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    (copied from site)

    Do you know that calling editors/publishers/agents dirty names is never dirty enough?

    Did you ever try getting in touch with one of these super-humans? sons-of-god? the-gods-themselves? If you did - you know, if you didn’t - don’t. They have this famous slush pile, where anything that’s less than famous for the last 3 years gets slushed, and your chances with them (unless by blackmail/marriage/bribe/brute-force) are nil. They don’t even try. So high on their pedestal that even with the Hubble you can’t see them. The modern kings. Yeah, more like the modern kingpins.

    I know, I better shut up less I be charged with lčse-majesté and lose forever my right to any kind of future publication. But this is my site and this is my country and this is my right to insult as much (well, a little bit of much?) as I want.

    Guess what - I started writing a book (obviously – I wrote it already) that I call “Dear Editor” ©. And I populate it in the beginning with the real letters that I really sent out. Then, little by little I diverge through phantasmagorias of letters that I should have sent out, fully into the deepest end of the pure fantasy world of letters that will never be sent out. But it started getting shape, getting size, and with each letter being a “chapter” in the book I am opening the idea here to the world.

    Let’s get it straight - I am copyrighting the name and I am copyrighting my material and I will be the one that will publish it. If you dear friend, biped, multiped or noped, have a nice letter you would like included - you are mostly welcome. Bien sűre, this time I will act the “God of approvals” (oh, the excitement, my chest for once bigger than my belly...) and if your letter is accepted it will carry your name (weight and serial number only if you insist...). And immortality it’s all you’re gonna get from the final edition. When and if it will be published. No contracts. Agreed?

    Of course, it will always stay on this site, or at least as long as this site stays alive.

    So, wish to contribute? Just e-mail me your letter. Wish to browse? Be my guest ‘cause my friend you already are.

    (first published on www.yossifaybish.com)

    NOTE: each “letter” starts on its own page, same as I did with my poetry books, for two reasons: 1. to give this book some physical volume. 2. why change one failing strategy to another failing strategy?






















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