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  Crumbs for, at best, crows

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Cooking tip: wrap turkey leftovers in aluminum foil and throw them out.

~Nicole Hollander

I hate wasting food. I hate wasting money, I hate wasting work and I hate wasting time. Therefore I would hate knowing that I wasted my product, be this a product I love or a product I despise, irrelevant.

Thus I gathered everything that would be wasted if not put on paper, since it belongs nowhere defined, and gathered it all in this book of crumbs, leftovers, nibbles. To enjoy or choke. Whatever. Matters not.

    dot    ©anonymousother  I Am Alive...
    dot    ©anonymousother  In Another World...
    dot    ©anonymousother  At Times...
    dot    ©anonymousother  As When...
    dot    ©anonymousother  Lines...
    dot    ©anonymousother  Let...
    dot    ©anonymousother  1944... Normandy...
    dot    ©anonymousother  Execution...
    dot    ©anonymousother  mimiagatha... sic
    dot    ©anonymousother  Love Me Tender
    dot    ©anonymousother  Womanhood
    dot    ©anonymousother  Alone
    dot    ©anonymousother  Always
    dot    ©anonymousother  Imperfect
    dot    ©anonymousother  Revisiting
    dot    ©anonymousother  Daughter Dear, Mother Dear,
    dot    ©anonymousother  To Cat
    dot    ©anonymousother  Furry Friend
    dot    ©anonymousother  To My Friend's Furry Bundle Of Joy
    dot    ©anonymousother  Departing To Never Return
    dot    ©anonymousother  Dear Zach,
    dot    ©anonymousother  Jenny, Jenny
    dot    ©anonymousother  To A Friend, From A Friend
    dot    ©anonymousother  For Penny
    dot    ©anonymousother  To My Friend, Ankeeta
    dot    ©anonymousother  Céline, Céline
    dot    ©anonymousother  I Often Wondered
    dot    ©anonymousother  to Daughter...
    dot    ©anonymousother  Mîncă



    anonymouscrumbs is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank