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  Curvaceous Minds

Personally, I would sooner have written Alice in Wonderland than the whole Encyclopedia Britannica.

~Stephen Butler Leacock

Some hate women. Some love women. I love Woman. There is good chance they are the result of some ancient, alien genetic intervention, removing the troublesome Y and replacing it by a copy of the beautiful X. Maybe this is what was interpreted by our ancestors as the rib. Maybe it was nevertheless God? It would make sense, only a god would make a godly creature. Hey, might as well have been an evolutionary lucky draw favoring us, males. Does it matter? What matters is they are here, and they have good reason to be proud of being part of their species.

I actually wonder at times, why is it that most of them would like equality to men. Why would they wish to descend so low?

    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Exploding Oranges
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Rain Dance
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Migratory
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Legacy
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Corroding Impatience
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Cage
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  love me
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  I Call It Love
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Land
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Empty?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Of Care And Things
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Homely Scenes
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Cupfuls
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Unatomically So
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Late Night
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Variations In Four Letters
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Incomparables
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Watcher
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Color Of Promise
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Chaste Side Of
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Metaphorsis
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  In Betweens
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Souvenirs
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Morning
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Looooong...
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Harvest
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Signatures
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Love, Two
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Another Bunch Of Donítís and Doís
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Love Declarations
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Beneath The Wet, Frozen Leaves
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Here
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Here, Here
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Here, Here, Here
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Oh, Oranges
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Silly. Nonsense.
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Talking Love-Vignettes
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Mythopoeia
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  All Kinds Of Poetry
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  We Drank The Yoghurt From The Same Bottle
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Mus(e)ical Bigotries
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Divine Cacophony
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Et Tu?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Leaf
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Wheelbarrow Cocktail
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Temperatures
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Girl
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Cruelty
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dialogues In Front Of Eden
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Garden Of Flesh
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Hero
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  kinds of when
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Hallelujah
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Killer
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Flowers
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  No, Not
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  organic
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  away
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Yet
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Breaking News
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  In My Mind
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Flesh Flower
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  I
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  the paradox of perception
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Till The Cows Come Home
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  typos
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  How Many Glasses In A Bucket?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Intimate
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  When Reality Barges In
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Explorer
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Hair Sculpting
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Combs
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Plaster
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Messengers
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Cleavage
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Supreme Sacrifice
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Druckzentrum
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Upside Down
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Abstract? OK
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  perfumes
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Transitions, Other



    anonymouscurve is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank