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  Chaotic Ramifications of Sin (or The Book of I)

If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.

~Niels Henrik David Bohr

When I start understanding my poetry is when I start worrying.

    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Sunrise
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Babylon
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Consummation
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Before
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Brave New World
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  This and Then and Thus so on
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  To My Critics, May They Live Two Hundred Years
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Italian Serenade...
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Echoes Of Love...
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Personifesto...
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Chicks & co.
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  And Her Mother...
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Zarzuela...
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Ostriches
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Fish Soup
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Hey, Hi Hay Fever
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  To be or nonsense. A monologue.
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Negatives
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Contests
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Vladimir
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Sin
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Of Conscience and God
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Sometimes
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Pig Heil!
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  rituals
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Arrogance
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Metaphors... oh, horrible poetry...
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  PhD in Mumbo-Jumbo
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Your Body
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Empty
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Poetic License
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Write me a smile
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Goodbying
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Molding
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Killer
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Vignette sans Vigne
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Simulations
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  of Time. of God. of You. and of Poetry.
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  of Time. of God. of You. and of Poetry. (take 2)
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  traitor
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  My right to piss
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Plagiat
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Problem
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Encounters of the woman kind
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  A Shoe Named George
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  A Hat Named Maud
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Death
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  The Last Straight Stretch
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Dead Words
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  The Age of Ugly
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Being nice about it
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Idiot
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Hey, death
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Morbid Math
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Titleless
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Definitions
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Love song, absurd one
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  I
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  I I I
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  The wonder of I
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  neurons
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Funeralizing
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Crazy?
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Millennium Mathematics
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Witch
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Child
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  A Midsummer Night's Nonsense
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Letter To death
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Poor Aging Earth
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  The Great Disappointment
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Rage. Rave. Rant.
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  More Boring than a Telephone Directory, Promise
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Visit
    dot    ©anonymouschaos  Listen. Please.



    anonymouschaos is a pseudonym for yossi faybish blank