The Life and Death of a HiTech Patriot - book chapters
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Printing a book with colour pictures is quite an expensive act. And when you are a beginner in the matter, with limited resources, you have to be very careful with your expenses. Unless, of course, if you have a thick wallet. Which I don't. Therefore I went the middle way - print with black and white (and lose some of the "expression power") yet make the colour versions available on the net. Which is what I am doing here; with lower quality of course, one can't beat download time. Of course if (I wish I could say 'when') the book will prove to be an almost best-seller, I do intend to print it in colour. This is not a promise, it is a fact.

Oh, almost forgot, in many drawings you are going to see a "funny" shape company symbol 1 orcompany symbol 2 usually in red, this is symbolic of the Scitex company symbol (actually a collection of forward/backward slashes).