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  Curvilinear Flesh

You canít depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

~Samuel Langhorne Clemens, aka Mark Twain

Donít look for too much consistency in my poetry, though you may find some. You will find also some repetition Ė after all, we all love quoting people we admire, donít we? A lot of love, yes, but if youíre looking for the mushy one then youíve come to the wrong place - do you know of many who would write a love poem called Chili Con Carne? Or one called Motor? Though, on the other hand, I donít mind being blamed with committing the ultimate poetical affront and rhyme love with dove; after all, the magic is in the pencil, not in the word.

    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Lover
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Act
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Autumnal
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Eyes
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Silhouette
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Your Words
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  FireWheels
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Songs Of Love
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  You Laughed
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Apassionata
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Poor Mercurius Hallucinating
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Crudely Metaphorless
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  tableau in white
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  beast
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Regression
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Kshiraniraka
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Rewriting
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Ascension
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Première
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Daydreams
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Escaping The Quiet
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Washing Your Toes
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Possessions
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Intro
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Splash
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Telekinesis My Foot
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Bottomless Cruelty
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Puctuationless Reflections
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Proliferation Dementia
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Trade
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Salad
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Pain Of Seasons
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Trying, Word Of Honor
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Brain
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  White Clover
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  24 Hours
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Chili Con Carne
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Candle
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Mascara'ding
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Love Writes
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Since Icarus
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  d-e-s-i-r-e
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Reflections
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Unborn
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Nature Bride
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Cotton Killers
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Hugging
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Car Love Story
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Double Parentheses
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Duet
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Impatience
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Guitar
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  when the guitar...
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  orchestrating the Heavenly Cacophony, Allegro
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Graveyard
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Passing
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Present
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Woman In Pain
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dance
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Milk or Sun?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Under The Snowbells
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Fatherly
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Knots
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Almost Reality
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Definition
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Wet Memories
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Apparition
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Wandering
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Traces
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Transitions
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Motor
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Existensia
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Sides
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  of color
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Fox
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  telling of beauty
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Toes-Talk
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Remembering The Chocolate
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Rain Mirrors
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Fonts



    anonymouscurve is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank