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I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.

~Edgar Allan Poe

I woke up to the word too late. I have a lot of catch-up to do, I will certainly fail.

So what? The fun is in the chase, the traps, the slippery stains of oil and the poisoned arrows buzzing here and there past my ears. Onehundredworders are a blessing, allowing me to a certain extent to dress a bit of flesh around all these many ideas I would, otherwise, never have had the time to finish.

Don’t underestimate the effort. The time it takes – yes, much shorter than real stories, even much shorter than short stories. The pleasure, I dare say, much... bigger, more intense, dense, sharp.

After all, each concluded effort is comparable to an orgasm, each finished story a new, eternal lover. Oh, I love my harem.

    dot    ©anonymous100  Dear Diary...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Behind The Door...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Red On White...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Profession...
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Lab...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Life...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Trex
    dot    ©anonymous100  Verdict
    dot    ©anonymous100  Oh, So Beautiful
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Incredible Journey
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Words Of Love
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Words Of Love, Two
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Words Of Love, Three
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Words Of Love, Four
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Hundred Birthday Wishes
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Words Of Woman
    dot    ©anonymous100  Nothing To Do With Little Red Hood
    dot    ©anonymous100  Barrier
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Body (p)Art(s)
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred (Thousand) ‘I Love You’s
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Words Of Pain And Beauty
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Colors Of Life
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Giggles
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Lab, Four
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Intimate Moments
    dot    ©anonymous100  Those Fifty Word Legends Of Love... (Retold)
    dot    ©anonymous100  Counting Three Times One Hundred Miracles Of Love
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Statistical Love Declarations
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Loving Bees
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Flowers
    dot    ©anonymous100  Story In Three One Hundred Butterfly Parts
    dot    ©anonymous100  Fifty Times Three Suns And One Night's Love
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three One Hundred Strange...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Erotica In Fifty Words? C'mon...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Xscopy In One Hundred Stars
    dot    ©anonymous100  Irrelevant... a 55er
    dot    ©anonymous100  Barter... a 55er
    dot    ©anonymous100  Of Love, Blasphemy, And Punctuation In 25 Words
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Bad-Speller's Guide To Lovemaking In One Hundred Words
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Hundred And None Nights Of Word, Wit, And Jealousy
    dot    ©anonymous100  Three Times One Hundred Declarations Of For The Love Of
    dot    ©anonymous100  There Weren’t One Hundred Titans, Were There?
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Hundred Pets And Words
    dot    ©anonymous100  A Maker's One Hundred Times Times Three Choices
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Last One Hundred Words... Maybe
    dot    ©anonymous100  Inter-Racial Bliss, And One Hundred Words To Achieve It
    dot    ©anonymous100  I'm A Poet! I'm A Poet! In A Hundred Words'... Triplicate
    dot    ©anonymous100  Alice’an Fifty Measurements Of
    dot    ©anonymous100  Fifty Tastes
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Little Prince And His Fifty Dreams
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Hundred Times The Power Of Nature... Yeah, Sure...
    dot    ©anonymous100  A Round One Hundred Percent Of Lusting Certainty
    dot    ©anonymous100  Archeology
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Hundred Princes In Triplicate
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Subject Is So Painful, That It Is Worth 150 Words
    dot    ©anonymous100  Tried 100 Words, Failed, Still 150. Told You...
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Hundred Teeth
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Hundred Bovine Head
    dot    ©anonymous100  Jonathan
    dot    ©anonymous100  Fireman
    dot    ©anonymous100  Burglar
    dot    ©anonymous100  Eyesight
    dot    ©anonymous100  Cleopatra
    dot    ©anonymous100  Hundreds Of Squirrels
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Hundred And The One Pills
    dot    ©anonymous100  Of All The One Hundred Countries On Record...
    dot    ©anonymous100  Onomatopoeically Yours
    dot    ©anonymous100  Man-Woman Continuum
    dot    ©anonymous100  Lotto
    dot    ©anonymous100  Alien
    dot    ©anonymous100  OMG!
    dot    ©anonymous100  Vitamins et Co.
    dot    ©anonymous100  Beads
    dot    ©anonymous100  Slavery
    dot    ©anonymous100  Sweet Wine, A Bottle Of Beer, And A... Tap
    dot    ©anonymous100  Eyeglasses
    dot    ©anonymous100  Pendant
    dot    ©anonymous100  Baby Powder
    dot    ©anonymous100  Dough
    dot    ©anonymous100  Of Course... Family
    dot    ©anonymous100  Comb Magic
    dot    ©anonymous100  Perfume Of The Day
    dot    ©anonymous100  Re-Creative
    dot    ©anonymous100  A Chocolatean... Conscience
    dot    ©anonymous100  Prescription
    dot    ©anonymous100  Harassment
    dot    ©anonymous100  One Hundred And Fifty Mutants, As I Dreamt Them
    dot    ©anonymous100  Publishers
    dot    ©anonymous100  HI.Q.
    dot    ©anonymous100  Talk
    dot    ©anonymous100  A Scale'ing Matter
    dot    ©anonymous100  Brainwave
    dot    ©anonymous100  Capacity
    dot    ©anonymous100  Fourrourou
    dot    ©anonymous100  Premonition
    dot    ©anonymous100  Ghost...s
    dot    ©anonymous100  The One Hundred (Thousand) Mosquitoes’... Insanity
    dot    ©anonymous100  The Three Mosquitors
    dot    ©anonymous100  Fifty Love Declarations
    dot    ©anonymous100  Species



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