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  Jewishialities, of Various Kinds

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Right? Right. Also called Introduction.

There are so many ways one could classify a story... Romance, Vampire, Scifi, Family, Nature, Horror, Life, Humor... and probably several additional hundreds of classes, if not more. Right? Right.

Then, of course, usually there is not one class that would be sufficient because stories are a mix of a variety of classes, Vampire - Romance or Scifi - Family - Humor or Life - Medical - Horror - History or... Right? Right.

I decided to re-class my previously published short stories in just two classes, an arbitrary decision which is my prerogative as author (I think) and human (I guess). And the classes that I chose are Reality and its counterpart, Unreality. The second being everything that has to do with fantasy, scifi, witchcraft, abnormal powers, abnormal circumstances, vampires, dragons, ghosts, dream worlds... and so forth and so on. The first being everything else of course, everything that you may call life and may happen to anyone, more or less. Certainly, imperfections are part of any such arbitrary split, therefore you may and will find certain overlapping areas which I did not care to ponder too much upon and decided one way or another. My prerogative as author, as said. Right? Right.

OK, sorry. Cheated! Had to, compulsory, I have a binary mind. But now, that I did overcome temporarily this stumblimg block and before it gains control again, I rush to tell you that I created also a third class, stealing from both above into a class that is very dear to my heart: Romanticality. For all the romantic souls amongst you, me included. Forgiven? Right? Right.

Oh, sorry. Cheated again! A few years later, this time, because I got this sudden drive to create a fourth cross-cut class which has to do strongly with... me, my roots, my tradition: Jewishiality. Never imagined it could amount to a full size book, well, it did, it does. This is the collection you presently hold in your hands. OK? Right? Right.

Enjoy! You will! Right?

    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  President
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Father
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Egypt, This Time
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Séance
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  The Bane
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Solomon's Judgment...
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Pig
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Lotsa Parentheses And Feathers
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Visit
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Clay
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Stones
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Pure Alien
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Just A Shortie
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Matchmaker
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Magician
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  The Last Dog
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Almost About Zombies
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Romantic Tale
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Chopper
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Emel, Oklahoma
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  Leave
    dot    ©anonymousjewishialities  ...an oxs backbone, it could.  

I wrote many short stories in my short artistic career. Most of them of generic content - real, unreal, romantic. Yet some of them, and without really trying, seemed to be drifting at one or other speed or intensity towards my roots, those roots that defined the who and the how of I. Even if with just a few words, a hint. My Jewish roots. Those that connected me quite unconsciously to parents, grandparents, tradition, to my people. The roots that the "others" never allowed me to forget. This is a collection of those stories - be they reality, unreality, romance. I wasn't aware roots could go as deep. They do.



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