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  Green, Lips

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

~Bertrand Arthur William Russell

Mental blindness might be temporary. Madness, on the other hand, is permanent. There is no other explanation to the fact, that one often regrets the blindness to such degree, that one keeps looking for suns to look into and loose eyesight again. Are we a mad race? Speak for yourself. I, for one, am.

    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Woman
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Magic
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Innocence
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Smell
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Indescribable
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  After's
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Window
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  A Blink Away
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Beautiful?... Not Really...
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Something With Seasons
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Ribbon Red
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Sweet’N’Silly
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Dentistry
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Dry Flowers
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Your Answer
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Don’t Worry, A Passing Moment Of Insanity
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Waking Up
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Color Of Vow
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Perpetuum
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Pain, The Joy
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Trap
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Musings, I Guess
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Last Frontier
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Backgrounds
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Hold
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Art
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Celebrity
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  So Easy
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Absolutism
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Alternate Views
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Postcards
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Letter
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Eagle
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Ceremony
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Outside, Inside
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Philosophies In Grey
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Feminine Intuition
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Achilles Retold
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Blink
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Erotoismically, Partly
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Differently?
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Whichever Heart
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Intricate
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Artifacts Of Love
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Lunch
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Cobra
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  What Better Answer?
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Moments, Simple
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Pow!
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Reflections, One
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Reflections, Two
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Reflections, Three
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Reflections, Four
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Reflections, Five
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Half Hearts
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Shop
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Body Dimensions
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Softness
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Skin Will
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Yawns
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Mela'n'Choly
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  You'll Never Be A June Bride
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Disney Magic
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Part I Cularly Silly
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Words You Wish To Hear
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Afterlust
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Nectar, Playfully
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  There, By Your Side
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Of Ribbons
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  May I Pull Them Corners Up?
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Of Ends



    anonymousgreen is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank