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  To Die or Not To Die, this is not the question, volume 2
 (extracted from the complete [thick] book)

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For he who lives more lives than one, more deaths than one must die.

~Oscar Fingal O'Fflahertie Wills Wilde

I needed a repository for all of my last writes, “last” being undefined and thus I preferred to have them all in one place, resulting finally in this heterogeneous, eclectic and directionless amassment. Because, see, this twitch in my hand forcing words to be laid down on paper, doesn’t stop. Some kind of malady.

Thus if I so happen to go unexpectedly, it will be at most one book left incomplete. The “last” book. This one.

PS1. Many of these deal with death. Kind of comes... naturally.
PS2. Never thought this will be so... lengthy. I probably live too long or write too much. Or both. Sorry!
PS3. For convenience, I decided to split this last book in volumes, three for now. This is volume 2.

    dot    ©anonymouslast  Spell Spiel
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Time
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Forgetfulness
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Impatience
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Lover
    dot    ©anonymouslast  (Another) Chance Encounter
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Bedtime Story
    dot    ©anonymouslast  That Time of the Year
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Silent Usurpers
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Sides
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Asymmetry
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Rantish
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Visit, again
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Fishing
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Forgot
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Orphanage
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Heart
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Debt Collector
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Desolation
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Of Age, the shortie
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Re-faithing, so to say
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Sex?
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Bitter? Me?
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Memorial Day
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Once
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Love Eternal
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Wondering
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Woman, anonymous
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Tulips
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Beyond... maybe, probably?
    dot    ©anonymouslast  The house that wanted to run away from its ghosts
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Lately
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Once, two
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Once, three
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Opus Corpus Duo-s in Oh Major and Choral
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Did we do it?
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Suckers
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Mogrify
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Human Spark
    dot    ©anonymouslast  The Last?
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Snippets, two
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Seduction
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Incompatibilities
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Formulae
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Sorry, two
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Take me to your leader – macabre variations
    dot    ©anonymouslast  My right to rhyme
    dot    ©anonymouslast  JLL died today
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Axiom
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Unholy Ruminations
    dot    ©anonymouslast  I found something wonderful about poetry, en passant
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Trying to get it back
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Wash
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Spoiler: the crudest poem I’ve ever written. Don’t . . .
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Sunflower, two
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Wash, two
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Legacy
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Hot chocolate
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Halloween, kind of
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Death of Innocence
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Blobs
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Life, thoughts
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Moment. Momentary.
    dot    ©anonymouslast  I am allowed my moment of dream, aren’t I?
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Turning Point
    dot    ©anonymouslast  06:06 AM
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Countdown
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Momentary
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Around Adam and Eve
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Somnambulism
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Fading
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Old Goat
    dot    ©anonymouslast  A Busy Day
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Which I know it is not.
    dot    ©anonymouslast  And I but a fly.
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Plaid
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Ephemeral
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Sack twenty-two
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Hangings
    dot    ©anonymouslast  A dummy’s ‘How To’ guide for the dummiest . . .
    dot    ©anonymouslast  ad hoc
    dot    ©anonymouslast  a short lived propitious moment
    dot    ©anonymouslast  The soft sounds of love.
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Sleepless... helpless maybe?...
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Lingo
    dot    ©anonymouslast  The no sounds of nothing.
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Old age is the age of ugly
    dot    ©anonymouslast  killing me



    anonymouslast is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank