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  The Childhood Of Man, Five, volume 3

I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.


It was not supposed to be so long, looks like it never ends. Childhood.

I am surprised myself, though I said it already.

   abstractismcover   Abstractism

    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Abstractism
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Sculpture
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Circle
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Vignettes, one
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Vignettes, two
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Love Movie
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Winter. Scene.
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Like a dream
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Live, here, now
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Complexities of Love
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Love Glove Above Poetry
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  On the subject of LUCA
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  almost rhyme of almost life and almost death . . .
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Parallax View
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  10 x 10, eleven
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  10 x 10, twelve
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  10 x 10, thirteen
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  10 x 10, fourteen
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Octopuses
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Almost Legend
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  transmutation
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Domains
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Statistically
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Strange Seasons
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  May
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Metaphorical Layers
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Waffles
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  When 45 was king
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  or so I believe
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The reasons, though no reasons are necessary
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Dvořák
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Volunteering ditty (ditty, not duty)
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Strange art
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Let Melody
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Lethe-al ponderings
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Gates
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Pithecanthrope
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Flesh
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Dying Leaves
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Good Bye?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Slides
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Pretending on matters of high importance
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Love Cycle
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Strange Philosophy
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Strange this, life.
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Erotycon
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Erotycon, two
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Beach? Cloud? Cave?... decide, woman!!!
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Weaker sex? Ha!
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Artist
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  For a dime
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Absurd Analogies
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Days
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Should’ve’s
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  definitely NO! sex
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Do you dream of my body?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Studded
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Cup's
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Ampersands
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  That moment of glory
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Statements
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Autumn Colors
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The childhood of man, the finding of woman
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  There are absolutes:
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Eiffel
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  idyll, one
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  idyll, two
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  I wish
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Love. Positive, gushing, cute, romantic, poetic love.
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Night, Follows Day
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Dust
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Futuristic Nostalgia
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Older
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Dowdy
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Moments
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Interlude
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Blasphemy
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  1/4
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The moments gone
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  I love your, she said
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Idyll, three
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Idyll, four
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Painter
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Birth
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  magic and abyss
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Maiden
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Good Bye, the rhymed
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Good Bye, the rhymeless
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Good Bye, the nothing




    anonymouschildhood is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank