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As Smooth...

    As smooth, and as scary
    blankas a jungle snake,
    As cool, as refreshing
    blankas a mountain lake,
    As hot, and as scorching
    blankas the desert sun,
    As graceful and as deadly
    blankas a panther’s run…

    Lady Oakley – pick your gun,
    Shoot the barrels, one and one,
    Smash the door, and rape my mind,
    Clutch my heart, my torn lips grind,
    Drain my blood, and drink my tear,
    Whisper roaring in my ear,
    Touch my brow, feed me your breast,
    And my head let come to rest,
    Gone the fire, gone the quake,
    Pray me sleep and never wake…

    I open my eyes.
    A hair thin sun ray plays colourful tunes on the silky cobweb strings
    Woven in a remote corner of the room.
    The spider running round and round. My brain dizzy.
    Was I there?
    When was I there? Does a there exist at all?
    Closing my eyes, trying to reach back…
    Beyond reach,
    Beyond life.
    Forever. For never.
    Eyes tight shut, senses awakening to the memory,
    Memories? Illusions? None and both?
    Almost there, almost touching, almost…
    Then just the pain. The loss. The emptiness.
    I get out of bed, swollen eyes looking back from the mirror,
    Trying to stand... searing pain shooting through my chest,
    My fingers slowly, fearfully exploring,
    Finding nothing,
    Nothing… but…
    What is this red stain against my heart furiously fading away,
    Lest I see it…
    Lest I remember…
    Lest I return…




    I was five.
    You were a small baby of four and a half.
    I loved you terribly even though you were a girl.
    On your birthday my ma gave me a book for you.
    I knew you don’t want a book so I brought you my brand new old stamps collection.
    One stamp from Brazil with only one corner missing.
    But you wanted a doll and you started screaming and bit my arm.
    blankI will never forget your braces.
    blankI will forever love you always.

    I was ten.
    You were an old maid of twelve.
    But I loved you quite much even though you had a brother and he was a criminal and he smoke a lot and very much also.
    One day there was a parade and I saw you there.
    I came close behind you and I started pulling your skirt up to see your panties.
    A friend told me girls wear panties and I wanted to check if he really knows.
    But you saw me and you started screaming and your brother hit me on the head with his left shoe.
    blankI will never forget your pink panties.
    blankTrue love will always never die.

    I was seventeen.
    You were a whore and I didn’t know your age.
    I didn’t love you at all but I was curious to see how real men do it with real women.
    I told my mother that I was going to the movies.
    I came in front of you and I started squeezing your big tits with both hands.
    I wanted to see if you will scream with pleasure.
    But you started screaming that first you want to see my money and then your boyfriend came and broke my nose.
    blankI want to forget.
    blankNo money no love.

    I was twenty.
    You were a devastating beauty of seventeen.
    I loved you since you were thirteen.
    I took your hand and you did not put your head on my shoulder.
    Then I turned your head to me raised your chin and touched your lips.
    I closed my eyes.
    But you didn’t close your eyes and you walked away and you broke my heart.
    blankI will never forget.
    blankI will always love you.

    I was thirty two.
    You were a beautiful woman of twenty eight.
    I loved you madly since we married.
    You gave me three wonderful kids and I didn’t know.
    One day I drove through the city on my way to a small jewellery shop.
    I planned to buy you a ruby ring.
    But then I saw you in his arms and it smashed my dream.
    blankI want to forget yet I can’t.
    blankI want to hate yet I can’t.

    I was fifty five.
    I didn’t know you were fifty two when I read your first mail.
    By the twentieth mail I was a teenager in love with an anonymous acronym.
    I dared one day.
    I asked your name and I turned off the screen.
    Then I turned it on again.
    But you were not there anymore and your address was cancelled and my life was empty.
    blankI have one cyber love to forget.
    blankI have thousands of words to remember.

    I am eighty four.
    You are long gone.
    I loved you in many ways.
    I found you in many shapes and colours.
    Holding you touching you losing you.
    I had the paradise.
    But I remember only the hell.
    blankI loved you all my life.
    blankI don’t have much time left to forget.




    Asleep, in the bed,
    Soft locks crown your head,
    Your breast with delight
    A warm ray of light
    Fights hard to embrace
    Through the thin nightie lace,
    Your cheek pale and warm
    Carries shadows of storm –
    The colourful smears
    Of make-up and tears,
    Your fist in despair
    The sad teddy bear
    I brought you last night
    Is clutching you tight,
    The blanket askew
    A heavenly view
    Of smooth rounded hips,
    A tremor your lips
    Touches fading away,
    Is it dream? Is it pray?

    A last moment’s bliss,
    No goodbye. Did we kiss
    As we purged with a yell
    All the fires of hell,
    And your big saucer eyes –
    Patches off summer’s skies –
    Shyly dared to implore
    Just for one morning more
    Fore in Morpheus’ arms
    You entrusted your charms.

    One more street, one more train,
    One more town, one more plane,
    Far away, half world through,
    Here is I, there is you,
    Empty mind, searing pain,
    Will we?... When?... If again?...




    I took you by the hand,
    We rushed across the sand,
    We dived into the giant waves and kicked away from land.

    I caught you by the hand,
    We scrambled up the sand,
    We dived into the jungle thick into the no-man’s land.

    I held you by the hand,
    We slid down to the sand,
    We loved till flames ablaze have set the sky, the sea, the land.

    We sat there hand in hand,
    We sat on silken sand,
    We sat until the end of time, of sky, of sea, of land.




    I was sitting on my bed. Thinking about nothing in particular.
    It was two thirty five PM.
    Suddenly, you appeared at my window.
    Peaking inside the room and gazing at me with curious
    Slightly frightened eyes.
    Jumping in and cautiously advancing in my direction.
    I didn’t dare move. Did you see me?
    You did.
    You stopped for a moment, as if hesitating, then unexpectedly
    You were by my side.
    Watching me cautiously, waiting to see if I move,
    And little by little getting nearer and nearer.
    I was frozen. The perfection, the grace, the whiteness of you.
    A knock on the door. No! I shouted. But you were gone.

    I was sitting on a bench. Deep in thought.
    It was seven fifteen PM.
    Suddenly, you were all around me.
    Slowly closing in, swirling around and around
    But not yet daring touch me.
    Rushing in my direction and then darting away.
    I didn’t dare move. Did you feel me?
    You did.
    You calmed down for a moment, as if hesitating, then unexpectedly
    You were all over me.
    Blowing my hair, caressing in my face,
    Drowning me into your cool stormy embrace.
    I was frozen. The perfection, the grace, the softness of you.
    Somebody knocked on my shoulder. No! I shouted. But you were gone.

    I was sitting on top of the mountain. Thinking about you.
    It was five twenty AM.
    Suddenly, I saw you rising in front of me.
    Gazing at me with your terribly hot, incinerating eyes.
    Storming me with your fiery bliss,
    Blinding me with your screaming light.
    I didn’t dare move. Did you kiss me?
    You did.
    For a moment a grey cloud passed over your eyes
    And a cool calm descended over the world, then unexpectedly
    The cloud melted away
    And you were there again.
    Burning my eyes, turning my lips into bloody blisters.
    I was frozen. The perfection, the grace, the majestic greatness of you.
    A cloud knocked against the mountain side. No! I shouted. But you were gone.


    The dove.
    The breeze.
    The sun.





    You offered me the gift of love,
    blankThat’s all you had to give,
    You offered me your heart to keep
    blankAs long as I shall live.

    You offered me the gift of pain,
    blankThat’s all you had to give,
    You offered me your soul to rip,
    blankImplored me not to leave.

    You offered me the gift of loss,
    blankThat’s all you had to give,
    You offered me your teardrop’s deep.
    blankI left on Christmas eve.


    I called it poem. “No”, you said,
    “It’s blood, it's tears in prose,
    You left a thorn in this girl’s heart,
    I bleed to death, my rose”.




    Naked is my soul,
    - no thick armour
    - no thin lace,
    Naked nothing to protect it.

    Naked is my soul,
    - no misguiding pretence,
    - no hidden desires,
    Naked nothing to protect it.

    Naked to your penetrating regard,
    Naked to your probing touch,
    Naked to your inquisitive expectations.

    I bared it all,
    Naked my deepest fears,
    Naked my burning desires,
    Naked my darkest secrets,
    Naked my most painful memories.

    And I waited.

    Eyes closed,
    Head up high,
    Offering my neck,
    Offering my heart,
    Offering my life.

    Naked If to hug if to smash,
    Naked If to love if to kill,
    Naked If to live if to die,
    Naked If to be if to cease.


