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  Green, Rubies

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.

~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Passion is no one’s property. There are just those, usually they are poets, who can express it better than others. It does not mean their passion is bigger or smaller or even existing. It just means that they can transpose into passion’s skin and live it as if they were “it”. Of course, if their passion is real, then they live it in a much deeper, much more intense way than any other human can.

    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Imperfect Smiles
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Bricks
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  It Does Not Matter Your Pain
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  A Spider Called Life
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  My Last Poem
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Morning Craves
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Continuum
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  My Ultimate Object Of Desire
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  I Don’t Think I Love Her
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Book
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Softest
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Once
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Abstractum Of Life
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  States
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Is It Lust?
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Silences
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Monologue For Two
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Probably Human
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Some Call It Love
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Florence
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Pentagram
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Reason
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Elephant
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Eshet Chail
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Imagine
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Mezzuzah
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  A Stranger’s Tears
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Perfection Variants
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Softly... Softly...
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Underneath And Beyond
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  I Wishes
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Rambling Quest
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Parting, Kind Of
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Scenes, One
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Scenes, Two
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Scenes, Three
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Treasure Room
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Scavengers
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Dementiality
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Dementiality, Two
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Wear Your Colors
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Dementiality, Three
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Softer Contentions
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Once, Two
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Ideal Woman
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Embarrassed
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Cocktail
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Passionate Moments, Eight
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Winter Soliloquy
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Love, I Guess
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Last Season
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Oh,
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Cucumber Love
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Perceptions
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Blisters
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Mouth
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Green Buttoned Shirt
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Nothing
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Shoulders
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  King Bore



    anonymousgreen is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank