pleasure stems from the mix, not from the uniqueness. My modest opinion. And since I am the writer...



    anonymousunrealities is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank





















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