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  The Crave Of Curves

Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict.

~Rabindranath Tagore

My poetry is the rule. All other poetry is the exception proving it.

Quote. Not quote-unquote, just quote. Quotes are not there to be explained logically or justified rationally. They are rather the cornerstones to philosophies, the seeds to street battles, the unattainable utopia of endless inner wars. Hmm... unattainable, utopia, endless... are these synonyms or antonyms?

See?... the inner one starts already.

    dot    ©anonymouscurve  donít let it terrify you,
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Inspiration? Inspiration My Foot
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Favoring The Skin
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  you cannot
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dance Again
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Mess
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Synonym Spelling Guide
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Walls
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  A Godly Mistake
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Behind
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  An Infinite Poem
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  as you
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  unfinished lines
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Second Hand Moon
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Rhyming Perfume
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Oh...
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Fisherman's Passion
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dog Blues
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Parallax, Two
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Just Another If Poem
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Carnivorous Lilac
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  defiance
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Soothsayer
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Short Term Memory
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Never Ending Fairytale
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Flower Talk
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Female Day
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Preferences
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Years
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Choices
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  downpour
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Paean
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  like love making
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Editor
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Into Every Life A Little Al Jolson Must Fall
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Invisions
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Eye Of The Fever
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  North-West
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  shared
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Bending
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Inventory
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Age?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Birds And The Bees
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Opium Dream
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  When Do I Miss You?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  you MAY call it love...
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Rage
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Empty Ears
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  arousal
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Define
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Rottweiler
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Units
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Mosaic
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Wanting To, Definitely, Murder
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dead Alligators' Clash
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Celestial Games
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  CloseX
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Goose Lake
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Inflatable
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Jeux Interdits
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Contest
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  When Lust Invited Herself Into My Life
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Pawn
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Remembering Annabel
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  We Created The Sun, Didnít We?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Thankfully
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Under The Willow
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Ponders
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  love,
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Flesh
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  inner flesh
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Name Of Things
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Divine
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dream
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Anatomical Love
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Check List
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Pazzo
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Flower in December
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Resurrection
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Enough!
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Almost Lust... Ha!...



    anonymouscurve is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank