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  Green, Rainbows

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

~Robert Anson Heinlein

Truths are absolute values, even if they die or after they die or after the carrier of the truth dies. Once they had a life, this is the one moment no one can deny its existence - be it still there or be it just a historical fact. Not even forgetfulness can be invoked, to deny the truth its moment of glory.

    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Dreams
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Karaoke
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Dreams Shepherd
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Closing Doors
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Nocturnale
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  There By Your Side
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Small Talk With God
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Three Women
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Invincible
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Lady
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  You There, Green Of Eye
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Touch
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Life Line
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Just
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Wishes In Green
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Present
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Bloodhounds
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Ugly Duckling
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Trace
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Power
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Painting
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Desires
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Almost Rage
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Touch
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  In The Morning
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Tricolor
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Beautiful Moments
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Random Rhyme, Random Chime
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Remember The
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Music Line
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Lover, Lover
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Scar
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Bird Of Love
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Goodbye Stains
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Waiting Room
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Wait
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  The Price
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Silly Sing, Silly Song
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Silly Melancholy Song
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Silly Valentine Song
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Silly Sing, Silly Song, Two
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Daisy Sillies, One
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Daisy Sillies, Two
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Daisy Sillies, Three
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Silly Red, Silly Blue
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Where The Hell?...
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  I Will
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Bloom
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Darkness
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Dreams?
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Binary
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Blossom
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Red's
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Goodbyes
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Goodbyes, Two
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Arrival
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Reality
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Treasures
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  L's
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Instants
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Tremors
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  When's
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Sparks
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Thief
    dot    ©anonymousgreen  Five



    anonymousgreen is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank