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Write what you like; there is no other rule.

~William Sydney Porter aka O. Henry

I thought I got over it. Wrong! I should have thought better. Then I thought I did a good job of quashing it. Wrong! I should have thought better. Then I thought I should simply disregard it. Wrong! I should have thought better.

Thus, I finally stopped... thinking. I decided to leave the thinking matter to you, dear readers. Thereís a team spirit running through this association we have, I and you, and this is your job. I will just keep allowing my hand be dragged by the pen. Or keyboard. Or whatever. I cannot keep from wondering, though, who or what the hell drags the pen. Or keyboard. Or whatever.

Oh, and donít count, I was always lousy at the counting sciences.

    dot    ©anonymous100  Blood Ties
    dot    ©anonymous100  Solid
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Mistaken Tourist...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Girlfriends
    dot    ©anonymous100  Contest
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Joker
    dot    ©anonymous100  Exterminator
    dot    ©anonymous100  Revolving Door
    dot    ©anonymous100  Choice
    dot    ©anonymous100  Apples...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Cheap Flights In Six Parts (nervosity breeds verbosity...)
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Truth About Robin Hood
    dot    ©anonymous100  Base 11
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Package
    dot    ©anonymous100  Animal Lover
    dot    ©anonymous100  Rocinante
    dot    ©anonymous100  Formula
    dot    ©anonymous100  Age Math
    dot    ©anonymous100  Angel
    dot    ©anonymous100  Red Roses
    dot    ©anonymous100  First Death
    dot    ©anonymous100  The End Of The World
    dot    ©anonymous100  Hat Love
    dot    ©anonymous100  Sentimental
    dot    ©anonymous100  Assignment
    dot    ©anonymous100  Various Encounters Of The Same Kind
    dot    ©anonymous100  Smog Day
    dot    ©anonymous100  Mars
    dot    ©anonymous100  How To Become A Millionaire In...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Graffiti
    dot    ©anonymous100  Of Academic Interest
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Other Worldly Possessions
    dot    ©anonymous100  A Few Fifty Word Miracles
    dot    ©anonymous100  Rhetorical
    dot    ©anonymous100  Sunset
    dot    ©anonymous100  Life's Story
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Reason
    dot    ©anonymous100  Future
    dot    ©anonymous100  Britain's Got Talent
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Unfinished Job
    dot    ©anonymous100  Absence
    dot    ©anonymous100  Luck
    dot    ©anonymous100  Ptolemy
    dot    ©anonymous100  Stand-up
    dot    ©anonymous100  Donation
    dot    ©anonymous100  Book
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Snap
    dot    ©anonymous100  Hero
    dot    ©anonymous100  Date
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Question
    dot    ©anonymous100  Mistake
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Strange Day
    dot    ©anonymous100  Medical Miracle
    dot    ©anonymous100  Uuurologist
    dot    ©anonymous100  Mammals
    dot    ©anonymous100  chatting the censor out of the picture during 100... ahm... "words"
    dot    ©anonymous100  Cause'n'Effect
    dot    ©anonymous100  Healthy
    dot    ©anonymous100  Bottoms
    dot    ©anonymous100  CV
    dot    ©anonymous100  Pedantry
    dot    ©anonymous100  The American Dream
    dot    ©anonymous100  Right And Wrong
    dot    ©anonymous100  Fame
    dot    ©anonymous100  Reason
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Flood In Five Chapters
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Last Time
    dot    ©anonymous100  Hymns
    dot    ©anonymous100  Expiry
    dot    ©anonymous100  Breakfast
    dot    ©anonymous100  Surprise!
    dot    ©anonymous100  Modern Love in Fifty Words
    dot    ©anonymous100  Love
    dot    ©anonymous100  Macabric Games
    dot    ©anonymous100  Revenge
    dot    ©anonymous100  Taste
    dot    ©anonymous100  67
    dot    ©anonymous100  Sorcerer's Apprentices
    dot    ©anonymous100  Idiosyncrasies
    dot    ©anonymous100  Beautiful
    dot    ©anonymous100  Thirty
    dot    ©anonymous100  Morning Cruelty
    dot    ©anonymous100  Whack!
    dot    ©anonymous100  Hero
    dot    ©anonymous100  March
    dot    ©anonymous100  Letter
    dot    ©anonymous100  Birthday
    dot    ©anonymous100  Ten Ten Words Stories
    dot    ©anonymous100  Hotel Stories
    dot    ©anonymous100  C Theory
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Stereo Curse
    dot    ©anonymous100  Beep!
    dot    ©anonymous100  Ageful
    dot    ©anonymous100  First (modern) love
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Million AD
    dot    ©anonymous100  40 Years Later
    dot    ©anonymous100  Poems
    dot    ©anonymous100  Bucket



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