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  The Curvature Of Breast

We are not the same persons this year as last, nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person.

~William Somerset Maugham

To write a poem takes me something from a few minutes to a couple of hours. And, trust me, I take my poetry very seriously. Punctuation on the other hand, can take me, at times, years.

    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Underwear
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  NewBlue's
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Eletters
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  I Love You Too
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Overslept
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  No
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Almost Like In A Fairytale
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Burglar
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Blossom
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Peep
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Your Love
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  And When... I
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Act
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Milky Way
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Genesis Of Lark
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Beyond Lust
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Manicure
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Glass Ribbons
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Definitions
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Pastels, Two
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Immeasurable Love
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dying Sun
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Morning In Italics
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  the Prude, the Rude, the Lude (ie Lewd)
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Morning Rapture
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Pastels, Three
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Open Your Mouth
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dear Lover
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Love Me Tender...
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Wallpaper
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Cotton Innocence
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dear Lover, Two
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Retail
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Shower
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Perfumes Of You
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Dog Of Earth
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Sleep
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Needle
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Escape Chute
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  May's
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Tree
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Communion
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Declarations
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  ...and I Will
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  From A to N
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Breath
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Piebald Eagle
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Gull
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Pillow
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Expression
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Home
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  SomeX
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Shine Of Silver
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Something To Do With Much And The How Of It
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Linguistically Spoken
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Last Layer
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Kitchen Story, And Love
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Art Nouveau
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Grab
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Of Four, Screams
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Kirsch-Kitsch Interlude I
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  canvas duality
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  October Butterfly
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Some Kind Of Forest, I Think
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Magician
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Fires In The Rain
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Garlands
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dinosaur
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  M
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  You Wait
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Like Telling Of Love
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Love
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Ponder
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Wonder Of Moths
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Sisyphus
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Mood, Maybe
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Idyllic
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  With Morning
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dressing For The Day
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Gardening



    anonymouscurve is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank