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  The Childhood Of Man, Five, volume 2

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.


I donít know the source, the drive, the reason.

Childhood needs no reason, it just is.

   swoonduocover   Swoon, duo

    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Swoon, duo
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Simpler
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Story
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Artsily, probably
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Wishfulness
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Imagination
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Pure Nonsensical Disconnects
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  About sliding, and other motions
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Religion
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Nakedness
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  G
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Swoon, three
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Swoon, four
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  a shortie...
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Bridal
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Bridal, study, two
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Bridal, intermezzo, three
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Bridal, coda, four
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Incendiary
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Encounters of the one kind
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Silence
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Blabbering away
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Gretel
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Reader
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  sight
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Stones
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Oh lover oh lover
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Intentions
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Oxen
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  and when
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The joy of nonsense & son
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Bench
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Alliteratively
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Show
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  One
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  One, two
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Dude and I
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Linguistic wonderings and wanderings
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Ocean
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  I guess
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Those Words
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Sense
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Strangers
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Not quite an argument
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Sex
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Fame. Or is it fameish? Or maybe fameishness?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  puzzle
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Tools
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  the 8th
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Rant. Seventh? Last?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Ecology
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Bukowski
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Mixta Cogitationes
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  In a way
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Beyond's
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Click! Click!
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  DQ
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Erotistry
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Interview
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  How many different ways there are to say it?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  A man under the influence
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Starts
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Shakespearitisms
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Cave
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  there not there wherever
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Unique
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  naked's
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Shrapnel
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Of geographies and geometries and sex
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  QED
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Shakespiritisms, two
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  itís you, somewhere there inside
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Absolutes, two
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Un-poetic
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Lost Art
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Idyllatry
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Softly
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Softly, two
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Incomplete questionnaire
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Just another day
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Expectations
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  My survival kit for a deserted island
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  And the rant goes on
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Blue
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Hey you, thieves
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Collation of [sic] idiosyncrasies, ha.
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Tableau
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  I am
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Campfire
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  And when Iím gone
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  My poetry (or Rant, x)
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Making Love
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  A Different Kind Of Legend




    anonymouschildhood is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank