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  To Die or Not To Die, this is not the question, volume 1
 (extracted from the complete [thick] book)

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When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

I needed a repository for all of my last writes, “last” being undefined and thus I preferred to have them all in one place, resulting finally in this heterogeneous, eclectic and directionless amassment. Because, see, this twitch in my hand forcing words to be laid down on paper, doesn’t stop. Some kind of malady.

Thus if I so happen to go unexpectedly, it will be at most one book left incomplete. The “last” book. This one.

PS1. Many of these deal with death. Kind of comes... naturally.
PS2. Never thought this will be so... lengthy. I probably live too long or write too much. Or both. Sorry!
PS3. For convenience, I decided to split this last book in volumes, three for now. This is volume 1.

    dot    ©anonymouslast  Quarter to Twelve
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Not Wondering
    dot    ©anonymouslast  What & When
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Longer
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Impetuosity
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Poets
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Hmm...
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Yawn
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Snippets, some, too few
    dot    ©anonymouslast  X
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Watered Down
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Bored
    dot    ©anonymouslast  (Purists my say wide)
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Train
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Nuts
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Geriatric Butterflies
    dot    ©anonymouslast  “Huh?!” dating
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Betweens
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Angels dating by the hundreds
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Deathday
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Chaining words at 3am
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Moon
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Loves
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Being
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Evolution
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Bread Crumbs
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Score
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Faith
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Of Human Indignity
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Serendipity
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Musings
    dot    ©anonymouslast  December
    dot    ©anonymouslast  A random (barely) letter
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Serendipity, 100
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Friends
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Murder
    dot    ©anonymouslast  OK, God
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Strange World
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Rejoice
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Advantage
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Strange words, maybe
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Inspired by my dentist
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Strange Metaphors
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Will we ever, ever, ever, ever make love in the rain?
    dot    ©anonymouslast  V
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Qui fuit rana nunc est rex
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Exaggerations
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Bla
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Superman Variations
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Slight Exaggerations
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Didi
    dot    ©anonymouslast  The Interview
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Conquest
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Sorry
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Memories of inexistence
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Thank You
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Pets
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Gangsters
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Honesty
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Love
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Mish Mash Mard Bill Ball Bard Co Vid Vard
    dot    ©anonymouslast  120
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Ink-well
    dot    ©anonymouslast  The many fifties, of life
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Whore
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Pompous
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Longevity
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Lesson in Geography (or Pamphlet)
    dot    ©anonymouslast  STOP!
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Anchors
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Lovers. Apart.
    dot    ©anonymouslast  One of many possible ends
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Another one of many possible ends
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Still another one of many possible ends
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Guesswork
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Existentiality
    dot    ©anonymouslast  I watch you sleeping
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Polytheism
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Rent-a-Rant
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Butterfly
    dot    ©anonymouslast  The Little Princess
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Details, in no significant or credible order
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Bacchanalia
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Sunflower
    dot    ©anonymouslast  ...and tomatoes
    dot    ©anonymouslast  The non-creation act
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Sourdough
    dot    ©anonymouslast  Metal Fatigue



    anonymouslast is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank