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  Curvaceously Yours

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being?

~Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde

Eleventh. A meaningless number unless if it is the number of hours of making love. Or the number of seconds since making love... earlier on. Or the number of centuries your poetry will be remembered. Ha, I would be thankful for it to be remembered as many minutes. Probably because it is too good, envy Ė huh?

The number of times I want to make love to you every day. Followed by a poem each time. Not that there is any need. Watching you roll on to your side is poetry enough.

    dot    ©anonymouscurve  just a case of mistaken identity...
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  A Variant On The Tacky Subject Of Memories
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Signing Off
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  One Of Those Rarely Things
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Indefinitions
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Older
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Waiting On A Bench In An Airport
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Secrets
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Butterflies... Again?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Scourge
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Insanity Of Art
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  guardian
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  shelter
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Early Morning, Woman
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Scandalously...
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Top of the Ladder, Awkward, Just by Chance
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dream
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Trying To Take My Mind Off You
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  And if we didnít have sex?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  A Perfect Body
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Obsessity
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Wrinkles
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Roses
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Not The Same
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Re Cycle
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  critic
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Dress
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Relatives. Relativism. Relativity. Miracles. Ha!
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Buttons
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  The Body
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Womane
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  If I miss you, you ask?
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Sand
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Sunrise. Sunset. Etc.
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Lingerie Feminine
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  ReWritten
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  good morning
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Ice Age
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Short Poem. Whenever.
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Next Apple
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  phone
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Miau
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Moods
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Making Love To You
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  beautiful women
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Rhyme
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Shell
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Saying Things
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  post-card
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Intimacies
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Like A Woman
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Mail
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Bird On A Wire
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Bird On A Wire, Two
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  Your Head On My Shoulder
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  My Best Poem Ever
    dot    ©anonymouscurve  a momentís frenzy, my mind



    anonymouscurve is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank