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  The Childhood Of Man, Two

Life contains but two tragedies. One is not to get your heartís desire; the other is to get it.


Childhood. Hoping it never ends...

Drawing it in brown, crossing out, drawing it in blue, crossing out, drawing it in green, crossing out, drawing it in grey, crossing out, drawing it in aquarelle in coal in oil in pencil in never ending dreams that keep ending...

   thedoorbetweencover   The Door Between

    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Images
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Freedom
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Door Between
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Kite
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Love In Two Dimensions
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Escape
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Limbo
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Like Making Love
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Almost Spare Ribs
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Beauty Beneath
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Vista
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Temptation
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Mirages
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  ink
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Cabana
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Vessels
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Painting
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Burn Marks
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Imaginings
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Red
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Lumps
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Dry Rose
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  swdg
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Ashes
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Box
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Clothes
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Francesca da Rimini
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Asleeping
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  first touch
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  shadows
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Scarlet
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Rain
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Don Quixote to Dulcinea
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  There Were
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Morphosis
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Opening The Buttons
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Splash
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Drifting Wood
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Torture
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Germinal
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  RRR
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Soft
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Side by Side
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Mirage... Kind Of
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Flights Of Fancy
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Unravel
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Before Making Love To You
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  About Relativity
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Asymmetries
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Geminorum
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Re-enact
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Butterfly Legends
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Encounter
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  So Called Fate
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Quest(ions)
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  After A Moment Ago
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  parting your hair
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Sandglass
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Knock, Knock
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Aliterature
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  visit
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Baldachin
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Moments Of Flesh
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Questing For You
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Dialogue
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Panacea
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Perfumes And Colors
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Fantasy?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  invasion
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Untimely Sunrise
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Going
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Indefinitions Of Swan
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Touch!
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Were We Young, Ever?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Species
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Knowledge
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  wrong
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Of Leftovers
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Moon?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Words
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Even Queens Pee, No?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Beast Of Beauty
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Far
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Migration
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Not a Poem, Not a Song
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Lust In Your Red
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Seeder
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Child Of Wonder
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  asymmetries, two
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Spot
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Ice & Fire
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  barter
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Grey And White
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Loneliness Of Body
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  clash
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Naked Woman
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Raindrop Death Metamorphoses
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  aura
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Touches,
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  what was?



    anonymouschildhood is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank