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There are several types of links I will point here as my favorites: Music & Image, Just Music, Full Shows, Hebrew/Yiddish (roots, oh, roots...) and... Everything Else. Maybe later on I will have some additional subdivisions, for the moment I believe this is all I need.

I admit to have warmed up to YouTube (and similar) quite slowly and quite gradually. However, lately, this has started avalanching with me, and mainly for my own sake (so that I do not lose some, and because of some I did lose) I decided to create my own links page. Everything linked-to here is either fabulous or close to fabulous or carries a special meaning for me or... I just enjoy watching/hearing it. Hope you do too.

NOTE: Some links may become inactive or even change, following the whims of private people or various authorities... I humbly excuse myself for any such case. Also - you may like some so much that you may want to see the same "artists" performing other things... feel free to search them on YouTube :) . Enjoy!

  Music & Image

  Just Music

   Full show/Performance/Disc/Movie

  Romania's Next Star & co. - children's talent, but WHAT! talent...

  My personal top 14 (moving target) in X got talent


  X Got Talent

  Everything Else