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  Realities, of Various Kinds

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Right? Right. Also called Introduction.

There are so many ways one could classify a story... Romance, Vampire, Scifi, Family, Nature, Horror, Life, Humor... and probably several additional hundreds of classes, if not more. Right? Right.

Then, of course, usually there is not one class that would be sufficient because stories are a mix of a variety of classes, Vampire - Romance or Scifi - Family - Humor or Life - Medical - Horror - History or... Right? Right.

I decided to re-class my previously published short stories in just two classes, an arbitrary decision which is my prerogative as author (I know), biased (I think) and human (I guess). And the classes that I chose are Reality and its counterpart, Unreality. The second being everything that has to do with fantasy, scifi, witchcraft, abnormal powers, abnormal circumstances, vampires, dragons, ghosts, dream worlds... and so forth and so on. The first being everything else of course, everything that you may call life and may happen to anyone, more or less. Certainly, imperfections are part of any such arbitrary split, therefore you may and will find certain overlapping areas which I did not care to ponder too much upon and decided one way or another. My prerogative as author, as said. Right? Right.

OK, sorry. Cheated! Had to, compulsory, I have a binary mind. But now, that I did overcome temporarily this stumblimg block and before it gains control again, I rush to tell you that I created also a third class, stealing from both above into a class that is very dear to my heart: Romanticality. For all the romantic souls amongst you, me included. Forgiven? Right? Right.

Enjoy! You will! Right?

    dot    ©anonymousrealities  4th Of July...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Strange
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Smile, Silly Butt
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Encounter
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  MRI
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Garden
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Stranger...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  A Winter Night's Dream...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Lotsa Parentheses And Feathers
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Birmingham United
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  A Pennyís Worth, Philosophies Of Love
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Green
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Green, Two
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  The Foot, A Poem...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Trial by Jury
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  A Day...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Father
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Small Miracles
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Six-teen
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Love, Three
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Extremities
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Chopper
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  French Fries
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Sexually Obsessed
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Heaven
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Kindergarten... Kind Of
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Forever...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Hello My Love...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Scavenger's Daughter
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  The Bet...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Russian Roulette
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Tsunami
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Freckles Thief
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Surreal
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  And It Rains Forever...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Redskins
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Differently Same...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Blind Date
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Pulp
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  If I Was In Love
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Pig
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  The Living Exhibits Museum
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Looking Down, Looking Up
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Just A Short Love Story
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Color Blind
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Of Age, a Quadrilogy
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Leave
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Just A Shortie
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  "Some Women"
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Biased
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  No. Yes. It Is A Story About Humans
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Crabs
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Oh, No, Not Again...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Stolen
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Virgin...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Egypt, This Time
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Squish-Squish-Squish
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Rendezvous
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Dialogue With Entity
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Stones
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Shared
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  President
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Poetic La(muse)ments
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Patience. Yeah...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Troubleshooter
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Clay
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Biased, Two
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Mary. And probably more.
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Crazy?
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  The Touch...
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Romantic Tale
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Chance Encounter
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Sensation 68
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Mama Russia
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Presto Digitus
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Zoo
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  Wax
    dot    ©anonymousrealities  ...an oxís backbone, it could.  

Some of these stories happened to people you know. Some happened to people you donít know and never will. Some to people I know, or donít or never will. And some, yet, may never happen. Maybe because they are too removed from our reality, or maybe because I and you, we all are removed from their reality. All combinations allowed Ė beautiful, ugly, sad, happy, moral, immoral... life is composed of a myriad pieces that, unlike a puzzle, never fit perfectly to each other. Thankfully so. The beauty of life, yes, the beauty of life.



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