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  Kind of the End, and Getting There

Self-plagiarism is style.

~Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock

I write this epilogue long before it is time to write it. Just in case some misfortune befalls me and prevents me from writing it and, God forbid, get the book published without it. If it ever gets found. If it ever gets published, even self-published. After all, “leftovers” are not necessarily what people look forward to, even if “leftovers” are also not necessarily what I write either. But maybe there won’t be sufficient time to write more than just... leftovers. Oh, the headache...

There is one worry I will unfortunately carry on, writing this untimely epilogue: what happens if I outlive the publication of the book? I will not be able to write a better ending, if for no other reason than that I hate wasting writing effort and I will not be able to feel sorry for myself.

Come to think of it – in the event of my untimely demise I will also not be able to feel sorry for myself, so what’s the difference? Oh, the headache...

    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Almost
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Theory
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  The Booker
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Redskins
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Magician
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Troubleshooter
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Bovine
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Leave
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Six-teen
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Beauty Pageant
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Sexually Obsessed
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  The Bane
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Mary. And probably more.
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Lesson in Humility
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Fifteen
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Ambassadresses
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Trial by Jury
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Dimensions
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Tsunami
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Matchmaker
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  R-evolution
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Rendezvous
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Shared
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Romantic Tale
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Chance Encounter
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Sensation 68
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Of Age, a Quadrilogy
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Aliens
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Irrenconcilable
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Mama Russia
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Almost About Zombies
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Presto Digitus
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Twins
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  You are alive, do you know why?
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  ...an ox’s backbone, it could.
    dot    ©anonymousleftovers  Goat Herder



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