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  The Childhood Of Man, One

I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled poets to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean.


Childhood. Learning of love, words, inspiration...

Learning where is inspiration NOT. Nowhere. Double negation. In loves you love, in books you read, in dreams you forget, in otherís crushes, in womenís pregnancies, in fantasies, in cars burning the highway, in news shaming the radio, in stones you kick along the way... An unending flood of knowledge overwhelming, teaching, your unending childhood. And mine.

   vinylcover   Vynil

    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Wineyards
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Parading Colors
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Sisyphus, Retold
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Art Of Gravitation
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Rebirthing Eros
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Search
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Blaze In The Water
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Thornbird
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Criminal
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Let Go
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Woman
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Sea Maiden
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Lover's
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Nightingale Winter
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Bridge
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Rider In The Sky
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Insurrection
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Vinyl
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Caretaker
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Alien
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Poet In Me
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  your Poetry
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  ?
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  in between questions
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  the Room
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Signing Session
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Tips
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Undefined
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Rhyme
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  deception
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Spelleology
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Crossroads
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  lap-count
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  to know you...
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  scrabble-like-life-aberrations
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Thump!
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Deathrow
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Ashes
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  sharp
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Fauna & Flora
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Stain
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  colors
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  ocean
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  dimensions
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  mtuplets...
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Ripples
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  walk on
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  hey,
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Reds, The Kingdom
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Reality
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The 37th Chapter
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Waking Up
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Clouds
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  The Heart Of The Lilac
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Unalogue
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  reason
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  the chosen
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  pleonasm
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Lust Demented
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  arousal
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  between rhymes
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  wound in womb
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  like trotting elephants. like trotting snowflakes.
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  the source of life
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Modesty
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Top Of The Food Chain
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Lover
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  White
    dot    ©anonymouschildhood  Leonard Cohen



    anonymouschildhood is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank