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    I see the seed inside the rain
    The thrill of hope inside the pain
    A rainbow's birth beyond the blue...
    And gentle you...

    Tomorrow's sun inside the night
    The sleeping rhyme in candle's light
    A puppy's head watching askew...
    And waiting you...

    An echo's dream in aquarelle
    A lonesome star inside a well
    As larks in vain lost notes pursue...
    And smiling you...

    I see caress inside a fist
    And rolling tears turning to mist
    The blooming wish of morning's dew...
    And loving you...



Arrival, Two

    I see you much before you see me.
    Waiting cruelly for you to apprehend my shape
    In the human mass advancing as one solid block towards you,
    Engulfing you yet obediently slicing itself in two uniform halves
    Flowing on each side
    While you wait, immovable as the rock of Gibraltar,
    Eyes glinting in worry,
    Heavy tear condensate hanging loudly at the end of thin eyelash hairs
    And refusing the deadly, splashing drop down to your toes.
    I see the hesitation, the torment in the question mark
    Drawn upon your face as you scrutinize each and every passing shape,
    Arms hugging your body in mute shiver
    And mist preventing you from seeing further than just a few feet ahead of you.

    I feel the pain growing in your chest rolling over me like a roller coaster
    Cannot take it any longer
    Cannot hang back anymore,
    I start pushing forward in the throng of people
    Stepping on toes
    The corner of my suitcase hitting indifferently unyielding hips
    Keeping to the middle... you see me...
    I hear the quiet, I do hear the absolute quiet as it descends upon us, around us,
    Inside us,
    You start advancing, hands still hugging yourself,
    We meet
    And your shoulder snuggles against my chest
    Letting me smell the forgotten garden of your hair
    Then you turn facing me and your hands move to my back
    Hugging stronger, and stronger, a maddening hold almost as powerful as mine
    While our bodies melt into each other
    And our tears roll on each other's cheeks
    And the forgotten kiss reminds us that eternity has ended just now
    And life... has taken its place.



Body Parts

    In the thick of forests sleeping,
    Cooling beads of sun are dripping
          from your lips...

    Past the rim of mountains glowing,
    Misty flakes of pain are snowing
          from your eyes...

    Down the bend of rivers singing,
    Garlands rich in colors clinging
          to your toes...

    Way inside the valleys reaping,
    Crushed blue lilac wine is seeping
          from your breasts...

    Yonder seas forever dreaming,
    Rhymed delights of passion streaming
          from your heart...




    Rolled the roller coaster's bulk
    In its crude and mindless skulk...

    Rabid nightmares were your jailer,
    Drooling clouds your drunken tailor,
    Letters dipped in bubbling mire
    Iron heels of darkest ire
    Stomped in mirth upon your chest
    Crushing cigar stubs in jest,

    Guided by a boozing sailor
    Life's main feature skids to trailer,
    Freelance angel-hands for hire
    Pissing jokes in dungeons' fire
    Played divinity's sick test
    On the front stage of your breast.


    Oh, that gentle human will
    Striped with threads of fragile steel...

    While in heart sleeps sweet emotion
    Waiting for that fragrant potion,
    From your lips, eternal dreamers,
    Laughter's echo softly shimmers,
    Naked fists hammer the stud
    Anchored deep beneath the mud,

    Shreds to ribbons sense of caution
    As you bite in your devotion,
    When your eye in sadness simmers
    Blind the world long flashing glimmers,
    Roars around the crushing flood,
    Boils beneath your rebel's blood.


    All I offered was the power
    Of one single rhyming flower...

    Fades the rain,
    Fades the stain,
    Fades the pain,
    Breaks the chain...



Till Skin Do Us Part

    Thick layers of matter separating us,
    Huge oceans of air, miles and miles of them
    Contaminated by mountains, seas,
    Buildings, smoke, humans, dust,
    Huge layers colluding into one senseless mindless beast
    Determined to separate our flesh entities
    Lock them into their respective prisons
    And ensure sentence is carried out pitilessly,
    Scrap at the windows' layers,
    Layer after layer after layer
    While the plane's motors drill stubbornly whirling tunnels in the milky matter
    Adding monster power to determination of human will and steel
    And layers crumble down, dissipate, fade away screamingly behind
    Fluttering in impotent despair at sights of runaway prey.

    Solid layers of transparent matter separating us,
    Glass, plastic, glass, fiber,
    Invisible impassable soundproof artificial barriers
    Designed to protect and guard and smother the wail of screams
    Behind the silent passivity of molecules
    Artistically set up by miniature chemically binding hands
    Intent on preventing human spirit from soaring
    And human desire from flaring
    And human flesh from touching,
    Scrap at the windows' layers,
    Each on their own side till eyes finally lock
    Boring holes of desire in the impenetrable frontier
    And watching thin long slivers slide between fingertip and nail
    Unfelt, unsensed,
    Minds numb to the sparkle of red traces
    Running jagged errands down long the sleek matter's surface
    And carrying for few single seconds
    The dying echo of their thundering pulsating mother,
    Locks, keys, bolts, gates open in the windows and human frames push through,
    Rush, join, scream.

    Soft layers of cloth separating us,
    Molded to life's shapes and contours,
    Never before aware that life owns shapes and contours
    Choked inside silk trimmed with lace covered by cotton smothered in wool,
    Buttons, seams, threads, pockets,
    Human frailty and modesty sheathed by self assigned kings of fashion
    And queens of righteousness inside tubes called sleeves
    And felts called shirts and boxes called shoes
    Allowing only smoking whiffs of flesh fire and dreams of flesh softness
    Reach the surface to be touched by the insistence of prowling fingertips
    And hungry embraces,
    Shivering, begging, imploring,
    Scrap at the windows' layers,
    Finally soft, within hands' feeble desperate reach,
    Willing to give in, applauding the incessant demand
    With the machine gun rattle of exploding buttons hitting walls
    The hungry beastly growl of ripping seams shattering crystal icicles
    The raging inhuman sound of tearing cloth scattering night's clouds
    And the swishing sound of shorn garment ribbon leftovers floating to ground
    Inebriating our senses
    Till skin do us part.

    And the liberated howl of flesh sliding on flesh hides beneath fingernails,
    At peace with its demented urge,
    Scraps of skin cushioning at last desires sweetly asleep.





    The simplest of words
    Not even defined yet
    Just painted
    On your face
    Where only my eyes could read it,

    The feelings
    In their beauty
    Exhaustingly demanding
    Shining through blush
    Only to my listening senses,

    The need
    In shivering hug
    Brushing lip corner
    Swish of dropping garment
    Turning to ashes
    As it hits ground at my feet...




    Home to mindless passions,
    Snapping jaws,
    Drooling poison
    Mothering ripping claws,
    Predators caught in the endless cycle of rebirth...

    Playing host to hell's armies' boot camp,
    Burning rivers of sand
    Wiggling muscular bodies
    Round foolishly venturing prey,
    The fuzzy borderline between life and death...

    No-man's land of opportunity,
    Priceless human treasures
    Waiting for the steel of desire
    To unearth the eternity of ephemeral rage,
    Love's unruly ways its unsigned constitution...




    Picking up a time slot with our fingertips.

    Fingers, curling around it until they become fist
    Clenching, tight,
    Chocking days into surrendering a few miserable extra splinters
    From their fiercely guarded royal collection,
    Torturing hours till an additional minute lazily oozes into our lap,
    Holding hands in desperation
    As borrowed extensions near their deadlines
    And white skin stretching on protruding joints
    Screams its protest to the indifferent jury.

    Passion, blessedly obscuring reason
    Dragging thoughts through mists of momentary insanity
    While fears drown underneath panting wines
    And the drug of mortal's dream cushions away another sunrise,
    Locked bodies exhaling oblivion
    Wishing it to be the last breath ever underneath this blanket
    Behind these walls
    Inside these chests.

    Deadline, the epitome of human existence
    Crawling through fire's fiber
    And extinguishing it with reality's heavy trod
    As cities of hope crumble into the dust of day's rebirth,
    Tomorrow's onslaught penetrating into our dimension and asking for praise,
    Love's slender thread weaving itself between our minds
    In an endless flurry of movement
    The transparent silken veil cocooning in its protective layers
    The steel of our embrace
    Serene in its knowledge that tomorrows finally fade away
    In the face of an eternity safe even from the mastery of time.


    We open our eyes, wondering,
    Love has won another round.
    Time is lost in thought.
    Was it the smile on your face?
    I know the answer, all the answers,
    My secret.
    As the noise gets lost in the incessantly gaping void
    I touch you.
    And I smile.
    Our secret.




    "A poem, will you write a poem?" you asked.
    "A poem?" I answered,
    "Reality is a poem, your eyes is a poem, your lips is a poem."
    "What about my nose?" you asked,
    The tear clouds in your eyes asking another question altogether.
    My left fist clamped pitilessly over your right hand's fingers,
    Did I wince or was it you
    As bones neared inevitability of crushing threshold?

    I picked up the suitcase in my right
    Going to the car,
    Never letting go of your hand,
    You fumbled with the keys
    Your left hand's fingers undeftly unlocking the door,
    I threw in the suitcase
    Refusing to let go,
    You had no choice but to let me crawl to my seat through your door
    I climbed over the driver's chair, the steering wheel,
    Dragging your left hand with me, clasped tight, glued,
    "I have to drive..." you said leaning over and kissing me.
    I turned the key in the ignition for you with my free hand
    "Now you can, one hand is sufficient," I said.
    You did not argue,
    Your left hand steering the car expertly,
    From time to time stretching over to touch the radio's buttons.

    My fingers were going numb,
    I felt your fingers trying to stretch a bit in my hold,
    I allowed them a bit of movement
    Ensuring they could not escape.
    Not even for drying your eyes.
    White, throbbing in pain, dreading the moment of relief.

    I crawled out through your door
    Hands locked, still locked, always locked,
    My right dragging the suitcase,
    Your left dragging your bag, a soda bottle,
    A wet disintegrating hanky.
    The check-in steward eyed us strangely
    "Something wrong, sir?"
    What about everything I felt like screaming
    Waiting for him to hand me my boarding pass, your accompanying pass,
    And letting him watch us bite slices of life off each other
    As we advanced to the gate
    Hands locked, still locked, always locked,
    A shiver setting in
    In arms, in eyes, in chests.

    The call to board the plane,
    The scream smothered in throats
    Wishing to be ripped by other's teeth
    Wishing to howl,
    Hands... hands finally giving in to air-attendant's command,
    Scraps of skin falling to floor
    Pieces of bone trying to find a new home
    Inside the inner bleeding chambers of flesh
    The growing distance between rigid fingertips
    Bellowing its tormenting wail
    Straight into our brains,
    Cracked dams exploding
    Drowning the waiting hall in single tears
    Stubbornly refusing to slide till promises are made
    To taste hell again, and again, and again,
    The immensity of pain's oceans dwarfed into insignificance
    By the droplets of happiness.

    Clanging doors,
    Arms stretched,
    Dying breath,
    Your voice, oh, your magnificent voice
    Screaming its own private hell inside my head,
    I answered,
    Did you hear my voice, love?
    My scream,
    My hell?


    "I love you," you said.
    "I love you," I said.
    "Was it worth the hell?" you asked.
    "Was it worth the hell?" I asked.
    "Yes," you said.
    "Yes," I said.
    So many the flowers in your garden,
    Salt crystals lovingly feeding them so much love...




    The softness of a petal's rim...
    My nibbling teeth your nipples trim
    As spring descends into your breath
    And paints your dream...

    The tenderness of silken thread...
    Round crimson stains adorn the bed
    As rivers break your pallid skin
    And flowers shed...

    The beauty of a blooming tear...
    Arising music drowns my ear
    As frowning forests taste your lips
    And kisses shear...

    The mystery of whisper's flight...
    Love's armies ride the passion's might
    As fire's sons through veins rebel
    And scream delight...



Dialogue In Color

    my love,

    If my eyes were dripping crimson
    Tiny flares of dragon breath
    Sketching dreams of burning ashes
    In a kiss of flaming death,

    If the emerald of poison
    Was my wound's alluring glow
    Weaving nets of wafting madness
    In a touch of chilling snow,

    If the night was sowing darkness
    Underneath my cracking skin
    Buds of coal marrying sunset
    In a passion dressing sin,

          Would you love me, would you, would?...
          Let my eye be glimmer hued
          As the rainbow's sparkling dust
          Settles on my mortal rust...

    my love,

    As your crimson burns to ashes
    Clinging to the glinting trail
    Carved in flesh by ever rolling
    Teardrop galleys setting sail,

    As your poison's wafting madness
    Casts its bitter-sweet perfume
    Soaking through my mind's defenses
    Into grey waking to bloom,

    As your darkness marries sunset
    Shooting spikes off rainbow's string
    Braiding in demented fury
    Spider threads to silver ring,

          I will love you, love I will...
          As your poems' colors-mill
          Paints my life in "I Love You"s
          Dyed in countless pastel hues...



Dried Up Memory Flowers

    I opened the album,
    Not really an album
    Just an old book generously lending its pages to my memories,
    Dried up memories
    Soaked inside the yellowing wooden texture
    And mixing with the irrelevancy of the printed words they touched,
    Preserved for a short eternity just like the words themselves.
    I opened it randomly,
    I knew I would cry, whatever the page, so why choose?
    Yet... maybe I did choose, nevertheless, this one specific page?

    I took it in my hand,
    Half a daisy's petal,
    Gossamer thin, almost transparent, almost yellow,
    One side randomly shaped by nature
    One side straight as if cut by scissors.
    You were seated on the bed, naked,
    Two plucked daisy stems on the floor by the bed's side
    Petals strewn around you like autumn leaves shed from your eyes' forests
    Scurrying hastily away in the draft of the opening door.
    I closed the door.
    You waited a second, hearing me, not looking up,
    Reflections of the lighted candles indirectly breaking inside your brimming eyes
    And tossing miniature dancing rainbows on the walls and on my face,
    I saw the thickness of a drop accumulating into your left eye,
    Refusing stubbornly to fall down
    As you plucked the next of the last four remaining petals whispering 'Loves Me',
    Then you looked up at me unseeingly picking the next petal... 'Loves Me Not',
    Two petals left, you looked down... 'Loves Me'...
    Your fingers holding the last petal, your eyes up at me, imploring,
    Waiting for the miracle, not daring the last pull, the last of the chant's words,
    The drop at your eye's lower edge thicker, almost giving in...
    You waited as I approached, waited as I kissed the salty blob away,
    Waited as I fumbled around with those mysterious hands movements
    And your fingers tore the last of the petals away... 'Loves Me Not'...
    Another shiny blob accumulating in the same eye as your mouth twitched
    And you looked down
    And the twitch turned to sunshine
    And the blob turned to dew
    As you saw the scissors in my hand and the half petal still proudly hanging on.
    You took it between forefinger and thumb, whispered 'Loves Me'...
    And let me have the petal after kissing it lightly.
    I opened the album and put it in, between pages thirty two and thirty three.
    I wonder why.
    We did not make love that night.
    We loved.

    I slid the petal back in, careful so as not to break it,
    Opened another page, smiling at whatever surprise might wait for me there,
    Uncertain of the outcome yet certain of the smile,
    Certain of the finger sneaking up my eye and erasing the damn wetness...
    Something itchy had probably got into my eye...

    I picked up the pieces of mixed thread,
    The crude knots squeezed flat
    And the layers of wool, and cotton, and linen clinging to each other
    With hundreds of curled fibers
    Dried into inflexible immobility
    Like dead fingers refusing to open their desperate clasp on eluding eternity.
    I watched you locking the mail box with an angry twist.
    Then you entered the car on the driver's side
    Laid your head on the steering wheel
    And your shoulders shuddered with repressed sobbing anger.
    I did not dare touch you, I knew the pain, I felt the pain,
    Your pain, my pain, our pain,
    You slid your hand towards me and I took it in mine,
    Sliding my fingers in between yours
    And accepting your crushing pressure without wincing, with pleasure,
    Knowing your wish, your dream was denied by stupid shopkeepers
    Or moronic postmasters
    Or both.
    You lifted puffed eyes, looking at me as if asking for forgiveness
    Then clambered towards my side of the car,
    Sat in my lap with hands around my neck and buried your face in my shirt's collar.
    We rested like that for long minutes.
    How did we get to the room? I don't remember.
    Suddenly you were sitting on the bed,
    Your back propped against the wall, a blank longing regard on your face,
    My heart was breaking.
    I stood up,
    Bent over you taking hold of your t-shirt in my hands and pulled strongly,
    A tear slicing its way from neck to breast,
    I pulled out one long cotton thread and laid it aside.
    I removed my shirt, tore the sleeve with one savage tug,
    Pulled out one long linen thread and laid it alongside the cotton thread.
    One more, I wanted one more,
    The thick woolen scarf my next victim
    As I drew out one long wool thread from its insides,
    Bit it loose with my teeth and laid it next to the other two.
    You looked at me, not scared yet uncomprehending, curious.
    I picked up the three threads and asked you to hold one end of them
    As I started braiding them together,
    Chanting as I touched the cotton... 'platinum...'
    Then the linen... 'aurum...'
    Then the wool... 'argentum...'
    And the bewondering look on your face turned smile
    As sudden comprehension dawned on you and you kissed me whispering
    'Never believed in alchemy till now, now I have finally met an alchemist...'
    To which I responded, braiding on,
    'No, now you have finally met a man in love...'
    You stretched your left hand's fingers
    Allowing me to tie a knot around the ring finger, kissing the knot... 'diamond...'
    Then you tore the hanging ends and tied a knot around my ring finger
    Tearing the leftovers away and kissing the knot again...
    'I vow...' you whispered,
    'I vow...' I whispered,
    'I do...' you cried,
    'I do...' I cried.
    We hugged for hours.
    You removed the magic circles from our fingers
    And laid them on my outstretched palm.
    I opened the album... funny, probably a printing mistake,
    Those two pages facing each other were again thirty two and thirty three,
    I wondered, as I let the strings fall in between them closing the book.
    We did not make love that night.
    We loved.

    I put the rigid gone pieces of string back between the pages,
    Kissing the knots and sensing fine traces of ages old lipstick still lingering
    Absorbed in the almost inexistent thickness,
    And decided to try another memory.
    Another flower forever locking a moment in time forever gone, forever alive,
    Opened the album
    And a thin flattened piece of paper floated to the floor.

    I let it fall all the way down,
    Afraid to touch the desiccated material lest it crumbles in my hand
    And my memory crumbles with it.
    Then I wet my forefinger in my mouth and picked up the fallen paper,
    Laid it in my lap,
    And let my tears flow.
    A beer bottle's label, its crumpled folds ironed out, slightly torn around the edges.
    The noise was unbearably loud,
    Shrill laughter and make believe happy screams flying through the air,
    Out of key songs sung by out of blue karaoke singers
    Punching painful holes in my ears
    While thick smoke infiltrated my clothes, hair, nose.
    Someone asked me to dance, I refused, did not even pay attention
    As my hand locked into yours... or yours in mine
    Testing from time to time the resilience of bone to vice clasp
    And the resilience of lips to teeth snap.
    I did not refuse your invitation to dance,
    This time putting to test the resilience of spine and ribs facing clutch and crush,
    Dim realization of airports and departures ripping reason
    And clouding eyes and hearts.
    The music stopped, we continued to our own beat,
    Reluctantly joining our table facing the prospect of emptying another beer bottle
    Into the deserted lands of dehydrated hearts and parched mouths.
    I saw you start peeling the label off your bottle,
    Silently, your fingernails patiently penetrating between paper and glass
    And little by little cutting away the layer of glue joining them
    Till the rounded shape fell on the table in front of you awaiting your decision
    Like a parchment awaiting a king's decree and a king's seal.
    Or a queen's.
    I watched, fascinated, wondering as to the meaning of this ritual,
    It was clearly leading somewhere... where?
    You turned the label's pale yellow back upwards
    Took a pen out of your purse
    And started scribbling slowly, your fingers shaking, your eyes wet,
    Your lipstick smeared thumb the seal.
    Then you handed it over to me, waiting,
    Your painful smile cutting through my bones,
    Your eyes cutting through my heart.
    'Redeemable for any wish you may have. Anytime. For life.'
    I did not fold it. I laid it carefully in my book,
    Not wondering anymore how it kept opening
    Always at pages thirty two and thirty three,
    Seemed like this book had an endless supply of these,
    Then put the book carefully back in my pocket and kissed you.
    I don't remember that kiss ever ending.
    We did not make love that last night.
    We loved.


    I closed my eyes.
    I did not know memories could be that sweet,
    That bitter,
    I was about to close the album, get up and lay it back on the shelf
    When I heard a voice whispering close to my ear... 'Not so fast, my love...'
    Then you slid your finger in between the last two pages,
    Took out the label and read it attentively shaking your head from side to side,
    'I must have loved you madly...' you said,
    Put the label back in place and returned the album to its shelf.
    'I still do.'
    Then you came to sit in my lap, your mouth close to my ear...
    'Would you like to redeem that voucher now, my love?...'

    We did not make love that first night.
    We loved.




    in collection: nonsense declarations of love

    Counting the candle's flickers,
    Wondering how many are left
    Till the end of my life,

    Then you dip thumb and forefinger in your mouth,
    Squash the wicker to a sizzling death
    And let me smell your burnt fingertips...
    Countless... you whisper, like the kisses left in me... and I believe you.




    in collection: nonsense declarations of love

    I read your love message to him, wondering
    Why would you write a love message to him?
    Because I love you, you say, and I wonder how do you know.
    You wonder too much, and I try not to wonder anymore.

    Good, you say, pouting, Never read screen messages over my shoulder
    And you leave the piece of paper in front of the computer walking away.
    I finally decipher the last, uncopied yet, line.
    Kisses, silly. Silly... that's me.



You Smiled

    in collection: nonsense declarations of love

    I laughed,
    You smiled,
    I tried to write, losing the train of thought,
    You smiled, eyes open, dreaming,

    I watched outside the window, does it rain everywhere?
    You smiled snuggling underneath the huge blanket,
    I love you, I thought for the thirty sixth time, counting,
    You smiled, three thousand miles away...




    in collection: nonsense declarations of love

    I wish I was... I freeze in mid sentence,
    All various strains of corny expressions parading before my mind
    Infuriated at my refusal to select and say one of them
    And boycotting my words even in their Chinese translation.

    Not that I ever used or anyone ever translated anything of mine to Chinese.
    Don't you say it, you laugh at me, I will say it for you...
    I wish I was NOT your dream. I wish I was your reality.

    But you are, I say. I was saying it for you, you say.




    in collection: nonsense declarations of love

    How many lines left?
    Six, this one excepted.
    So in five lines you are going to portray endless eternal unending love for us both?

    You are wasting your lines, only three left.
    Are you worried?
    I am sad. Now you will never be able to say it and make it undeniable.
    Oh, but I can. We love. And there is no line left to deny it...




    in collection: nonsense declarations of love

    Close your eyes, she said, a world without me... what do you see?
    I see black, absolute, I said, the bottom of the well, the heart of hate,
    The sky before creation...

    Your eyes are open, silly, she said, and kissed my senses back to light.

    Open your eyes and look into mine, she said, a world with me... what do you see?
    I see colors breathing through unknown hues, I said, rainbows sourcing at sunrise
    To sink into sunset invaded by Monarchs and Swallowtails and Fritillaries...

    Your eyes are closed, silly, she said, and kissed them sealed forever in the dream.




    in collection: nonsense declarations of love

    You told me "... you must smile, or else..."
    I chewed my thickest tome of spells,
    I steamed through Egypt's ancient chants
    And Holy Bible's prophets' rants,

    I even tried the Spirit Dance
    And just as I got out of trance
    It hit me - all I have to do
    To smile... is just to think of you.



Just Feeling This Abstract Way

    I guess insanity is at play with my words
    As I lay down on paper messages laced with dream crumbs
    Leftovers from an earlier life's copious dinners,
    Always leaving me hungry and asking for more
    From indifferent waitresses floating around
    And exhibiting exotic meals at exorbitant prices
    Delivered with much pump and decoration
    To all but me.
    I try to plant the crumbs in my imagination's soil,
    Listening, looking, waiting, something stirs,

    No music in my head, just... images,
    The music hides in raindrops
    Pushing tiny hands against the transparent walls
    Trying to escape into my mind
    And join the constantly playing images
    Adding its dimension to the colors orgy
    Creating one continuous multi dimensional rainbow.
    Are there other senses joining?... I don't know
    I don't care as the colorful fluidity shapes itself into one slender hand
    Thin smoke fingers encircling my neck and waist with scintillating colors
    And pulling me towards an emerging shape
    Designing itself with the other hand's fingers acting as brushes
    As architects, as artists,
    Engulfing me into one additional sense adding itself to my life
    Touching wing fringes, falling feathers, floating pollen,
    Infinite softness...

    I sink,
    The accommodating tenderness metamorphosing into the warmth of flesh
    The deeper I sink,
    Thin strands of forgotten, never known feminine fragrances
    Weaving straining tendrils into fluttering ribbons assailing my lungs,
    Feeble, teasing,
    Where did you learn to smell like that?

    You?... did I just say you?
    And as remote rumbles of this thought touch my mind's periphery
    Taste decides to put on a show of self confidence
    Smearing layer after layer upon my lips of
    Honey your lips apple your lips sea foam your lips laughter your lips sunrise
    Your lips sugar cane your lips puppy tail your lips daisy petal your lips
    Till I can not close my mouth anymore
    And your lips volunteer to peel away layer after layer of
    Honey apple sea foam laughter sunrise sugar cane puppy tail daisy petal
    Leaving only layers of
    Your lips your lips your lips your lips your lips your lips your lips your lips
    Layer after layer melting and flowing on my chin, chest, toes,
    Along tongue, neck, belly...
    Drunken beads defying laws of physics
    And rolling uphill straight into my consciousness
    Looking for the friendship of music sounds still beating their way out
    Of the raindrops' tear-shaped prisons,
    Tiny claws cutting away at the translucent cells finally penetrating into the world
    In a cheerful giggling silver cacophony of
    Love I you I you love you you I you I love you I love love love I love love I you...
    Finally, all my senses... alive.

    All? Are you sure? I hear a sudden coherence of sound
    And in the ensuing absolute silence all senses die,
    Maybe I will fail the ultimate test... is there a sixth sense?...
    Will my breath expire in ignorance?...
    Not so late in my life I tell them, as my lips form easily the answer...
    And the sun explodes in my head.




    Suddenly it feels like crying,
    Morning whispers slither vile
    Hidden vaults of darkness prying,
    Venom tints my crimson Nile...

    Glowing ash in eye be flying,
    Rabid thoughts my wisdom rile
    Acting tempting scenes of dying,
    Shade enclothes my rhyming style...

    Lover mine... your eyes be drying,
    Sorrow's artful vamping guile
    In my love let me be dyeing,
    Be my green your morrow's isle...

    Flakes of light let dress your sighing,
    Hear my song?... in short a while
    Nightfall's gods I be defying
    On your lips to place a smile...




    Hands across the table, holding.
    Or rather clutching.
    How does one freeze time?
    Food leftovers between us,
    A half empty glass of iced tea,
    Floating foam bubbling its life away at the bottom of a glass of beer,
    The desperation in eyes hiding behind eyelashes
    Inefficiently wiping away the rain from eyescreens again and again.
    The waitress gave up long ago making distress signals
    Accompanied by ongoing quotes of herself "...is everything alright?"
    And resigned to disappearing behind a cloud of blue smoke
    Half dosing off somewhere in a dark corner.
    The juke box drops your last selection,
    No music registers on my mind
    Except for question marks preceded by no text
    Coiling their way lazily alongside a metal wearing finger.
    I hear bones cracking... mine? yours? ours? whose hold is stronger?

    The table... the ocean,
    The clock on the wall... the enemy,
    Our hands... cranes wretchedly punching holes through space, time,
    Through reality
    In a futile attempt to change the laws of the universe
    By peeling splinters off the tabletop's hard wood
    And allowing them free access to our blood stream conducts...

    Hands across the dashboard, holding.
    Or rather gripping.
    How does one freeze time?
    Green, yellow, red, yellow, green light symphonies fail to register on senses,
    Wipers drum away sky pearls insistently exploding on the windscreen
    As a police car wails its way alongside us
    Unconcerned with the human drama playing itself just alongside its sleek form,
    Content to chase another unique drama of its own
    Never to reach the newspaper headlines, anonymous, just like ours,
    The blinding flashlights adding a moment of turmoil to the green yellow red music
    Before disappearing into the darkness of a side alley...
    "...probably a cop hurrying home for dinner..." I think
    As you push another plastic button allowing a stranger to sing our love story
    From a plastic rotating disc purchased at a buck a dozen,
    The titanium tipped tones drilling past our garments straight into heart's chambers
    Drawing blood with a smoking addict's satisfaction
    And turning the escaping droplets to golden memories.
    I hear bones cracking... mine? yours? ours? whose hold is stronger?

    The dashboard... the ocean,
    The watch on my hand... the enemy,
    Our hands... fingers turned steel chain links loading tactile memories
    With traces of fingerprints, of old scars,
    Testing the resilience of matter faced with despair of mind
    Resulting in fusing skin, flesh, blood, bone...

    Hands across the bed sheet, holding.
    Or rather grappling.
    How does one freeze time?
    Candles dripping liquefied life upon pages torn off an old magazine
    Sputter and shudder with each suicidal piece of dust driven their way,
    Miniature furnace imitations compensating their lack of shape and intensity
    With vanilla scents and triple shadows
    And impenetrable memory vaults laden with desire despair despondency screams,
    Greedily offering their life for the permission to witness moments of passion
    Competing in intensity with big brother sun.
    Pieces of cloth litter the carpet, the chairs,
    An impair pair of shoes lean grotesquely against each other
    In mock mimicry of their owners trying to steal a bit of human glorious glow
    Into their mud intoxicated life and failing miserably.
    The TV talks to itself
    Rendering an unknown impersonation of "By the time I get to Phoenix"
    Protesting vehemently as I furiously get hold of the remote control
    And cut the sound off, then the image off, then the world off.
    If only I could get hold of the remote control to my life, I think
    As I kiss tips of fingers which are the closest approximation to it I could find.
    I hear bones cracking... mine? yours? ours? whose hold is stronger?

    The bed sheet... the ocean,
    The digital bedside clock... the enemy,
    Our hands... nails masquerading as grapples feeding terrible hunger with skin ribbons
    Lovingly stripped off loving hands rendered numb by the mindlessness of knowledge
    And the inevitability of a creeping tomorrow's dawn...




    Finally I wake up
    As she pulls away,
    Happily wounded in my pride
    And greedily trying to follow her fangs and claws
    In their proud retreat to their respective recesses,
    Wishing to penetrate her body
    The way they do
    And finally having to give up the chase
    For the lesser delight of her handhold.
    Lesser? Is there a difference between heaven's departments?

    "You are smiling," she says,
    Reminding me that I have no tail
    Even though my mind was furiously wagging it.
    Smiling... what a poor substitute I think...
    "You smile again," she says,
    "A dime for your thoughts?"
    "A dime? Make it a dollar and we may be in business... ouch..." I yelp
    As her fingernail bites my flesh
    And my mental tail lowers itself protectively between my legs
    Only to stick up again like a flagpole lost in a hurricane
    When she kisses the booboo...
    "Would you settle for my body?..." she asks,
    Challenge, innocence, naiveté, virginity
    All merging inside the melting defiance of that look.
    The meantime picked up suitcase drops from my hand
    Followed by my bag, my laptop,
    I don't give up the bouquet she offered me on arrival...
    "I will be generous with you. I'll settle for a kiss..."

    When we descend back to earth
    She starts pounding my chest with her fists...
    "Robber, cheat, thief,
    I offered you my body.
    You took my soul.
    Then she snuggles against me
    Hugging my waist and cutting my body in two.


    Unmistakably she had a tail of her own.
    Otherwise how could I explain
    A passing poodle's sudden desire
    To start howling jealously
    And snap viciously at my ankles?
    "They know," she murmurs,
    Her nose stuck in my shirt.
    "Not even half of it..." I answer.

    I don't remember much of the rest.
    All I remember is... fire.




    Rolling away the barbed wire,
    The anger the choler the protective fury...
    Peeling off the steel skin,
    The mistrust the resentment...
    Breaking through the brick layers
    Wooden gates
    Barred windows,
    Fear angst suspicion...
    Laying herself open in front of me, naked, soft,
    I've never allowed anyone feel the insides of me
    She whispered,
    You are the first,
    Feel the warmth?

    She guided my hand past the barbed wire, steel, brick,
    Letting me touch...
    The ends of my fingers blistering then relaxing, soothing,
    It was always there, it waited for the key...
    My cupped palm tried to hear the heart beat,
    The key? I asked.
    Her finger pointed to my heart
    Penetrated through my layers of cloth and skin and flesh
    Picking up a single heartbeat
    You won't miss it... she said
    And laying it on her breast.
    The key... your heart... your love...
    I heard thunder storming in her chest ready to tear the world apart
    My cupped palm listening enthralled,
    Hear it?... music... awaking... thank you...
    Can I taste it? I asked.
    She smiled, the first time I've seen a child smile.
    You are a woman, I said,
    You are a child smiling, I said.
    She guided my lips to her breast,
    Laughing softly as I looked worried around me for barbed wire, steel, brick,
    Letting me taste the music.
    'Thank you' for what? I asked.
    For finding me
    She answered, letting me sink in magic.




    What is love? you ask.
    I wish I could tell you, I say,
    I wish I could put it down on paper
    Or sculpt it in stone
    Or sing it in song.
    I cannot,
    Because my tongue is human
    And the mountain is not yet born
    And if I let out the birds flying inside my chest they will die.
    You speak in riddles, you say.
    Love is a riddle, I say.
    You see, you know what love is, you say.

    Do you love me? you ask.
    I wish you would believe me, I say,
    I wish you would touch my mind
    Or steal my wishes
    Or fall asleep inside my dreams.
    You cannot,
    Because my mind shudders in fright
    And my wishes soak insanity
    And if my dreams be your canopy you would never wake up to me.
    You don't know me, you say.
    I know love, I say.
    You see, I know you love me, you say.



Love, Two

    Tell me how much you love me, you asked.

    I love you like I never grinned,
    I love you like I never sinned,
    Like never feeling morning's bliss
    When sun demands its morning kiss,
    I love you like I didn't cry
    The day I waved my mom goodbye...

    You wrinkled your forehead, pensively,
    Something was wrong in this convoluted statement,
    Some poetical mysticism or pure nonsense at play
    In a meaningless words game. Tell me how much you love me, you asked again.

    I love you like you never loved me, I said...
    And mountains shattered into pebbles
    And rivers burnt into deserts
    And forests dressed autumn gold...

    And when your fire settled back into your chest's bed
    And your voice unclothed thunder for lark's attire
    And your hurricane coiled back into your lungs
    You smiled,
    The flush in your cheeks paling into closing rosebuds...

    You tricked me, you said, I was the one who asked the question first...
    Do I love you so much?...
    No, I answered, I love you so much,
    You love me more...



Love, Four

    Open your mouth...
    It was a command, not a request.
    I opened it wide,
    She picked up the pitcher with a fragile hand
    And started pouring love into me
    Days, weeks, months,
    I swallowed greedily
    Unable to ask for more, my mouth flooded,
    Yet never needing to
    As she kept pouring,

    I dipped my finger in the colorless drink
    And started scribbling on the bed sheets,
    On the stones,
    On paper
    I love you songs and poems and dreams
    My eyes closed... no need for eyes with her guiding me
    My senses on fire... no need for senses with her guiding me
    I finished the bed sheets, the stones, the paper,
    I started scribbling on her belly,
    On her chest,
    On her breasts
    I love you I love you I love you
    Serenades and runes and desires...

    She giggled when I touched her nipples
    Shyly asking...
    Feed me back my drink,
    Burn me with the fire I pour down your heart's way
    Love me love me love me
    And turn my desert your orchard, your garden, your Eden...


    Fear, sudden.

    I saw the paleness in her cheeks growing,
    The darkness in her green glowing,
    The dry thunder in her lungs flowing

    As all of her poured into me
    Leaving nothing for herself,
    Not even pity...
    Stop... I wanted to scream
    But she kissed my lips silent
    And kept feeding me chunks of herself
    Days, nights,
    Smiling, happy,
    Just repeating the one word
    More... more... more...

    I painted castles, I painted vanquished dragons,
    I painted green winged fairies and kingdoms ruled by summer,
    Can you paint life?... she asked, never for a moment hiding her smile...

    I saw her wasting away
    My mind screaming impotently my rage to the unseen indifferent gods
    Damn you... creators of humans for your games
    Creators of beauty for testing your black magic
    Happiness to be tortured by doubt,
    Life in fear of death...
    Thank you... for letting me know her,
    Her beauty, happiness, life...
    Her endless love...

    And she kept smiling, and singing, and feeding me her life
    And I kept painting and touching and loving.
    I love you, I said.
    I love you I love you I love you, she said.



Love, Five

    I turn on my laptop,
    The whirring sounds of blowers, hard drive,
    The beeping tin sounds of the cheap speaker...
    C'mon, c'mon... I try to urge the somnolent piece of hardware
    As it goes through its habitual ...not found and ...please reboot
    And some others,
    A whole dwarves nation hard at work
    Sorting out an unmentionable manufacturer's perennial system errors,
    Is it my fingers' sweat the reason for the typos
    And software bugs and network down?...
    A few more steps... a few more clicks... my heart beating madly...
    C'mon, c'mon...
    The screen spreads from top to bottom, slowly,
    Testing my impatience one more time as it holds its breath midway
    Then with one final glorious, almost audible, swish
    Rolls all the way down...

    I close my eyes, take a deep breath, then open them again.
    No, it is not a vision,
    She is there
    Smiling, almost in flesh,
    Patiently waiting for my kiss,
    Frozen by an old, by now forgotten click into the immobility of a work of art
    Now decorating my life and lighting my fuel soaked insides,
    My love,
    My lover,
    My wife.

    I watch her long, long moments,
    Averting my eyes from time to time
    Scared that my regard may wear the picture down
    And in a few more sessions all I will have is a fading replica
    Of the original replica
    Of the original beauty.
    But my neck's muscles and my eyes' muscles keep playing dirty tricks on me
    As with a power learning its lessons from earth's poles
    They keep dragging me back,
    Back to her,
    Back to the hypnotizing might of green, and red, and golden copper.
    I give in,
    After all I want to give in
    So instead of fighting forces much superior to mine
    I decide to abandon my worries, and fears, and superstitions
    And lean my arms on the table end
    Head on arms
    Eyes open
    And sink in the beauty flooding me from that colorful screen
    My own beauty, my only world.

    My mind starts acting,
    The grandeur of the moment demanding its stupid vanity to try a description
    Like every other time,
    Knowing it will fail again, like every other time, to relay the charm
    The warmth,
    The you in you...
    Undecided as to where to start
    Where to begin its meaningless attempt at describing perfection
    And prevent ridicule from itself
    So for a change it decides to start... as always,
    With the mouth.
    What color is the mouth you say?

    Red, does a smile have a color? I ask
    As my finger dares trace the shape of the lips,
    First the lower
    Then the upper
    Then again,
    Then backwards, now on the inner side
    While my fingernail plays on the whiteness of teeth
    Clicking at each intersection and wary of a possible naughty bite.
    I wonder for a few seconds if the creators of the smiley's,
    The bastards,
    Did not commit the sin of plagiarism and copyright infringement
    Stealing the shape and the perfection and the beauty
    From this image
    And now hiding behind big lawyers' names and corporate immunities.
    Red, I pull back my protesting finger from its self defined Eden,
    Look in absolutely no amazement at the red traces on its tip
    And conduct it to my lips...
    Oh... visions, shivers, memory flashes, groans and laughs and bites
    And taste... oh, the unforgiving memory of taste
    As I kiss my fingertip and for a few moments... I live...

    Green, or is it blue or is it grey? I ask
    Though I opt for green
    As all the other times when I visited my shrine,
    And hesitate again in my definitions of goddesses and fairies and elf queens
    Looking at the vast open fields stretching in that right eye
    Reflecting a celestial light burning its way right into my brain
    While the left coyly hides behind a forest of hair
    Playing with me a guessing game as to its own color,
    Maybe I am different? seeming to say
    And almost winking at me.
    I get my finger as close as I dare to the right one,
    Fearing to see it blink
    Or cry
    Or shy away
    But it courageously accepts the touch
    Generously leaving a few humidity traces
    And then waiting in blissful softness of emotion
    To see the finger's return to my mouth
    Oh... the tremor in my hand threatening to spill the glinting trace,
    Saltiest of sweet souvenirs collected once upon a time
    From descending eyelashes and lingering on my tongue's tip,
    Till finally the fingertip reaches my mouth and for a few moments... I live...

    Is it fire, or is it gold, or is it copper on fire smelted with gold? I ask
    Blowing soft whiffs of breath towards the wild mess of hair
    Covering your forehead
    And almost expecting it to fly out of way
    Allowing me an unperturbed view of your left eye
    So that its secrets are finally uncovered
    And my mind set at ease as to which color it might be,
    Maybe different than I remember last time I looked at it
    Less than one inch away?
    The curling long lock falling along your right cheek,
    The shorter one falling along your left cheek,
    Why do they remind me of a fresh spring's night
    Showered with fireflies
    Accompanied by frogs' monotonic chants
    And two pairs of steps out of tune
    When a tingle next to my ear forces me to push this same lock out of the way
    Sink my finger in the depths of this gold copper fire forest
    And smash its owner's body into a writhing mass of passionate flesh...
    I pull my finger back from the screen, scared, did the lock waver slightly?...
    Oh... torrid desires merged with realities from a world melted away,
    Sweet smells of apple shampoo and apricots hair conditioner
    Invading my nose as my finger pulls itself one last time against my lips...

    I do not dare touch again,
    Just look,
    Delectating in the pink of the face,
    The roundness of the chin,
    The piece of ear hardly visible,
    The neck bearing forever my seal and mark...
    I look around... nobody sees me...
    My eyes flood,
    My heart ruptures my ribs,
    My constricted throat bellows
    And my fists break my fingers' bones
    As I lean over and kiss your mouth on the screen
    Then pull away before the moment of insanity conquers me irreversibly.

    I blink,
    Incredulity fading swiftly in face of belief
    And dream laden desires
    As for seconds few... one?... two?...
    The smile on the screen widens, a tip of tongue appears mockingly sweet,
    And then reverts to glass and plastic and pixels.
    But I have seen it,
    I know, nobody can tell me what I have or have not seen
    And as I turn the computer off
    The ineffaceable smile on my face tells of the magic...
    She felt it,
    She kissed me back,
    She smiled.
    She knows.

    There was no sun that day.
    It paled compared to the glow lighting my life.



Mirror, Mirror

    She told me
    "Your words, so beautiful, so masterful,
    Tell me..."

    I told her
    "Hold my hand,
    Let me hold the pen, close my eyes..."
    And the words started flowing,
    Scaly dragons in love with tender skinned virgins asleep on withering flower beds...
    She pulled back her hand, scared,
    I opened my eyes...
    Pages upon pages upon pages of love, lust, life,

    "How did you do it?" she asked,
    "Stealing my dreams, screams, memories,
    Touching my scars,
    Singing my pains?..."

    I kissed her
    My mouth rough, violent,
    My whisper unheard, soft,
    "I am nothing but a piece of silver coated glass
    Them humans call mirror,
    Indifferently, mindlessly repeating what it sees
    Basking in dreams of grandeur for single moments
    When beauty glances my way
    Thinking it is... me
    Till your fingernail scratches my surface
    Your fist splits my skin
    And then I remember
    I am merely a reflection.
    You are the beauty."

    She took the scattered pieces of paper,
    Folded them carefully
    And put them in her shirt's pocket.
    "What are you doing?" I asked her.
    She looked at me intensely,
    Made sure her kiss was as violent as mine
    And whispered as softly in my ear
    "Without you I wouldn't have known I am beautiful."

    She opened the door,
    Hesitating on the porch...
    "You said them humans,
    So what am I?"
    I closed my eyes,
    Some questions are so easy...
    "You? You are my human," I answered,
    And the celestial smile is the last thing I remember of her.




    Woman dear, oh, woman sweet,
    Wish your morning kiss to meet
    From the linen to the shower
    From the minute to the hour
    Robbing teardrops in the dark
    Chirping whispers to the lark.

    Lover dear, oh, lover sweet,
    Did you not this morning meet
    Pink magnolia's soft flower
    Drooping owl's forgiving glower
    Fading dream's eluding spark
    Waking puppy's licking bark?

    Woman dear, oh, woman rich,
    Gems uncounted dress your speech
    Butterflies your body sailing
    Braided smiles your footsteps trailing
    Past the when and past the why
    Waits for us a patch of sky.

    Lover dear, oh, lover rich,
    Tastes your mouth of ripen peach
    With abandon you be wailing
    As your body I be nailing
    And as morning rips the sky
    We be kissing till we die.



Beyond The Door

    I hesitate before the door.
    Shall I open it, shall I wait?
    After all it is not a cork to a bottle,
    No genie waiting for me in there with miracles in his pockets
    And joy sparkles in his odd eyes.
    It is a door to a sea,
    To the story of a lifetime,
    Maybe to pain...
    To words.

    Snapshots, certainly,
    Yet a lifetime for me, the lifetime of a love.
    And a bit before,
    And a bit after,
    What scares me more, the before or the after?

    I turn the key in the lock,
    Push the handle, open the door,
    Step out and in
    Straight into the sea of your words,
    Oh... the beauty of it...

    I don't sink,
    I am at the bottom already,
    Funny that I can still breathe
    As if there was not this immense stretch of words around me,
    Above me, slowly penetrating inside me.
    I wade, taking my time,
    Small steps, jumping at times forwards, backwards,
    Words, sentences, stories, poems, your life,
    You honored me with the key
    And now I am allowed to look, wander,
    Oh... the beauty of it...

    Sometimes I see pain flashes, unbearable,
    And I bend covering my eyes with an arm and bite my lip
    So as not to scream in your agony...
    Memories, so many, chasing you into your nightmares,
    Lovers cutting your flesh
    With other words, promises,
    And at times I wince
    When I seem to recognize some of these lovers as... me...
    I close my eyes then,
    To promise? to forget?
    To beg forgiveness?...

    Sometimes I feel pain flashes, unbearable,
    Watching snippets of earlier lives
    Earlier loves
    Earlier fingers upon your skin and passions,
    Scars of previous wounds decorating the walls of your heart
    And the tips of your breasts,
    Are these scars all healed? are there maybe never healing ones?
    Fresh wounds masterly hidden?

    Deeper, deeper,
    My courage gains with each step I take
    With each word I inhale,
    Depth eddies absorbing colors from my thoughts, from your warmth
    And slowly commencing to dance
    Metamorphosing into all those shapes you so love...
    butterflies, rainbows, fairies...
    Then merry-go-round again, and again
    butterflies, rainbows, fairies...

    I am absorbed rather than absorbing
    In this fantasy wonderland which streamed from your eyes to your hands,
    Then to paper,
    Then to me...
    Voices, I hear voices,
    Is it voices or just one voice calling?...
    Calling? Singing?
    The sirens' chant luring me to lands still to be discovered
    Deeper, further,
    Words of profound darkness twining in flight with symbols of light
    Strong currents getting hold of my body and carrying me forward,
    I do not fight,
    There is no fight left in me, no pain left in me,
    Passion, only passion
    To be carried your way, your land,
    Your kingdom...
    Your words...

    butterflies, rainbows, fairies...




    Long, long, long thin smooth burnished copper threads,
    Silk fiber armies cutting through your skin and
    Talking their way out from the depths of your scalp
    Cascading to beneath the soles of your feet,
    Further down,
    Beneath the crust of freshly collected pebbles and sprinkled dew and
    Settling pieces of sunshine merged with ground dust into ephemeral diamonds
    Only to listen to the salty murmur of underground springs
    As a lilac root gulps thirstily its allocated potion of life
    Before sending it home to the thousands of shivering buds
    Guilty only of wishing to conquer our senses...

    She yawned, stretching lazily and touching her head, "Hey, my hair is cut so short that it hardly touches my shoulders..."

    "True," I answered, "I see you just with my poet's eye, you are so much more beautiful in reality..." The answer seemed to satisfy her, and she went back to hugging the lilac flower to her chest.

    Deep, deep, deep bottomless green all engulfing abysses,
    Never allowing sun rays escape the magic of their kingdom
    As they keep trapping the poor unsuspecting victims in their luster
    Then sending them to the tips of your fingers, and the ends of your eyelashes
    And the outer rims of your freckles
    Colonizing your skin, conquering the forgotten meadows of your palms,
    The invisible crests of thin hair ends long your arms
    Till your body looks like the center of the Milky Way
    Tinkling with the unheard emotions of millions of fireflies turned stars
    A cacophony of devastating charm
    Singing the seven colors of the rainbow,
    Green, green, green...

    She pinched my nose to get me out of the trance, quite successfully, "I always thought that cacophony is the epitome of ugliness, incoherence..."

    "True," I answered, "I see you just with my poet's eye, you are so much more beautiful in reality..." She propped herself on one elbow, just to make sure I was in no way mocking her. Then satisfied with whatever it was she was looking at on my face, she lay back by my side hosting the friendly firefly in her cupped palms.

    Hot, hot, hot flaming ripe cherries encrusted in honey soft flesh,
    Impenetrable bulwarks protecting your hidden portions of soul
    Allowing only the selected few, the selected one
    Access to a world of untellable enchantment
    As they lick the morning's dew from the angry beetle's antennae
    Against an irreversible promise of never ending sunshine,
    Then let it roll across your lower lip, teasingly, left to right to left
    Your lover's waiting mouth gaping wide underneath you, thirsty, furious
    And finally you bend over letting it drop to its doom straight inside his mouth,
    Stretching, thinning, falling,
    Sinking past skin, flesh, blood, bone, marrow,
    Finding its final garden, flower... its final home,
    Carrying with it your vows of
    Never ending...

    She was almost crying,
    "Doom?... why doom? Should have fallen down to life, happiness, eternity... Doom is dark, evil..."

    "True," I answered, "I see you just with my poet's eye, you are so much more beautiful in reality..."

    "You don't make sense," she countered, the glint getting thicker in her eyelash.

    "I am a poet, my love. Poets don't make sense. They only love. Truly. Deeply." I don't think she was convinced. She let the beetle which kept running errands around her hand, climb to the top of her finger and licked the drop of dew from its antennae. Then she hovered above my face, letting the drop play havoc with my sanity as it rolled along her lower lip, and let it finally drop into my gaping screaming mouth. She pulled back, startled, as the tiny flame leaped from my throat and almost charred her eyebrows. Then she smiled a huge smile.

    "Yes, doom, I see what you mean..." and she hugged my waist trying to find a comfortable position for her head on my chest. I waited for a whole of five minutes, as she was scrapping, and moving her face around, never satisfied... reminding me of my dog as he was trying to settle down on his couch and chasing doggie's Shangri La indefinitely. At one stage she got on her knees, looked at me apologetically, then tore open my shirt and singlet and let her head settle on my hairy chest. I heard a purr... Finally...

    Soft, soft, soft...

    She interrupted me, her voice muffled. "How many body parts are there still?..."

    "Oh, many," I answered, "skin, toes, nipples, knees, neck..."

    "Then..." something between worry, insanity, warmth creeping into her voice, "...then you will not have enough time. It will take you a lifetime..." ... her knuckles white, her cheeks pale, a shiver down her back... She knew, yet she had to hear it. I told her.

    "May I have this... lifetime?..." I said.

    She did not answer, she did not have to. I was allowed to go on, what better answer there was.

    Soft, soft, soft...



Tigger, Tigger

    Tigger, Tigger, silly beast,
    Tell me why my green eyes mist
    When I watch the ancient willow
    From the safety of my pillow
    As the sun wakes up way east?...

    Princess, princess, green of eye,
    Pale of skin and soft of sigh,
    You remember love unending
    Bodies in the shadows blending,
    Scratching nails upon the sky...

    Tigger, Tigger, softest plush,
    Pains my ailing spirit crush,
    Tell me why I'm sad and weary
    Sunset dull and sunrise dreary,
    All I want is endless hush?...

    Queen, oh, queen, of camber brow,
    Warm of heart and true of vow,
    You remember sunrise kisses
    Sunset linen's passion creases,
    Rustling cedar's rocking bough...

    Tigger, Tigger, friend of old,
    Flow the years and slowly fold,
    In my heart the questions many
    In the well my wishing penny,
    Tell me friend of tales untold...

    Woman, woman, sweet and kind
    Tales untold are on your mind,
    Just remember promise spoken
    Sealed with branded silver token
    Love is coming you to find...



Moon Lover

    Pales the moon in contemplation
    Of this noble grain of beauty
    Speck of human constellation
    Depths the iris of his duty.

    Dreams elusive, misbegotten...
    Time to time his insides rumble
    Lost in thoughts from age forgotten
    Of the stars' eternal tumble.

    Craves forbidden, raw desires...
    Proud his solitary ramble
    While entrails spawn crawling fires
    In a stealthy skinward scramble...

    "Mother sweet, oh, prideful manner,
    Chalice laden sleeping glimmer,
    Mother... Earth, allow my banner
    Thread with earthling's green eyed shimmer,

    Father dear, oh, stormful ire
    Blazen curls of velvet gender,
    Father... Sun, allow my fire
    Twine with earthling's lip so tender,

    Beg of you, forgive my yearning,
    Weak am I, unwont of glory,
    Weak my heart and craves the learning
    Of a mortal lover's story...

    Yes, the agony in marrow
    I have chosen for a life
    And a deathful human sparrow
    I have chosen for a wife."

    Glow the earth's resplendent mountains
    Sinking tears in dormant trees,
    Soar the sun's majestic fountains
    Pouring pride in blazing seas...

    "Son, a bride you could have chosen
    Wearing Saturn's crystal rings
    Rolling tails of comets frozen
    Into time enslaving strings,

    Or a queen of youth uncounted
    Herding sparks to sunless shores
    On a howling viper mounted
    Riving gloom's eternal doors,

    Yet, the certainty of sorrow
    You have made your passing way
    Till the eye blink of tomorrow
    In your eons fades away,

    Oh, I wish your pains unending
    Sieve through smiling human skin
    And the joys of death impending
    Blend in blissfulness of sin..."


    Early morning dew collecting
    In her cheeks pink apples glowing
    Dreamscape gleams her green's protecting
    Down the wind her red is flowing.

    Whose rough hands around her middle
    Turn pink apples bashful tingle,
    Sip from gleams the hidden riddle
    As the red and grass blades mingle?

    "Mid of strawberries wild flowers
    Will you be my bride forever?"
    "With the fading nectar showers
    Will you leave me never never?"


    "Oh, so handsomely alluring
    Soft your skin and calm your thunder,
    As your brow my finger's touring
    Soft's my breast, yet times I wonder...

    Oh, so handsomely enchanting
    Soft your skin and loud your thunder
    As you passions me be granting
    Rough's my breast, and still I wonder...

    Oh, so handsomely unrippled
    Soft your skin and roars your thunder
    And my body's old and crippled
    Dry's my breast, I no more wonder."

    "Promise did I never never,
    Gone are summer's nectar showers,
    By your side forever ever
    As you sink beneath the flowers..."


    "Mother sweet, oh, feel my ponder,
    Grant me last and one desire,
    Flay my blaze and let it wander
    There beneath her buried fire,

    Father mighty, burn my carriage
    Leave them horses star beams plunder,
    Guide my countenance in marriage
    With a love asleep there under,

    Lover, lover, lover, lover,
    I will join your night undaunted,
    And as clouds in wonder hover
    Dies my flame, forever haunted..."


    No one knows, no one remembers
    Why the depths in earth are burning,
    And the moon's decaying embers
    In eternal frost glow yearning...




    Dark. Cold. Raining,
    I walk, my loyal personal shadow following me around
    Rain pouring down inside its sharp boundaries
    Defining the range of misery with the tinkle of watery bells.
    Rivulets fight desperate skirmishes
    After the sharp needles hitting my scalp and refused entry
    Follow a trail down forehead wrinkles,
    Blinded eyes, deafened ears,
    Gaping mouth trying to scream yet silent like an unvoiced prayer,
    On, down along the throb in my neck
    Then slide inside my collar and wrap me in a streaming blanket
    Freezing my back, chest, belly,
    Inside my trousers, underwear, long shivering loins,
    Flowing down behind the jerk in my knee into the cumulating puddle at my feet
    Grotesquely misleading onlookers into thinking of my indecencies,
    My clothes dry, impeccable,
    My skin a never ending torrent...

    No one sees me,
    No one sees the shadow, the rain,
    People pass through me
    Or do I pass through them trying to get away from underneath the cloud
    As unsuccessfully as if it was part of my body
    Till I finally give up,
    Sit down cross legged head sunk to the ground
    Hands hugging knees
    And wait for the lightning to strike.
    I raise my hand, making sure I am not missed,
    My finger dressed in its piece of silver pointing in supplication to the cloud,
    Certain to attract the bliss of lightning
    And quiet.
    And a dry piece of ground finally offering me a home.

    I sense a presence,
    Not thunder... human?... deity?... wish?...
    Hesitating between the two worlds
    Then in a hurried motion throwing a raincoat over my shoulders
    Before scurrying away,
    Never too far.
    I inhale the warmth, a fragrance embedded in memory,
    Sun slivers pinching at my eyelids...
    I dare face a blinding flash for a few seconds before the figure disappears
    Leaving behind a trail of... daisy petals clearly flowing out of its hand.
    I lower my supplicating finger,
    The storm still rumbles yet I hear birds remotely between thunder lashes,
    People start avoiding me,
    The shadow pales from grey into fuzzy... am I returning to life?...

    I pick myself up,
    My clothes soaked thoroughly, thank God,
    Everybody dry and ironed eyeing me curiously, am I the strange one?
    I bend,
    Pick up the first petal and lift it to my nostrils, to my lips,
    Try to smile and find my effort crowned with success,
    Bend down a bit further on and pick the next petal,
    My feet suddenly nimble
    My eyes fixed upon that receding figure in the distance
    Never looking back yet never stopping the flow of petals
    And as the flow returns from the pavement to my eager hand
    Each petal warmer that the precedent
    I know I am getting nearer... soon
    Soon the last petal will not even reach the pavement before it lands in my hand
    And my fist will crush it
    And my skin will inspire it
    And my fingers will catch yours to never let go.

    Suddenly I feel serene.
    Suddenly I feel beauty again. Absolute. And growing.



The Quiet

    The quiet.
    The need,
    Subtly floating through the air
    Feather light
    Barely perceptible if it was not for the
    Dilated irises
    Misstepped heartbeats
    Knotted entrails voicing gurgling protests
    And desert dry skin breaking into separated islands of poverty
    And misery.

    Hibernating in between the unreal worlds
    Of here now
    And there maybe,
    Visions tearing away slices of reality in an unending effort to gain access
    To the top layers of my cognition
    And survival.

    Your fingers stretched
    Carrying the sweet remnants of your licking tongue
    Allowing playful beetles
    Chase each other's colors along their sides
    In a childish game of opening wings buzz
    And vibrating antennae flutter
    Leaving no place for my undeserving kisses,
    Your nipples bared
    Covered with miniature honey drops
    Inviting curious bees to stray away from the flower beds
    And taste the warm tenderness
    Of pulsating nectar singing a melody of heartbeats
    Chasing furiously away my competing lips,
    Your eyes open
    Green vines of desire flowing away long your cheeks
    Down you neck, shoulders, arms
    Dressing your bareness with squashed grapes
    Fermenting under the sun of your blood
    Into the wines of unforgiving passion
    Turning my touches into a stream of butterflies flying away
    To never come back lest the fantasy dies and reality wakes up...

    Iniquity. Innocence.
    Winds of war raging
    As on knees
    I pray powerlessly to inexistent entities
    Offering cupped hands overflowing with the velvet of petals
    For the quiet of a single moment of trust.
    Did I hear my name called?
    Did your finger rip me, your nipple rive me, your eye rend me?...
    Your beauty touch me, your serenity arouse me, your whisper heal me?...

    And just as I sink gratefully into the oblivion of hope's uncaring kingdom
    I feel smiling fingertips pick me mercilessly by the scruff of my neck
    And with immeasurable gentleness deposit me against your breast
    Leading a wet nipple into my mouth
    And purring happily away as I start suckling noisily life
    Back into my chest.

    The quiet.
    The need,
    Finally back home...



Watching Your World

    I watched your world.

    Brushing your teeth from the matching leftovers
    Of the deep indentations in my shoulder,
    Hiding your bruised lower lip under a thick layer of paint
    As my tongue kept rolling around the piece of skin
    Still lingering in my mouth,
    Touching a brush to your eyes
    The fine powder capriciously running away in shapeless smears
    Guided by rebellious tears refusing compromise,
    Building your hair back into that magnificent masterpiece
    Ruined in battle by my brainless fingers
    And amorphously challenging pillows,
    Pulling your body inside the confines of underwear prison
    And overwear camouflage,
    Opening the door to the other world
    A blinding piece of sunshine outlining you inside the improvised framework
    And forcing me to imagine rather than see your hastily blown kiss
    Before the snapping lock killed the light, the shape, the pleasure...

    I rolled into the eternal foetal position
    Thumb in mouth
    Knees to chin
    Eyes tightly shut
    Crying the minutes away
    Hoping to be allowed another glimpse into your world.

    Dream? Was it a dream?... I thought sleepily
    As a ferocious beast tore away from a momentary spot of light
    Ripped away its human sheath
    Bit savagely into my shoulder
    And guided my teeth to that tender spot inside her lower lip
    While letting my fingers pull mindlessly at disintegrating clumps of hair
    In the fury of spoliating passion.

    Watching your world. Again.
    I could watch it forever.




    I picked it off my finger,
    Silver, thin, strange words engraved on its surface
    Telling of worlds gone and wishes denied
    And dragons never fought,
    I scraped the letters one by one with my fingernail
    Touched my tongue's tip to them
    And started sticking them on the eternally hidden spots of your skin,
    Ivory patches you said? Silver patches I said,
    Scrapping, sticking, scrapping, sticking...

    I kept rolling the silver,
    Letters kept peeling off in a never ending stream
    I lost track of time, of metal, of content
    As you kept turning your body this way and this
    Flexing arms, legs, spine, flesh mounted on a boneless structure
    Permitting penetration into secret chambers
    And fragrant corridors
    And smoothly pulsating mounds of flesh
    Demanding attention with the ferocity of misguided virgins
    While finger tips attached to my undisciplined appendages
    Filled the crevices
    And dipped into the rivers
    And squashed the mountains into quivering beasts of passion...
    Letter after letter after letter
    Writing the love the memory the crave between the tiny bumps
    Decorating you head to foot
    And nipple to nipple
    And lip to ear...

    My fingernails now peeling cobweb thin ribbons of metal
    Tying your ankles in yards upon yards of glitter,
    Binding your wrists in yards upon yards of submission,
    Wrapping your body in miles upon miles of silk thin thread
    The ring wearing down to hair thin,
    Then to gossamer thin,
    Then to autumn light thin,
    My hands never tiring, your smile never eluding...
    "What are you doing lover,
    Wrapping me in my vows voiced in my words
    Wrought in the melting away of my silver around your finger?"
    you asked.
    "Liberating you of your vows voiced in your words
    Wrought in your silver around my finger,
    " I answered.
    "Yet in silver prison you tie my ankles and bind my wrists
    And wrap my body..."
    you said.
    I smiled
    And my ring's finger moved slowly through the layers of endless thread
    Cutting it fiber after fiber after fiber till all that was left
    Was a messy pile of undone knots and severed veins.
    "Never my prisoner, always your freedom..." I smiled
    And silver dust sticking to damp spots on my cheeks let you believe
    I was crying.
    "You were crying..." you said bending down
    And for days unending wrapping my finger back into the
    Miles upon miles upon miles of broken thread,
    Patiently melting the ends together between your lips,
    Tying loose spots with your teeth,
    Licking my bleeding traces with your tongue's caress.

    Finally you guided my finger into your mouth
    And let the raw metal bite into my flesh
    The pain so wonderful, the fire so soothing,
    Your breast offered to my mouth with an unspoken whisper...
    "Always your wife, never my freedom..."
    And as silver turned skin turned flesh
    My life turned sunset turned rune...




    As I perched inside your window
    Trilling morning lullabies
    Watching flaring beads of passion
    Roll upon your shying eyes
    Lashed a sudden wild desire
    Steal a bead before I part
    I descended in a flurry...
          And a claw ripped out my heart.

    As the breeze picked up my colors
    And I kissed your eyebrow's thin
    Watching willows shedding branches
    Down aglitter pools of sin
    Cleaved a sudden thirst my middle
    Touch a branch before I part
    I alighted whirling under...
          And a needle pierced my heart.

    As I crawled under your bed sheet
    Soaking through the linen maze
    Watching glints of perspiration
    Lick your skin in wicked daze
    Tore a sudden storm my reason
    Drink a drop before I part
    I approached the lusting ruby...
          And desire crushed my heart.

    "Bird, your bleeding I be mending,
    Butterfly, your pain I'll nurse,
    Lover, lover, lover, lover
    I will soak your crave in verse,
    And before your dream be ending
    And before you beg to part,
    Take my bead, my branch, my skin's drop,
          Take my one and lonely heart."




    Brainless conquerors infesting your body
    In a disorganized stampede
    Aiming at desolation, destruction, obliteration,
    A locusts' nation trying to overpower life and annihilate beauty
    No soul, no aim,
    Only insatiable hunger for human flesh and human tenderness.

    Damn you!... I scream in impotent human puniness
    As I hug you to my chest
    Wishing to share pain, courage, immunity, life,
    Watching man made machines whirling and twirling as they fight the invader,
    Praying for death
    As the only way to life.

    Take my hand, do you feel the throb?
    Do you feel the heart beat in that lonesome finger
    Wearing your silver crown
    As its only destiny?
    Hang on to it, don't let go,
    This is the door to tomorrow,
    The weapon, powerful, invincible,
    Close your eyes
    And dream
    Life beyond the corner smiling,
    Beauty flows through your body
    And sunshine settles inside your skin
    And serenity. Unending.

    Let there be dream. Let dream be life.




    I had no choice,
    Had to content myself with pieces,
    Shards... poets call them,
    Slivers... people in pain call them,
    Glimmers, fragrances, sounds other people call them,
    Shadows, glances, words, rumors, promises...
    Pieces, fragments of entity, the whole split into its basic components
    And just a few of them falling my way... by chance?... by design?...

    I refused to share,
    Selfishly filling up my pockets, my arms,
    Snarling ferociously and biting whoever dared approach, touch,
    Gathering another smile, another sigh,
    Snatching a hair strand and with a savage growl
    Sneaking with it into that cluttered room of mine
    And gently depositing it in that cleanly swept corner
    Amongst the toenails, broken heels, discarded underwear.
    Day in, day in, day in...

    So far from perfect,
    I tried to complement the missing parts with stolen ones,
    Then with self made ones,
    The figure growing, taking shape, colors invading pale surfaces,
    Will I ever own it completely?
    I asked myself while adding an eyebrow above the eye
    And kissing the half formed mouth, part of a lip still missing
    No breasts yet, only one shoe...
    Perfection? Who the hell needs perfection?
    Memories filling in the gaps, hallucinations filling in the rest,
    Desires sliding from elbows to fingertips
    While moving the figure this way and that
    Careful not to lose a disjointed knee, or a thigh bone
    As I let my vinyl player roll its 33s and ooze slow motion into my legs
    Hugging the mock-up to my chest
    A protruding nail scratching my left shoulder
    Wet paint splotches dirtying indecently my crotch,
    I rolled the volume knob louder
    Thumb and forefinger closing full circle around the waist
    And squeezing... sounds of splintering wood rumbling through the idol's frame
    Veins pushing out on my forehead as wishes streamed loudly from my throat
    Praying to the piece of wood, cloth, iron, dream, want...
    My imperfection, my idol, the love in my prayer the urge in my life,
    Live!... I screamed Live!...

    The idol staying mute, limp, dead.
    I lighted three candles, burnt three incense sticks,
    Broke three glasses in my bare fist,
    Sowed a mattress of broken stones underneath me
    And fell asleep cursing all gods
    My hands holding tightly the lifeless cloth between bleeding fists and bared teeth.


    I woke up,
    A strange sensation on my face,
    I opened questioning eyes to find
    A pink toe running errands around my upper lip
    Testing from time to time the depth of my gaping mouth
    Then back to its endless exploration of the lip's limited geography,
    I did not move
    Letting my eyes follow up the round heel,
    The smoothness of a muscled calf,
    The back of a knee...
    The thinness of a fluttering bell letting in a yellowish haze
    Inside the confines secretly giving shelter to a thigh in perpetual motion
    Climbing up, losing its identity inside a shadowed land
    Speaking of promises partly revealed partly unknown
    Partly whispering in momentary sparks reflecting off moist corners
    And urging for the exploration of skin, fingers, mouth...

    I jumped,
    What the hell is happening here, where am I?...
    But halfway through the motion
    A hand as softly crushing as a mountain of caresses
    Pushed me back down
    And a tongue as muscular as a cobra's body
    Replaced the toe in my mouth.
    What the hell, I asked myself again
    Unwishing for the answer
    Tender claws pulling the shirt out of my belt
    Then tearing it along giving seams
    Instead of bothering me with moving my chest
    The whirring sound a melody sliding off my shoulders into surrounding néant,
    Finger tips starting a patient count of the hair ends decorating my manly breasts
    Teasingly pulling each as if to ensure their veracity...
    "Who are you?..." I dared ask
    Not expecting an answer and not getting one.

    She stood up,
    Dancing upon my body
    Quashing my will
    Squashing every exposed particle
    Dexterous toes pulling off in one fluid movement belt, trousers,
    My bare body lying in shameless submission
    Underneath soles the flexibility of pouring honey
    Kneading flesh and skin and crumbling bone
    She raised her hands to the sun
    Flames leaping down and burning her dress into green butterflies
    Flying away into a world of disintegrating ash
    As she floated down upon me
    Accepting me inside her
    Muscles twining muscles
    Groans twining groans
    Cascades twining lakes
    My nostrils flaring with the smell of charred skin and hair ends
    As my mutinous hands, giving up the supreme effort to break her spine,
    Finally capitulated into an insatiable orgy of exploration
    Of depths and heights and rivers and gushing fires...

    "I love you..." said a voice once mine
    Not expecting an answer and not getting one.


    I woke up,
    Did I wake up earlier already?...
    I asked of my memory
    Pulling away the nail lodged inside my shoulder
    And letting the thousand splinters embracing my palm
    Cry victory with toothless red gushing mouths.

    I gazed at the indecorous assembly hugged in my arms,
    Smiling at it the insane way
    As a gloriole lifted away from its intended heart lair
    Rolled around my neck three times,
    Then entered my mouth exiting my nostrils and flying away with a flutter
    Of dissipating wings.
    I did not even try to catch it
    Sweet insanity my eternal share
    Yet I knew
    Pieces, shards, slivers
    I will keep collecting
    My treasures box swelling, my creation waiting for the day
    The last piece will fall my way
    To be fitted in its appropriate nook,
    My thumb and forefinger one last time encircling her waist
    Before my idol will dress flesh
    And my dream will dress reality
    And my farce will dress life...

    Live!... she will scream Live!...
    And I will...



Laugh Story

    in collection: sillies

    "See... I met this awesome lady,
    Green her scales..."
    "Her scales?"
    "And shady,
    Pale of eye and red of skin..."
    "You said scales..."
    "Well, might have been,
    Then she said a funny thing..."
    "...I just wish your neck to wring!"
    "Hey," I shouted, "it's unkind
    To be peeking in my mind."
    "Listen here, you scooby-doo,
    I will peek in your pants too,
    I just wish this slate here clean
    Who's this... dragon, toad, or queen?"

    Then she smelled my empty glass,
    Pulled two feet away the lass,
    Shook her head in sorrow... "Queer,
    Did we drink same brand of beer?"

    And she looked at me askew...
    "What's the matter?"
    "Wish I knew..."
    Something in those eyes, quite rowdy,
    Bode a future rough and cloudy
    And it wasn't quite express
    When I tried to ease the stress
    "I feel rhymey..."
    "Yes? Oh, blimey..."
    "You a brit?"
    "And you a twit..."
    And she leaned and pinched my tit.
    Ouch... I screamed, or wanted to
    As she hit me with her shoe
    Next... my mind is not so clear...
    (Was it lust or was it fear?...)

    I awoke... a hazy pattern
    Envying the rings of Saturn
    Played some tunes inside my ears...
    "What is that?"
    "Your guessing?..."
    I decided if I'm going
    To regard more roses growing
    One more sunset, one more dawn,
    I should show some steel and brawn,
    So I screamed "Oh, not my credit..."
    Was too late, she did some edit,
    Screamed again "Oh, not my shoe..."
    Well, it sang forget-me-do,
    Screamed one last "Oh, not my belt..."
    Screamed?... or rather begged to melt?...

    "Now again..."
    "The color..."
    "Stop it or you're gonna holler..."
    Wasn't sure if she was kidding
    As those shears were slowly skidding...
    "OK, color, color what?"
    "Of my skin you naked gnat."
    Hmm... was threat or was it promise?...
    "Naked dreams is where my home is..."
    "Grrr..." I heard it down her throat
    And this was no tango note,
    So I hurried... "Green?..."
    Ouch... again this spiky shoe...
    "Hmm, almost..." ...almost smiling
    In my mind wild visions piling...
    "White?..." oh yeah, that wink in time
    Ever promised good old slime...
    "White with freckles softly sailing
    And my sanity assailing..."
    "Mmmmm..." she mmm'd so very near
    That I lost all fright of shear,
    "What hair?..."
    "Now don't you start,
    Or I'll pull your hm's apart..."

    And she touched the hm's and squeezed
    And I gulped and coughed and sneezed...
    "Hair you said..."
    "Yes, hair..."
    Piece of sun which ran astray,
    Lava's metal soul on fire
    God's enflamed weekend attire..."
    "Purrrrr..." she purred against my chest
    Oh, so warm... I tore my vest,
    "You mean the bleeding leaves
    Once a nail the surface cleaves?
    Chunks of ice three fathoms deep
    Laying scores of stars to sleep?
    Desert's dream in sunset's eye
    Stored in dewdrop's last good bye?..."
    "Eyes... alive with raving joy
    As you see them... lover... boy..."

    Well, I won't go through detail,
    I enjoyed a night in braille
    Then another mostly rock
    And another playing doc,
    And I would tell mighty more
    But she's waiting at the door
    With a mouth
    Sun of south
    With a lip
    Honey drip
    With a breast
    Treasure chest
    With a foot
    Angel's lute
    With a hand
    Promised land
    With an eye
    My, oh, my...

    Shhhh... beyond the river's bend
    Green of skies and oceans blend,
    Green of mountains' snowy peaks
    Kissing sunset's rosy cheeks,
    And inside a dreaming mind
    Soft green love with love entwined...



Silver Vows

    Autumn hearts, autumn hearts,
    Let the green of summer's darts
    Nail thin wires to your dome
    Trails to flowers climbing home
    And as kisses depths of lip
    Silver vows and promise rip...
    Autumn parts...

    Autumn glades, autumn glades,
    Let the green of summer's blades
    Hang silk wires from your dome
    Trails to dew drops crawling home
    And as whispers carve in skin
    Silver vows of promised sin...
    Autumn fades...

    Autumn skies, autumn skies,
    Let the green of summer's eyes
    Tie gold wires to your dome
    Trails to wishes flowing home
    And as fingers touch my hand
    Silver vows the promise brand...
    Autumn dies...


    Silver vows, silver vows,
    Let the green of summer's boughs
    Wrap your words around my finger
    Let the beauty flames still linger
    And as flocks of robins tweet
    Let me snuggle by my sweet
    Summer spouse.



Tenderness Sighs, One

    in collection: tenderness sighs

    Your hair wet,
    My fingers sinking into it
    Deep, till their tips touch your skin,
    Then pulling down
    Combing it inefficiently, tenderly,
    My fingernails scratching lightly your scalp
    Leading to a cascade of goose bumps on your arms,

    Then again.

    Strand after strand, fiber after fiber,
    Till you fall asleep, thumb in mouth,
    Nails sunk into my blood stream
    Lightly panting
    Lightly drooling
    Lightly smiling.

    Then I do it again,
    And again,
    Until the first day of my dying.



Tenderness Sighs, Two

    in collection: tenderness sighs

    The fire extinguished,
    Gone where fires reluctantly go
    After exterminating for short moments of unreality
    Traces of sanity
    And vestiges of reason.

    Locked in the insides of you,
    My ecstasy's lair turned my voluntary prison
    The steel in your arched body's sighs having moved to your arms
    And fingers lodged deeply inside my spine
    Keeping me from moving out,

    I accept my bondage, my fate,
    The singing pillow of your left breast soft against my cheek,
    The temptation of a nipple slowly falling asleep insufficient
    To make me leave the offered sanctuary
    And its damning bliss of eternity.

    I listen to the music,
    Irregular heart thumps, screeching guts, snapping bones,
    The vitality of your body my grownup's lullaby
    And as your fingers count the strands of hair on my scalp
    I sink into the worlds of tender submission
    And wake-me-not flower fields...



Tenderness Sighs, Three

    in collection: tenderness sighs

    Trying to fit my steps to yours,
    Or was it you trying to fit your steps to mine
    When finally we ended missing the steps
    And missing the stairs
    And falling into each other's arms
    Almost skidding over the balustrade
    The embarrassed hug which lent itself to our rescue
    Turning into an iron grip
    Of cloth ripping power and lip bleeding insanity.

    Bent over a cup of coffee
    Interminable steam rivers floating upwards
    Long the valleys leading to your eyes
    Leaving the glitter of disappearing memories
    Inside beads rolling the other way
    Ending their short journey with a watery splash
    Jeering the fists crushing into each other on the white table cloth
    Even as brown spots skipped over the cup's edge
    And scalded with brown tears cloth and skin and soul
    Never to heal again in this life.

    I listened to your finger writing a prayer inside my palm
    Love... one of the words, question mark... one of the symbols,
    Once upon a time... one of the stories' ends
    Valiantly clawing its way to the surface
    Echoing the crave savagely running inside our minds
    Yowling its pain in desires
    Obliterating sanity wishes and
    Upheaving damnation fires.

    Walking back,
    Silent walkways, softly lighted,
    Our steps aligned, your head on my shoulder
    My hand around your waist
    Your thumb hooked inside my trousers' backside pocket,
    I kissed your hair and felt your shiver
    As your thumb tightened into a fist
    And you broke your step to move in front of me
    And your other hand dragged my head down to meet yours
    Where, just before our lips turned into one single clenched fist
    You whispered inside my mouth...
    I love you...



Tenderness Sighs, Four

    in collection: tenderness sighs

    First I held your right hand's index finger in my left hand,
    Then you held my left hand's index finger in your right hand,
    Then we just held hands
    As we walked,
    As we sat,
    As we ate,
    As we undressed,
    As we made love,
    As we made love,
    As we made love.

    We sat side by side
    On the bed
    Backs against the wall
    Only skin separating us
    Slowly melting under the urge of the rivers steaming underneath
    Till nothing but flesh between us,
    Then bones,
    Then nothing,
    As we made love,
    As we made love,
    As we made love.

    The shower shooting at us fire pellets
    Ripping us to pieces
    Turning our bodies into mush
    Mixed with odors of soap
    And perfume
    And flowers
    Hands sliding off round peaks
    And steaming valleys
    And terrible bear traps
    Finally giving up tenderness
    For fury
    As we made love,
    As we made love,
    As we made love.

    A blanket hiding us from the world,
    Hiding the world from us,
    A magical veil making tomorrow disappear
    And yesterday to never have existed
    Inside an unending today
    Insisting on never changing its color
    And taste
    As long
    As we made love,
    As we made love,
    As we made love.



Tenderness Sighs, Five

    in collection: tenderness sighs

    Before we touched,
    After we touched,
    In between,

    As we twined hankering fingers...
          In my mind a keepsake lingers
          And as shreds of thoughts unfurl
          miss you girl, oh, miss you girl...

    As we reached inside the fury...
          Raves through mind a savage jury
          And as glints of ache turn jade
          miss you maid, oh, miss you maid...

    As we savored life's sweet present...
          Drills through heart a damning torment
          And as sighs in mind grow rife
          miss you wife, oh, miss you wife...

    Looking back,
    Looking forward,
    In between,




    Like a sponge left in the desert sun for three days
    Or more, more being irrelevant,
    Drained, dry, desiccated,
    "Love..." you asked,
    "What is love?
    Sands howling in make belief of storms,
    Thorns spinning in make belief of seasons,
    Mirages nighing in make belief of memories?"

    You picked one of my poems, curious,
    Trying to understand better,
    Looking for a drop of humidity,
    You touched it with your eyes soaking in a few drops...
    "Tears?... is love sprinkled with molten crystals of invisible messages
    Carrying liquefied pain in unshapen pearls
    Blending forgotten rhymes
    Inside forgiving whispers?..."

    You picked up another one...
    "Rain?... do you pick up grains of cloud from sky's endless deserts
    Shaping them into meaningless letters
    Threaded long miraculous quill traces
    Till savage necklaces called runes of love
    Smother your breath?..."

    Encouraged you started leafing through my book of life...
    Blood, honey, sweat...
    Soaking in, soaking in, swelling, soaking...
    "Wait!..." you screamed suddenly
    As your hungry eyes were about to open the next one,
    "Wait!..." you screamed silently,
    Talking to yourself
    As your awakening spirit
    Unfettered the twill of wonder and inquisitiveness and innocence
    Into the sparkle of one unending moment of enfolding tenderness...
    What about him,
    Tomorrow, when he needs it?
    You are taking all he has..."

    I looked at you
    Smiling apologetically, thankfully, obligingly,
    And I whispered...
    "You... are all I have..."



Wine, Red

    You cannot move,
    You wish not to move,
    Shoulders squashing a pillows mountain
    Arching back...
    One long ripping sound and all traces of civilization disintegrate
    Clothes, lace, cotton... burn,
    The flame leaps from your eye turning all garb to cinder, ash, smoke...
    A left hand... tight... red velvet,
    Right hand stretched... tying tight... green satin,
    Left ankle... tight... yellow silk,
    Right ankle free, whipping, lashing,
    The storm in the stretch of muscles looking for my body
    Hungry to curl, grip, crush my desires between the sweat of thighs,
    Taut toes... paint me they say,
    Red and green and blue and silver,
    Let art's love hide our stubby insignificance
    Under the glimmer of morning's rainbow,
    Hips rolling and roving... taste my flesh they say,
    Drink me, cleanse my lust with the tip of your tongue
    Cutting paths of blazing inferno down my belly and inside my molten vanity,
    Breasts piercing your body's skin with flaming tips... crush they beg,
    Feed your thirst with our boiling dreams
    Till your throat blisters inside in the squirm of ensuing torture
    Unfollowed by death,
    Mouth, oh mouth, oh mouth... bellowing its summer season's songs
    With the howl of silver season's bells... bite me it commands,
    Bite me or be damned in hell's coldest of dungeons
    Bare of me and my lust and my fire...

    I dip the brush in my bleeding lip and start painting love over your body,
    Tiny flames on your left cheek
    A line along your neck
    Tidal waves and storms and hurricanes around the tips of your breasts
    Questions on the right side of your belly
    Ending in screaming gales spitting mouthfuls of incandescent urge
    Painted in the dark forests of your hidden desires
    Calming down in an ever thinning quiet towards the tips of your toes...
    I bite the brush to tiny splinters wiping my mouth with the back of my hand
    Letting the bleeding traces on my fingertips paint a criss crossing pattern
    On my chest, legs, forehead,
    Then dip my hand in the first bucket
    Pulling out thousands of tiny blue lilac flower mouths and before the paint dries
    Strew them over your body, my body,
    Dip my hand in the second bucket
    Pulling out thousands of white lily petals slashing them to ribbons with my nails
    Then weaving them into thick blanket layers over you, over me,
    Dip my hand in the third bucket, in the fourth bucket, the fifth...
    Smearing layers of the warm sunny yellow of daisy
    And the bitter milky white of dandelion stems
    And the sharp riving bite of dead rose thorns...

    You scream, you moan, you curse in your binds
    You beseech me to liberate you and allow you to crush my life
    With the beast in you
    While my skin grinds into yours, grinding, and grinding, and rending
    Lips into blistering lips,
    Chest into craving breasts
    Loins into devastating desires,
    Nails into nails,
    The blend carpeting our bodies starting to ferment, to simmer, to boil,
    Wine, red wine, sweet wine slowly coagulating
    From drops to puddles,
    From puddles to rivulets
    From rivulets to rivers raging down your lips, neck, chest,
    Down between your legs, down to the soles of your feet
    Cascading onto the floor in one gigantic roar,
    Take my life you scream, take my love,
    Bury your passion into the damnation of my desires...

    As my tongue softly cleans you from the petals,
    And from the stems, and from the thorns,
    As I lick away the last traces of wine from inside your mouth
    From inside the wounds adorning your lips,
    From beneath your right breast pulling out with my teeth one forgotten thorn
    And licking the wound healed,
    From the top of your left nipple, proudly crashing into my mouth,
    I slurp the small puddle still lingering inside you belly button,
    And as my mouth sinks into the sweet fragrance
    Fiercely tempting my insanity between your luring thighs
    Your free leg gently hugs my shoulders and with a satisfied sigh
    Locks my mouth, my lips, my breath, my life
    To the never ending taste of heaven.



To A Friend, From A Friend

    written to a friend

    It was not yet the time for my periodical call,
    "Hi mom," I said.
    "Hello there my dear son," I heard her answer, I felt her kiss,
    Surprised she was there. She was always there, I should have known it.
    "I knew you were going to call on me,
    You always do when you have a friend in need
    So I expected your call.
    You know I can only help with advice,
    And share some secrets sometimes too..."
    a soft laughter.
    "Did you meet her?... her mom?"
    "Of course I did, you are friends with her daughter over there,
    So of course I am friends with her mom over here,
    Nice lady, loves her daughter immensely,
    I will show her around, make her feel... at home."

    "How do you talk over there, she does not speak your language?"
    "We do not have to speak with words over here,
    You would not understand if I tried to explain."

    "I hope soon to find it out myself..." I said, knowing it will pain her to hear it.
    She laughed softly again,
    "Don't rush, my silly boy, use all the time given to you over there,
    Here, you have all of the damn eternity to spend..."

    She did not use the word damn, it is just in my translation.

    "Do you mind if I translate this conversation to English?
    I want to be able to tell her daughter I talked to you, and I understand,
    And she should not be so sad.
    And that you are helping her mom over there."
    I forgot that in her original language English was not a known word.
    "English? The only English I know is a dance,
    Called English Waltz,
    I was dancing it as a young woman.
    Remember, I tried to teach you?..."

    "...and I kept stepping on your toes..."
    That soft laughter again.
    "This is a soft, beautiful dance, for lovers only,
    At that time you were not in love.
    I almost felt her wink, and I blushed,
    "Mom, English is the language I talk with her daughter,
    What can I tell her?"

    I waited, minutes passing, hours,
    I knew she was there,
    She was always there.
    "Did you ask Him?"
    "You know I do not believe in Him?"
    "Yet you had long talks with Him after I joined over here."
    "True, I did, I cannot explain. And it does not change the way I feel.
    I still talk to Him from time to time."
    "You were always a complicated kid...
    I did not always understand you. But I always loved you."

    "I always loved you too. I always do. She loved her mom too.
    And her mom loved her. You know, you met her."

    I could hear the quiet, flowing, passing.
    "What do you hear my little boy?..." ... I almost laughed,
    Over fifty years of age and still her little boy...
    "I hear... quiet."
    "Think again..."
    "I hear... your voice. I always hear your voice.
    All I have to do is close my eyes and I hear your voice."
    I felt the slight breeze on my cheek, her way of kissing me... after.
    "See?... tell her to close her eyes and remember her mom's voice,
    It cannot be forgotten,
    The soft words of love, the harsh words of teaching,
    The songs she sang to her..."

    "I remember the songs you sang to me..."
    "And she will remember the songs her mom sang to her,
    And bathe in their warmth..."

    "Smile for me, mom..."
    "Oh, but I do all the time, you just think you don't see it,
    Think about it."

    "You mean that woman hugging the new born to her breast
    Smiling through all that excruciating pain... is you?"
    I could almost see her nod.
    "And the woman smiling at my first tooth is you too?
    You were so young, so beautiful,
    You are still beautiful..." I could almost see the glitter in her eye,
    "And the woman taking me by the hand to my first day at school,
    The woman cleaning my first bleeding wound after a street fight,
    The one hugging me and smiling at my first heartache,
    The one hugging my child as if it was hers... all these are you?"
    "And all these are your friend's mom's smiles too -
    When she held her in her arms for the first time, seeing her first tooth bloom,
    Taking her to her first day at school,
    When she cleaned her first bleeding wound,
    When she cared for her first bleeding heart,
    When she hugged her kid's kid... so many wonderful smiles,
    Never to be forgotten."

    "Mom, do you have to leave now?"
    A girlish giggle...
    "I leave nowhere, I am here always,
    I am..."
    I cringed,
    For a moment fearing she will use the word dead,
    I should have known better, she always cared for me, held my hand,
    Understood me like no one did...
    "...eternally alive..." ... sunshine... "...eternally watching over you..." ... rainbow...
    "I am part of the Ever Wenches group..." ...merry laughter...
    "And our motto - 'we reign supreme every man's eternal dream'..." rolling laughter...
    "Your friend's mom showed me her picture,
    She has a beautiful smile,
    Tell her we would like to see it again."

    "Feel my hug?"
    I did.
    "Ask her to feel her mom's hug as well, she is sending it with every sunrise."

    The glitter there again, and the smile,
    "I know child, I know this tone, you want a personal advice before you close,
    I know."

    I waited.
    "I will give you my advice, my dear,
    Follow your heart, son, follow your heart and you can't go wrong."

    "I love you, mom."
    "I love you too."
    She was going to close, then I heard her saying as a fading afterthought...
    "You should try English Waltz,
    You will find you dance it today to perfection..."




    a sequel to: Wine, Red

    Face to face,
    Petal leftovers mixing with wine drops on your face, neck, chest,
    Diagonal stripes in red, blue, violet...
    "You look like a mythical warrior
    Set on conquering my deserts, my forests..."

    I say and lick away one wide strip from your cheek leaving a wide glinting path,
    Then another strip,
    I was about to lick the third strip when you stopped me...
    "This is my stuff, I want it back," you whisper
    Licking my lips, craving my tongue,
    Licking my lips again and sinking a finger deep in my mouth sweeping leftovers...

    We sit, naked,
    Your thighs above mine
    Your legs hooked unforgivingly around my middle knotted at my back,
    Our navels facing each other hungrily,
    Waiting again for the ferocity of ravenous hunger to glue them together,
    My nipples barely touching yours, same hunger, same thirst,
    Same rage...
    "Your nipples are bigger than mine..." I complain.
    "Of course," you confirm, "mine are there to feed your tomorrow's world,
    Yours are there to remind you of what you miss..."

    "No," I say, "yours are there to feed my today's desires,
    Mine are there for your teeth and your nails..."

    As I squeeze my pathetic looking forms into yours, seeing blood pumping
    And flesh coalescing into rock
    And pain cutting through me as they slash through my flesh layers
    And reach my ribs,
    And drill through right into my demons...

    My fingers hooking into your spine
    Your hooks rending my back into a bleeding mess
    As we grab each other and pull our bodies together
    Sliding groaning entering
    And we roll as one single hunk of flesh
    The inebriating stank of rotting petals sifting slowly into our nostrils
    Making its glorious way straight up to the brain's sensory tendrils
    Crashing onto the floor with the sickening thud of colliding muscles
    And screeching bones and breaking teeth
    Mouths never separate tongues never disentangle
    And your nipples stab my heart's chambers and mangle its functioning doors
    And the knots welding ankles to muscled lower backs tighten And squeeze and crush and squash

    Celestial music pouring out from my body
    Filling up your ache with galloping horses neighing their way
    Up the slopes and down the ravines
    The scream of songs escaping your mouth dying inside my throat
    As tendons stretch in wanton abandon
    Shivering like steel wires strung across a violin's body
    And ravaging ravaging ravaging the shapes' fragile frames
    Under lust's terrifying onslaught...

    I take a soft sponge, Dip it in the tear clean warmth of water,
    And slowly, slowly, clean your body
    Neck to toe
    From petals, and thorns, and wine, and lust,
    I cover you with a thin white cotton sheet
    Toe to neck
    And as I pass by your breast my finger touches your sleeping nipple one last time
    Leaving a smile curled around its softness
    For the rest of your life...



Calling Sands

    Rolls a drop of molten rainbow down your shoulder's pallid skin
    On its trace my greedy fingers minute tremors slowly glean,
    Trail my bleeding lips the splendor sliding long your tips of hand
    And a blood drop soaks the rainbow as it drops to shifting sand.

    Glints a spark of throbbing fire pent beyond your green of eye
    In its crystal's shapeless sanctum my imploring whispers die,
    Sprouts a thread of silken wire mooring dream to silver band
    And a tear drop soaks the fire as it drops to shifting sand.

    Wades a breeze of raging tempest in your crown of blazing curl
    Hosting my decaying heartbeats nestling down its flaming whorl,
    Crave my fists intimate moments ripping through a rebel strand
    And a love drop soaks the tempest as it drops to shifting sand.

    Lover, lover, lover, lover, lover touch my skin, my eye,
    Touch my curl with lush abandon crushing in my breast the sigh,
    Smile... regard my fingers dancing and the call of sand deny
    Your's my rainbow, your's my fire, your's my tempest till I die...



In Love

    Be your mouth my morning's chalice
    Make your smile my waking wine,
    In the vineyards of my season
    Be your lips the sacred shrine.

    Let my way be ever open
    To that mystic touch of flesh
    When your breath's whispering verses
    My lucidity enmesh.

    Dip your fingertips in summer
    Pour the lilac to your lip,
    Blow the breeze of parting thunder
    In the flail of lover's whip.

    Sink your song inside my quiet
    Way the sun boils down the sea
    Leaving trace of sleepless wonder
    In a drunken painting spree.

    Lay by me, let flowing music
    Carve your bed here by my side,
    In your innocence of slumber
    Whisper softly... yes, your bride...



Looking For... You

    Find me, she said,
    And when you do... never let me go.

    Why? I asked,
    I found you already, I said.

    She laughed,
    Diffusing into the incandescent gravel pouring from the sky
    Lilting effervescence decaying into lingering sparks
    Then nothingness.
    My hand tried to follow her tune
    Grasping the hollowness of pain lined with yearning
    And a few broken thorns.

    I tried the east
    Screaming a name known but to me into a yawning sun
    Obligingly scratching his head with flaming fingers
    Making believe he thinks of an answer
    While lashing my skin with incendiary snake tongues
    Immolating my fading traces of decency in a flurry of mockery...
    Find her, he said,
    And if you don't... you ain't worthy of her...
    And in the enveloping indifferent blindness
    Skin melting, bones crushing... a touch... unreal,
    The softness of soft shadowing me from the devastating flares
    Dressing skin back on bones
    Hope back into lacerations
    Whispering... you almost did, do not give up, find me...

    I tried the seas
    My mind awed at the complexity of the task
    Peeling layers of surf from layers of water from layers of silt
    Off her frenzied body
    Surrounded by death and rip and voracious jaws
    Ravenously mingling the never ending melody played by silent musicians
    With love wrapping me into a collapsing net of sinking hooks
    Decorously apologizing for inflicted torture...
    Find her, they said,
    And if you don't... you ain't worthy of her...
    And in the descending absolute deafness
    Senses splitting, wants bursting... a melody... unreal...
    The music of music isolating me from the grinding silence
    Dressing notes back into ears
    Wishes back into slashes
    Thinly whispering... you almost did, do not give up, find me...

    The earth, what about down your entrails mother?...
    I bellowed sinking my broken fingers into slicing rock
    Nails scraping metal splinters down blood's way
    Boiling sweat sliding long well's slimy walls at war with earth fires
    Shrieking miserably their way through liberated gashes
    Incessantly frying my inner skin and iris and tongue into crumbling spit laden dust...
    Find her, she said,
    And if you don't... you ain't worthy of her...
    And in the dementing raw despair
    Mind cringing, dreams shredding... a fragrance... unreal...
    The perfume of perfume secluding me from emerging insanity
    Dressing images back into mind
    Colors back into ravines
    Inaudibly whispering... you almost did, do not give up, find me...

    I lay down,
    No more whispers...
    Shedding cloth, skin, flesh,
    White ivory glinting in the desert waiting for the sun to burn out,
    The sea to dry,
    The earth to shrivel to a wrinkled pebble...
    Does it?... Did it already?...
    Oh... what is this sudden
    Softness of soft gliding

    Turning off sun's glare
    Nimble toes raising tiny clouds of dust
    As they dance on the shimmer of air pillows the mating rite
    Painting my bone... breathing touch into it,
    Music of music flowing
    Pulling off sea's hooks
    Sheer fingers tracing fire circles in the air
    As they open doors hiding between layers of senses the sensations
    Painting my flesh... breathing melody into it,
    Perfume of perfume flowing
    Easing off earth's fires
    Legs and hands and lips intricately weaving the fireflies laden tapestry
    As in the wake of their flighting extremities needle thin buds liberate the sighs
    Painting my skin... breathing fragrance into it...

    I wake up, open my eyes,
    My mind the clearness of winter's single frozen tear
    As I sit at my desk,
    Dip my pen in the overflowing inkwell
    And tender silken skin wakes to life with the inflorescence of lambent rhyme
    Purling inside eyes, round lips, down breasts shying from flame,
    Touching hips, caressing thighs, invading the naiveté of a toenail...
    Woman, I say, I have not found you,
    I ain't worthy of you.
    You are not the canvas, you are not the pen,
    You are not the color.
    You are art...




    Tri dimensional silk, like a woman's body
    Perfect in its shapelessness
    Its crest one continual movement of amorphous splendor
    Skin thin shavings rolling and rolling and rolling
    Doomed to rove forever
    In a restless quest for eluding tranquility
    And home...

    Hitting of sudden, like a woman's rage,
    The sun retreating in haste fore the obliterating fury
    As countless hordes of soldiers in mindless annihilating frenzy
    Burst the walls of their sleeping quarters
    And carried by the might of saddle-bare invisible wind stallions
    Reshape deserts, lives, worlds...

    Billions of unique sculptures, like a woman's essence,
    Specks of art forever lost to mind
    Hiding in their individual anonymity,
    Locking in their miniature insignificance
    The secrets of mighty civilizations and fearsome warriors
    Fallen prey and dust to the irrevocable indifference
    Of master time and his mistress oblivion...

    Shredding my skin, like a woman's desire,
    My fist sinking in the accommodating dryness of the yellow sea
    Lured by the promise of eternity
    Groping for the firmness of reality
    Yet all it gathers in between bleeding fingers is a streaming flow of illusions
    Gently escaping the iron grip with a determined smile
    Till all which is left is coagulated blobs of crumbling rock
    Barely holding on to desiccated blood traces...

    Shaping itself to my forms, like a woman's love,
    Enveloping my wants with mystery of the unknown
    Lost in shimmering horizons ever unreachable,
    The only sound surrounding the shivering deformation
    Being the tiny explosions of rebellious stars
    Banished to roam forever in the no place between the celestial depth of an eye
    And the graceful warmth of an embracing heart...




    Hind the breath of dying thunder
    Rolling lost in kingdoms under
    Wishing in the fading stammer
    Lay a heart of mighty hammer,
          Hides the fear inside a pearl...
          Shies a girl...

    Hind the thrill of laughter flowing
    Laden tears of never knowing
    Hoping sparks inside the glitter
    Bite the sweet inside the bitter,
          Hides the pain inside a pearl...
          Sighs a girl...

    Hind the shield of bleeding daylight
    Soaking into starry May night
    Dreaming of unborn illusion
    Turning tides of smile profusion,
          Hides the doubt inside a pearl...
          Cries a girl...

    Girl, oh sweet, oh smiling lily,
    Wipe your fear and pain, you silly,
    Strip your doubts into the river
    As you naked smile and shiver,
          I will cloak your body, life...
          Be my wife...




    Remember, never do forget
    That day the sun refused to set
    A cord strung rainbow's east to west
    An arrow pierced my giving chest...
          That day we met...

    A fading dream waking to life
    Through biting jaws of crawling strife
    Winds caressing wild roving wheat
    Asleep under your playful feet...
          Through biting knife...

    That clasp of hand inside a song
    A lifetime's scream dragging along
    Inside embrace of rending bone
    A scream abides by lovers moan...
          A lifetime long...

    As trashing bodies glean delights
    Long tasteless days turn blinding lights
    And seeds of spark rage fire high
    Till tears of eye its life deny...
          Long tasteless nights...

    Remember, as the parting soars
    And pain unknown its hideout bores
    A chain unseen nails to your breast
    The beat forgotten in my chest
          And pain in scores...



Sweet Lilac, Daisy, Rose

    As yawning sleep through reason bites
    Upon my pillow lands a bird
    And chirps its claim for starry nights
    For thousand night and one delights,
    Your eye, your breast, your word...

    I slide inside soft slumber's reign
    A feather floats upon my brow
    Its bony tip dips in my vein
    And word to word I sow a chain
    Of legend, poem, vow...


    Apprentice am I, son of witch
    My gait is slow, my ways uncouth,
    In stables grand and gardens rich
    I pay my dues with grime and itch,
    My life, my years, my youth...

    As stars the morning's onslaught shun
    I bathe depths river's flowing ice
    My sword of forges long undone
    Dips in the pride of dawning sun
    Then once, then twice, then thrice...

    I nip my little finger's tip
    A flaming red runs long the edge
    Then carve a rose upon my hip
    As bleeding petals slowly drip
    The wish, the dream, the pledge...

    When skies aflame, I fade away
    Through ancient paths obscured by spells
    From human mindless greed and prey,
    To peaceful fields of wings and neigh
    And mare, and foal, and bells...

    I cast behind a sleeping veil,
    Then mount the wildest yearling beast
    One mighty flap, a whipping tail
    And skies adorn a blazing trail
    To north, to south, to east...

    At dark of night I climb the wall
    And lean inside her window's sill
    Soft fragrance whiffs my mind enthrall
    And stains of skin my reason maul
    With charm, with fear, with skill...

    The pale of hand floats in the night
    And burns the skin upon my lips,
    As fingers' tips my teeth delight
    My runes her breast with passion bite
    Love roars, and reaves, and rips...

    The princess is she, queen to be
    Her hand I've touched, her eyes I've seen
    In thread of silk and dancing spree
    She'll wed her life away from me
    The wretch, the coarse, the mean...


    Past midnight... whose' the knock on door?...
    A dagger skids into my hand
    Grey bristling shapes around the floor
    Pull fangs to light in warning roar
    Not sweet, nor calm, nor bland...

    "Who be you stranger? If in hate
    You reach my door at midnight dark
    Be gone or bitter be your fate...
    Yet if in thirst, be well..."... I wait,
    A creak, a shape, a spark...

    The dagger clatters to my feet,
    The wolves lie back and growl subdues,
    Three fearsome shapes my eyesight meet,
    Amidst... what floats my way to greet
    In greens, and pales, and hues?...

    "In thirst... of love, may I be in?..."
    Oh, mother witch, oh, brother bear,
    "Be guide my hand through mortal sin
    Be first to see me to my skin
    To touch, to claw, to tear?..."

    In frozen awe I watch the shapes,
    The gruesome fists, the shining mail,
    The giant swords and golden capes...
    Her voice trills on... "...and feed me grapes,
    And dreams, and storms, and gale..."

    She nears till hear I beat of heart,
    "Do worry not for these my guards,
    They own my trust and battle's art,
    At sign they're soft or tear apart
    To bits, to lumps, to shards..."

    "And what the sign be now?..." ...a snap,
    The door rolls back inside its frame,
    "Be first...", her fingers touch a strap
    And dropping silks pale flesh unwrap
    No guilt, no taint, no shame...

    I guard my eyes the first I see...
    Then slowly move away the hands,
    Evading fire pours with glee
    From head to toe cascading free
    It burns, it chars, it brands...

    I raise my arm, my manner slow
    And sink my fingers in the silk
    The ruby red of lips aglow
    As corners upwards gently bow
    Oh... nectar, honey, milk...

    Big downcast eyes lift to my face,
    A ceaseless movement bound to end
    When eyelids, silken wisps of lace,
    Bare boundless green of blazing grace
    Then rive, and rip, and rend...

    She picks my blade and guides my hand,
    A daisy on her white I carve,
    "I wish you owned a magic wand
    And teached me love on whitest sand
    To burn, to yield, to starve..."

    I look her way, my heart aloud,
    "Forgive me mother when I sin..."
    I tear from wall a rotten shroud,
    A wand... her gaze the mist of cloud,
    So blue, so grey, so green...

    "This what?" "The sea..." "This what?" "A wave..."
    My mouth engulfs an offered breast,
    Her eye forgetting moment's rave
    Falls prey to sudden lovers crave
    Wild thirst... wild rage... soft rest...

    A crimson stain adorns the sand,
    A flower mid of canvas white,
    A whisper tying mouth to hand,
    A finger donning silver band,
    No fear, no sound, no fright...

    I pick my wand from sleeping air
    The spell of word... a thunder's neigh,
    The sky splits up... a savage mare
    Bolts lightning wild in mocking scare
    A waif, a tramp, a stray...

    "Is mine?" "Is yours..." ...a scream's delight,
    "Her name?" "Brand's Lilac..." "Flower?" "Hell..."
    Her naked shape a streaming light
    Which mounts the beast in savage flight
    To roam, to burn, to quell...

    So many hours flowing late
    The mare alights on gliding wing...
    "A kingdom's worth this present's rate..."
    "And worth an ever loving mate,
    Her smile, her warmth, her spring..."

    "I love..." "Don't say..." ...my manner wild,
    Is gone the day and gone the dream,
    Is gone and I will loose this child
    Of fire skin and eyes beguiled
    I cry, I rage, I scream...

    "You princess..." "Hush..." "...and I but wretch,
    Tomorrow's light will burn this day
    And rest my life an endless stretch
    Of stables clean, of water fetch,
    Of wait, of pain, of pray..."

    "Tomorrow..." "No!..." "Tomorrow... hush...
    Tomorrow's day will burn this light
    As memories through veins will rush
    And kissing traces heart will crush
    And shatter, smash, and smite..."

    The spark in green of eye... then mine...
    The fury in the kiss insane
    A moment's beauty wild, divine,
    I touch the wand... a blinding shine...
    No wave, no sand, no mane...

    The silks return to shoulders bare
    The hinges creak in bitter rust
    Her final fierce demented stare
    A guard's obliging moment's glare
    Then gallop, silence, dust...


    "My king, a woman's you to see,
    A witch." "A witch? I banned from town
    All witches seed to yonder sea..."

    "Her claim is strange, she comes to plea
    For life, for king, for crown..."

    Deep creases boding patterns weave,
    "How pass she did the guard at gate?"
    A silence short. "Now speak or leave!"
    "My eyes are old, they be deceive..." "Now speak! I say! I wait!..."

    The knee to ground, the head to knee...
    "By winged horse... from grey of cloud..."
    The scepter crashes, thin debris
    Awakened wafts in mindless glee
    Roll round, and rough, and loud...

    A thousand years on shoulders weigh...
    Commanding voice now begs... "Be gone..."
    With sadness lost in deep dismay...
    A slender figure slides his way
    So thin, so frail, so lone...

    His eyes embrace the waiting shape
    The time has been so kind to her,
    His mind picks crumbs of gone escape
    As nails unseen time layers scrape
    To probe, to taste, to err...

    Her blinding might of love, regret,
    Refusal grace of golden ring,
    The parting words... "...do me forget
    And pay your rank's awaiting debt
    Be master, lord, be king..."

    Her pride in pain the day he wed,
    That lonesome tear he spied in eye
    Before to worlds unknown she fled
    And left old memories to shred,
    To wipe, erase, deny...

    Now here... oh, might... he dreads her say
    An ill foretoken grips his mind
    When nearing... sees dark shadows play
    Inside twin fires speckled grey
    Diffuse, forlorn, unkind...

    He takes her hands, she grips with might,
    The shadows grow tenebrous thick
    He tries to flee towards the light
    As pains untold in heart ignite,
    So brittle, human, weak...

    "I bore you son..." "You what?..." "I did,
    His veins run blend of witch and king,
    He knows of naught, when way I hid
    He stayed with folks, an only kid
    To grow, to care, to bring..."

    He hears, his mind a growling fear
    "You came to tell me tales untold
    From far beyond approached anear
    Your eyes a tortured begging tear
    Benumbed, and sad, and old...

    Be tell me... pray..." ...beyond her eyes
    A whisper barely born by wind
    Says... "...daughter have you, sweet and wise,
    Befit of kingdom's richest prize,
    They sang, they loved... they sinned..."

    "What say you woman?..." roars the howl,
    In bleeding eyes a qualm persists
    As in a thunder's cloud of scowl
    Through bones a thousand terrors growl
    Till mind, till heart, till fists...

    Her voice is rent, her manner queen,
    "He sowed her seed, in mornings two
    The seed will nest then sprout unseen,
    The ancient curse then wake to glean
    The world, the kingdom, you..."

    "She but my child..." "He but my son..."
    "Accursed the curse and witches' way
    Why can the curse be not undone
    And paths to life there are but one
    To cut, to kill, to slay...

    You parted way... you knew..." "I tried,
    Yet wheels beyond my meager art
    Rolled fate's old carriage undenied
    As passing time unswerving plied
    My wish, my chest, my heart...

    The curse awaits on nimble feet
    The end of time is drawing nigh
    We two, a lonesome fate must meet,
    My son... your son, your daughter sweet
    Must wane, must perish, die..."

    The bellow twines a piercing wail...
    "Be gone you witch... I do... my men..."
    "Be fool you not... his sword can sail
    Through hundred chests and leave no trail..."
    "One thousand?... seven?... ten?..."

    "His army like the dust below,
    Your might... my spell... we bore this child,
    Your glaive can't reach him, nor your bow,
    He can't be harmed yet he ain't know,
    He's fearless, loving, wild...

    The only way... his kin of blood,
    His hand inside this jeweled glove
    Must wield a weapon green of bud
    And through his heart's thundering flood
    To run, to thrust, to shove..."

    "A kin of blood?..." "It ain't be me..."
    A jeweled glove drops to the floor...
    A mighty beast drops by her knee...
    She glows... "...my king you'll always be..."
    A sight, a flash, no more...


    "My love, do wake... approaching hooves..."
    I heard them fore she touched my chest,
    The quaking thud through forest's grooves
    My slouching wolves and silent moves...
    From north, from east, from west...

    "Be up!... Be dressed!..." I skid to ground
    The flustered wolves scrap at the door
    "Be gone with guards... by way around..."
    She picks a sword with not a sound...
    Nears thunder, gale, uproar...

    "With you I stay, if this be day..."
    What fire burns inside her eye,
    That flicker leaping wild, astray?...
    "Sweet woman..." says I... "Hush... obey..."
    So hard, so tough, so shy...

    I burst the door to forest's path,
    The guards impassive, sword in hand,
    My wolves run yapping drooling wrath
    With eyes akin a blood thick bath
    Wait word, behest, command...

    A sea of flames crawling this way
    The din breeds thunder, thunders soar
    The clamor swallows moonlight's sway
    As arrows night's dispassion flay
    With hail, with swarm, with roar...

    "Behind your guards!... Behind their shield!..."
    She slips inside the human cave
    No way that who of them will yield
    The way of arrows tightly sealed
    Come tide, come flood, come wave...

    The torrent nears of voices rough
    Of beating spurs in bleeding sides
    Of bodies dressing shiny buff
    And waving metal sharp and tough
    It pours, it nears, it slides...

    One hundred feet... the lancers rush
    I see the glint in grisly face
    The moment comes and spikes will crush
    A razing wall sharp iron lush
    And ax, and maul, and mace...

    "Forgive me mother, now again..."
    I pick the wand... I split the sky,
    I split the earth to yonder reign
    Asleep behind the curse of bane,
    I yell, I call, I cry...

    The gates to hell fall open wide
    The gates to fields awake in bliss
    To worlds beyond of human stride
    Where ice and storm with suns collide,
    To dark, to light, abyss...

    The horses bolt... a mass of grey
    Infests with ripping fangs the ranks
    And screams and groans and growls of prey
    As from the sky winged horns at slay
    Cut front and back and flanks...

    Sharp arrows whisper death in wake
    Through bone and flesh red muzzles shear
    As flying hooves through armor break
    Invades the field a crimson lake
    Of blood, of grief, of tear...

    My pain insane, the slaughter wild...
    "My love, mount Lilac!..." "Not alone..."
    She grips my hand... oh... as she smiled
    Amid of slaying still a child
    Through fright, through dare, through moan...

    My eye sparks sharp, I take her hand
    And mount the flapping giant beast
    The wings beat up from warring land
    She turns... her lips on mine leave brand,
    The quiet, silence, mist...

    A bow strains tight with master art
    A cord escapes a jeweled glove
    And as my lips from hers depart
    An arrow rips a triple heart
    My horse, my chest, my love...

    A king kneels down and curls to sleep
    As gates to worlds begin to close,
    Upon a hill thick forest deep
    Wild flowers share clear dew and weep,
    Sweet lilac, daisy, rose...


    I do remember dreams in green,
    And traces red, a sliding aisle...
    I close my eyes, now I'm unseen,
    I wonder where these dreams have been
    Your sigh, your laugh, your smile...

    I lie awake... when did you glide
    Inside my mind to take my sight?
    The bird has turned a blushing bride
    Forever wishing at my side
    For song, for rhyme, for write...



Dialogue, Pensively

    Wait for me around the corner
    Time I shed my human skin
    Tattered ribbons through your morning
    Whistling tunes of burning sin,

    Make my skin your house of worship
    Feed it shivers tasting wine,
    Let your fingertips carve prayers
    On the altar of my spine.

    Leave your door with evening open
    Time my blood soaks into dust
    Failing flesh upon the boardwalk
    Reaching for enraging lust,

    Claw my flesh with screaming hunger
    Drown yourself inside my folds,
    As my lungs spit drenching fire
    Round my curves your body molds.

    Slide between the satin covers
    Time my bones from marrow part
    Splinters piercing careless petals
    Soothing love's demented heart,

    Crush my bone beneath your armor
    And my innocence invade,
    Conquer ribs devoid of glory
    And the silk of molten shade.

    In the soft inveigling darkness
    Time my shadow turns to naught
    Curve your chest into the limelight
    Be your breast my dying thought,

    By the fading light of reason
    I shall peel away all doubts,
    In my chest your seeds of passion
    In my breast wild fire sprouts...



Passionate Moments, One

    in collection: passionate moments

    In front of me
    Upright, hands clenched to your sides inert, eyes closed,
    The sun hiding behind your head...
    Yours the aura or his?

    You are damn aware you wear this thin cotton dress
    Tempting suns, tempting me,
    Crazed rays craving for your skin peeling away the fluttering layer
    Illicitly competing for your body's favors with my hands
    And damn them... winning...

    I watch your outline,
    From the soles of your feet up... where did the last shreds of decency disintegrate
    As my eyes climb hungrily, greedily, from your ankles
    Up your shins, knees, thighs
    To finally burry themselves inside that crossroads junction
    Where thigh and thigh and belly meet
    And shameless rays' bouquets trace against the white cloth leftovers
    Shadowy pictures of soft undulating silken strands...
    You did not warn me you were bare skinned underneath...

    I lay my hands on the top of your head,
    Caressing slowly down the sides of your face,
    Avoiding your biting mouth as further down my thumbs hook into the thin straps
    And pull... strain... tear...
    The dress falling to your feet
    The sun beating hastily in retreat
    Claws hooking into my back
    Soft femininity cutting into my chest
    Treasures forced upon me
    As my puerile humanity learns the terrifying lesson of passion's birth,
    And endless, unimaginable, love...



Passionate Moments, Two

    in collection: passionate moments

    How did it happen... the magic?...

    Waking up one morning a mountain spring
    Wild, cool, refreshing,
    Rushing down the mountain's entrails
    Past frightening precipices
    Dark caves
    Rolling boulders
    Gulping ever growing distances
    Singing mindlessly, screaming with glee...

    Halting... suddenly hesitating, wistful... was this the magic?...

    Was it your foot I met at the bottom of my fall?
    First a big toe, stalling the inevitable,
    Shivers cutting through its skin as it touched the chill of my surface
    Touch... bounce... touch...
    Then the rest of the family, slowly, toe after toe after toe... so many of them,
    Sinking in the soft bed's mud as I penetrated between each and every one of them
    Hugging every tiny skin fold, every crease,
    Every involuntary dimple and obscure scar...
    Refusing to roll on
    The gods of physics impotently raging at my impertinence
    As I swirled and twirled and whirled
    Trying to impress with my sobriety the flexing piece of flesh wading in my midst
    While eyeing enviously the low bank hosting the rest of the family
    Gliding silently above the softly undulating grass
    My envy subdued only by the ceaseless swishing tickling my liquid insides...
    Swish... swish... swish...

    When did the magic touch again?... was it when it joined reality?...

    Was it when your other foot joined its twin to happily trot alongside my smoothness
    Heavenly turmoil turning my insides heavenly murky
    And before having the time to clear my view
    Dresses flying, silk tearing, laced desires burning a steaming trail inside me
    As a heavenly form attached to those heavenly toes slides into my embrace
    Sanctioning my shameless impudence
    With my millions of fingers engulfing its secrets
    Invading its depths
    Soaking underneath its fingernails
    Dressing in my boiling blanket those heavenly mounds of soft rippling flesh
    While a voice incessantly gasps in my ears... fire... fire... fire...

    When did it never end?... the magic...



Passionate Moments, Three

    in collection: passionate moments

    She says,
    Pinch my cheek and bite my nipple,
    Feed my passion's budding ripple
    Torment laced with diamond wire
    Whispers reaped from sunset's quire
    Seeping fire...

    I say,
    Seeping fire
    Raw desire?...

    Let your nipple nestle tamely in my mouth's bucolic haven
    As my tongue shepherds it gently long the ivory rich ley
    Torrid trills of ebullition pouring from the lonely maven
    Falling prey to fascination trailing reason blown astray...

    She says,
    Comb my hair and claw my shoulder,
    Depth my flesh green apples smolder
    My forgotten orchard's litter
    Soaked in lust's pervading glitter
    Sweet and bitter...

    I say,
    Sweet and bitter
    Hunger's titter?...

    Let your shoulder shed its virtue in my linen's snowy ocean
    Guided by my fleeting fingers on a quest for hidden runes
    Sliding under satin ribbons wrapped around your shy emotion
    Decomposing into eddies gliding long your valley's tunes...

    She says,
    Touch my eye and rip my beauty,
    Be my pain your endless duty
    Taunting lips with thin cuts seeding
    Drought with chunks of sunshine breeding
    Ever bleeding...

    I say,
    Ever bleeding
    Softly pleading?...

    Let your beauty raid my daylight as I suckle storm unending
    And my bones inhale the timber of impending tidal waves
    Sooths the gale my nascent relish flesh from flesh most kindly rending
    While you sow your feline splendor in my mind's impassioned caves...



Colorful Fantasies

    Cup your hands,
    Press your fingers tightly together,
    Look up at the sky and stretch your hands in front of you...
    Do you hear it approaching... the hush?

    Changing into the rustle of autumn
    Then the whisper of zephyrs
    Then the flutter of wings
    Galloping thunder
    As the brittle of rainbow disintegrates into millions of streaming stallions
    Autumn colored
    Zephyr sleek
    Butterfly winged
    Neighing their way like a painter's spewed aquarelle
    Circling the sky
    Then descending vertiginously your way
    And with no hesitation flooding into your cupped palms
    Soaking into you
    Absorbing inside your skin,
    Your bone,
    Your marrow...
    You sigh...

    You open your eyes,
    Touch the last of the colors to your eyelash
    And smile.
    Oh... those colorful fantasies playing havoc in the twinkle of your eye
    And the insanity of my mind...



Passionate Moments, Four

    in collection: passionate moments

    Lay your bed upon the ley...

          Wade inside your morning clutter
          Wearing ribbons sunlight thin
          As the dandelions flutter
          Dying softly on your skin...

    Pray a dream of falling prey...

          Wear a crown of wheat and flowers
          And a ring of words unsaid
          As my hungry mouth devours
          With your breasts warm crumbs of bread...

    Steel your mind, my reason steal...

          Lean against a broken boulder
          Trills the lark your morning stream
          As a star upon your shoulder
          Drops exhausted in its dream...

    Peel my soul, and hear me peal...

          Wanes the sun's distressed reflection
          Sinking drunken in the sea
          As your maiden soft perfection
          Sinks inside my heart... and me...



Horse Thief

    Three the horses in my valley
    Trotting long the wind swept alley
    Black the stallion
    White the mare
    Bay the foal like sunset's dare.

    Mornings breaking through the fences
    Streaming through my gate's defenses
    There my little
    Belle child glows
    Sugar clumps between her toes.

    Twelve her years this coming autumn
    Soft her eyes like shedding cotton
    Bare her feet
    And red her hair
    Green the blaze inside her stare.

    Watching her my hammer pauses
    And my eye for moments closes
    Flashing pictures
    Drown my mind
    Casting smiling seeds behind.

    Ticklish wailing joins the neighing
    Wild and innocent are playing
    As the horses
    Bite her soles
    Shrieking laughter gaily rolls,

    Humid nostrils fiercely flaring
    Hangs herself my Belle uncaring
    By the stallion's
    Swishing mane
    Mad a child on horse insane.

    Dies the tiny herd's soft thunder
    Tearing lanes of wheat asunder
    Getting lost
    Between the hills
    As my heart my Belle one steals.

    Late at night a trotting shadow
    Slowly glides from forest's meadow
    On its back
    My sleeping queen
    Sleeps her red and sleeps her green.

    I will lay her on the pillow
    I will let the swinging willow
    Bless her life
    And sing her sleep
    Let me smile and let me weep.

    Days uncounted by are going
    Blushing pride her cheeks is sowing
    Care is far
    And joy is near
    And her eyes sharp crystal clear.


    Through my night's unbroken waking
    I can sense the windows quaking,
    Shouting voices
    Raving glee
    Crashing hooves on sprinting spree.

    Pounding fists demanding water...
    Glides my side my sweet Belle daughter
    Questions building
    In her eye
    As I smile her way and sigh.

    "Hunters from the hills returning
    Throats are dry and bellies burning..."

    Scrapes a match,
    A hissing flare
    Turns to yellow morning's glare.

    Young the knave and bland of manner
    Whips his scarf like kingly banner
    Nine his fellows
    Hanging way
    Hazy shadows in the grey.

    "Great the hunt... beg be forgiven,
    By the thirst this side we're driven,
    I will pay
    For drink and food,
    Yes, the hunt was mighty good."

    Honest words, a smile engaging...
    By my side a fury raging
    Tiny fingers
    Sharp as steel
    In my arm thin burrows drill.

    Snorting shapes in background linger,
    Points my girl a shaking finger
    Shakes her mouth...
    A gasp, a scream,
    In her eyes the pain agleam.

    Three the horses roped to wagon,
    Steaming like a wounded dragon
    Black a stallion
    White a mare
    Bay a foal like sunset's dare.

    Rough's my voice, in anger grunting
    "No offence, but this your hunting?
    Thought you've been
    To lion's den
    Yonder by the hidden glen."

    Laughs the knave and mild his ire
    "Riches is my one desire
    This one stallion,
    Mare and foal,
    Worthy are a lion's soul.

    City folks they've been appraising,
    Those will pay for farm and grazing
    And enough
    Of shining gold
    Left for joys in ways untold..."

    Laughs again... then forthwith waking
    Voice in sudden fury shaking
    "What the hell
    And all its blaze?..."
    And his eyes in anger glaze.

    By the horse... an apparition...
    Raves an awful premonition
    As I watch
    In frozen awe
    Pale a face in flames aglow.

    Swift the move... the blade is slicing...
    Breaks the cloud... the hills enticing...
    "No, my Belle!..."
    I scream, "Oh, no!..."
    "Horses thief!..." he shouts, "Men, go!..."

    Rolling thunder turns the fretting,
    Thick the trail of fear and sweating
    Flailing stains
    Of blazing hair
    Light up morning's chilly air.

    Pack the human hounds in chasing
    Bloodied spurs the valley tracing
    Streams a nature's
    Only child
    Fearsome sweet and fearless wild.

    Heavy in my chest the worry
    Turn my moves a lightning flurry
    As I mount
    My neighing mate
    Crashing through the stable's gate.

    Rips away my night's attire
    Crushing through the spikes of wire
    Streaks my horse
    Into the sun,
    Roars my heart and weighs my gun.

    Billows dust upon the traces,
    Rising sun horizons graces,
    In the distance
    Way ahead
    Growls the posse's beating dread.

    Cuts the stretch and getting narrow,
    Likes my horse a loosened arrow,
    I hear voices
    Coarsely yell
    Curses raining spelling hell.

    Further on... the fleeing figures,
    Deep a crease my face disfigures
    Three the shapes
    And flailing tails
    Boding dark my mind assails.

    Up the hills and down the hollows
    And the angry throng still follows
    Ever nearing...
    Lashes crack
    As the foal starts failing back.

    "Belle, oh, Belle, what is your doing?
    In your mind, what thoughts are brewing?"

    Seeing her
    Slowing the pace
    With a queenly childish grace,

    Turning sharply left... oh, madness,
    Am I doomed to crushing sadness?...
    Towards the ridge
    Rough of edge and bare of bridge.

    Halts the pack its chase aborting
    Frothing horses loudly snorting,
    On I'm rushing
    Dark my fear
    "Belle..." I cry "...please do me hear..."

    Mounts the sun's red ball of glory
    Shapes invade its fire quarry
    Lifts her hands
    My little Belle,
    Glides the world into a spell,

    Onwards racing, onwards flying,
    Morning's skies no dream denying,
    Black a stallion
    White a mare
    Bay a foal, and Belle the fair...

    Past the ridge, then past the edge,
    Wingless shapes warm skydrops fledge
    Hush... the quiet...
    Fly, oh, fly,
    Past the world and past the sky...

    Crazed with pain and mindless screaming
    As my blood from eyes is streaming
    I return
    Galloping by
    That young man who's bound to die.

    Jumps my gun and aims his eyes
    In my voice loud cracking ice
    "Part way now,
    Come never near,
    Or your soul in three I shear..."

    Never looking back, descending,
    The ravine my hell unending,
    Down beneath
    Between the trees
    Blood and pride and singing breeze...

    Not a sign... no mark... the thunder
    In my heart turns raving wonder
    As I cross
    Ten times the path,
    Calms my chest and dies my wrath.

    I regard the sun unblinking
    Fire bearers visions sinking,
    See I wings?...
    And see I shapes
    Shrouded by red velvet capes?...


    People never come that valley
    Where along a wind swept alley
    One black stallion,
    One white mare,
    Foal and girl, a legend share.

    Weeks, then months, then years uncounted
    On my horse unyielding mounted
    I will rove,
    I'll never cry
    Till I find my stairs up sky...



Moods, One

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    Minutes like hours,
    Hours like eons,
    Nothing in between except sea
    Waves praying languidly against my feet
    Hugging, clinging in adulation
    Only to die of exhaustion between my toes short meaningless moments later...
    So rich the cemetery...

    A baby egret lands on my outstretched hand
    Palm up
    Sand grains filling it
    Its beak searching noisily for food between the grains
    Pricking my skin
    Refusing the taste of my blood
    Clicking sounds like pebbles on a tin drum... does it talk to me egret words?

    Do you talk to me?
    Do you know my love where is?

    Funny its talk, syllable by syllable...


    You make no sense, I laugh in my mind, what showers, what kisses strange,
    What south?
    Does it read my mind or do I read its mind?
    It jumps to my shoulder, picks a grain of sand from underneath my eye
    Dips it in my mouth and swallows it.


    Shoo away... I shout angrily, not understanding a word,
    Stupid bird,

    Waves, sacrificing their lives,
    Digging the grave to my feet with the last of their foaming breath
    Sea, my only friend, sacrificing sons and daughters
    Eternal rebirth, eternal death.
    I lie down
    Invisible streaming patterns soaking me in
    As sand eagerly sweeps down the edges covering my ankles,
    Hands, climbing upon my chest,
    Baby crabs taste my flesh scurrying away in disgust
    Of human, weak, pale,
    Why does the egret return
    Hiding me from the rain, the hail decorating my sinking body?...

    It drops a pearly knob on my forehead before landing...
    It hurts, I scream.


    A flap of wings... gone...

    I get up,
    The water sliding off, the sand sliding off, the clothes sliding off.
    I open my fist and look at the pearly knob,
    A short piece of thread hanging from it,
    So many colors to it... green and red and green and read and...

    My mind suddenly clear,
    My sea suddenly a path,
    I start walking, I better start since the walk is so long.
    I have a shirt to find.



Moods, Two

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    The night denies its maiden grace to sun's impassioned flare
    As coiling snakes of liquid hell descend to ocean lair,
    I glean from linen's wrinkled skin your lingering perfume
    As senses questing moments gone sweet memories exhume...

    The desert sprouts sand flower beds and screams for loving rain
    Till pouring drops the garden wipe into a crawling stain,
    I sink inside your visions' den with fever's lure alight
    Till scanty hopes ungainly part and dies the sweet delight...

    The rose impales its budding heart upon a silver thorn
    And withers in the dimming pain of lover's parting scorn,
    I curl around the fading glow of dreams' forlorn domain
    And fingers reaching for your skin sweet passion's wake retain...