    I came.
    I drank your tear,
    I drank your breath,
    I drank your blood,
    I drank your soul.

    I came.
    I whispered away your fears,
    I calmed away your desires,
    I wiped away your secrets.
    I loved away your pain.

    Your soul,
    Finally at peace,
    Asleep in my arms,
    Cuddled against my heart,
    Cloaked in my love.



On The Grass...

    Rushing ants,
    Up the hill,
    Drag and pull,
    One two drill,
    Grain of rice,
    Crumb of bread,
    Stumble, go,
    Move ahead,
    Rushing ants upon the hill,
    On my belly I lay still,
    Watching, dreaming. On my hand,
    Two big ants decide to land,
    I smile down, they taste my skin,
    I’m decidedly of kin,
    Fangs they open, wink at me,
    On my nose they climb to see
    My sweet love’s pale pretty face,
    Deep asleep in my embrace.

    Buzzing bees,
    Round the hive,
    To and fro,
    Part, arrive,
    Yellow powder,
    Sugar dust,
    Build with wild
    Creative lust,
    Buzzing bees around the hive,
    On my nose – one, two, four, five,
    Squint at me – are you of us?
    Lazy drone or working class?
    One of them into my ear
    For a moment tries to cheer,
    Then at hidden signal high
    Swoosh, and zoom back from the sky,
    My sweet girls blue eyes one hour
    Watching. What’s this, some new flower?

    Fighting cubs,
    Round the lair,
    Shove and bite,
    Snarl and tear,
    Piece of ear,
    Bite the heel,
    Fearsome growls,
    More like a squeal,
    Fighting cubs around the lair,
    When with sudden mighty dare
    Rush at me with stumbling grace,
    Push their muzzles to my face,
    One quick lick - is mammy you,
    You know, mammy’s hairy too…
    On my head decide to doze,
    Wiggling tails tickle my nose,
    Wondering – whose are the charms,
    Who’s that fairy in my arms?...




    The sudden chill in my bones.
    It was sunny,
    Blue sky,
    Stars at mid day,
    Red roses magically staining the dunes’ deep yellow.
    The sudden chill,
    The freezing deadly wind caress,
    Hiding the sun,
    Darkening the sky,
    Extinguishing the stars.
    Killing the rose.




    I am waiting,
    Minutes pass,
    Broken shards of glass,
    No goodbye, no word, no letter,
    Where’s your smile sweet lass?...

    I am waiting,
    My stare blind,
    Blank and frozen mind,
    Tight my lips and dead my heartbeat,
    Where’s your word so kind?...

    I am waiting,
    Autumn’s here,
    Shadows, quiet, fear,
    Gone desire, gone the promise,
    Where’s your laughter dear?...

    I am waiting,
    Dark’s the screen,
    Words unsaid, unseen,
    Lost the lust and numb the passion,
    Where’s your heart my queen?...


    I stand up.
    My hand hesitates.
    Another second.
    Then with a swift move my finger pushes the button.
    You are gone.
    The machine is dead.
    The channel is dead.
    I. Am dead.




    I was seven,
    You were five,
    I played soldiers,
    You loved Clive,
    I pulled pigtails, fought the dragons, wore a torn old green beret,
    All the time searching for you girl, I just didn’t know it yet.

    I was twelve,
    I dumped my toys,
    You were ten,
    You hated boys,
    And one day, I do remember with a clear and aching mind,
    Kissed a girl, her name... what was it?... maybe hoping you to find?

    Sixteen, seventeen,
    You – in love,
    A beauty queen,
    And my own life changed to wonder as I wore a golden ring,
    Was it you, there, in my mind’s eye, making me your only king?...

    Twenty six,
    I’m twenty eight,
    Is life hell? Is bliss?
    Is hate?
    And I try to guess the morrows, work and love and sleep and play,
    Maybe dreaming, maybe hoping, will you be there one fair day?...

    Thirty four,
    You’re thirty two,
    Laugh a lot,
    Do you laugh too?
    Settled. Yet, at times a looking for the... what I’m looking for?...
    In between the laughs, the sorrows, do I need... a little... more?...

    Forty nine,
    You’re forty seven.
    You found me,
    And I found heaven.
    I am here, so wide the water roaring our lives apart,
    You are there, so thin the silence keeping heart from beating heart.


    Fifty three,
    You’re fifty one,
    Elvis gone,
    The Stones are done,
    And I close my eyes with wonder, searching back, then forth – in vain,
    Did we, will we ever, ever... ever make love in the rain?...




    Do you think it’s joy or sorrow
    blankwith rage,
    blanktrue lovers strife ?
    Do you think it’s hell or heaven
    blankthe one
    blankwho wields the knife?
    Do you think it’s sin or blessing
    blankor being wife?
    I believe that I have loved you
    blankand ere,
    blankand all my life.

    Do you think it’s right or wrong,
    blankwith joy,
    blankI loudly sing?
    Do you think it's strange or not
    blanka bee
    blankdies with its sting?
    Do you think it’s true or false
    blankthe lion’s
    blankjungle’s king?
    I believe that I will love you
    blankthe end
    blankof life’s short spring.




    When I was just a girl of six,
    I had my dreams all made of sticks,
    The clouds took shape up in the sky,
    A place to go to when I die.

    When you were just a boy of eight
    Your dreams were much more celebrate,
    With happy times and laughter near,
    I envy all that you hold dear.

    When I was twelve I called it home,
    The dark was me, I’m all alone,
    When do I leave this awful place,
    The tear stained cheeks upon my face.

    At fifteen you were having fun,
    From girl to girl you were the sun,
    The sparkle in your eyes so bright,
    The world was yours most every night.

    At eighteen I had far surpassed,
    My dreams of sticks were shards of glass,
    I didn’t have the strength in me,
    To walk this path, my destiny.

    You married in the lands of joy,
    A lucky girl, a wind swept boy,
    Your dreams alas had all come true,
    A rose for her and one for you.

    Though I walked on, my dreams were run
    By stormy skies and not by sun,
    It wasn’t long before I knew,
    That dreams were visions, never true.

    You had your up’s and some were down,
    But always feet strong on the ground,
    Your life was not a guessing game,
    Direction north, always the same.

    I had no compass to find home,
    On wing and prayer walked alone,
    My heart was closed, with lock and key,
    No one could touch it, even me.

    An angel’s breath, and… you appear,
    Calm all my storms, dry all my tear,
    Me writing smiles, funny and sad,
    Feelings I know I’ve never had.

    You ask me when, or if can be,
    Yet yours’ the answer, yours’ the key.
    The more I breathe, closer I get,
    To this one place we won't forget.




    Tin Man, Tin Man, don’t you cry,
    Rust will set into your eye,
    On your lips will freeze the sigh,
    blankYou will die.

    Tin Man, Tin Man, don’t you crash,
    Rugged cracks your chest will gash,
    Dreams of blood and flesh so brash
    blankGone to trash.

    Tin Man, Tin Man, don’t you pound
    Hollow chest with heartless sound
    Searching love with nothing found
    blankAll earth round.

    Tin Man, Tin Man, one night through
    I will share my heart with you,
    And I’ll be, by morning dew,
    blankDead and blue.

    No, my Dorothy, my queen,
    Die I’m ready, ‘cause I’ve seen
    Love. Though this my heart has been
    blankMade of tin.




    Lady, lady, fair and free,
    Will you share your spring with me?

    Laddie, laddie,
    Young and wild,
    Will I bear
    Your bastard child,
    Will you light
    My passion’s fire,
    Will you cool
    Your wild desire,
    And at road’s turn
    Will you say -
    Fare thee well...
    My heart to slay?

    Lady, lady, soft and free,
    Summer will you share with me?

    Young man, young man,
    Gay and bold,
    Will I want
    Your hands to hold,
    Will you burn
    My heart’s sweet dream,
    Will you live
    A roaring dream,
    And at morning’s
    Fading night,
    Will you go
    And kill my light?

    Lady, lady, pale and free,
    Autumn then please share with me?

    Dearest boy,
    Your handsome face,
    Will I love
    Your hot embrace,
    Will you make me
    Passion’s slave,
    Will you joke,
    And sneer, and rave,
    And when tears
    From eyes will flow,
    Will you laugh,
    And will you go?

    Lady, lady, soft as rhyme,
    May I share your winter time?

    Gentle sir,
    Will thou me swear,
    My name across
    Your heart to wear,
    When pain, when ache,
    To wipe my brow,
    My darkest nights
    To set aglow,
    And when my day
    Will be to part,
    A rose to wear
    Across thy heart?

    Gentle lady,
    I thee swear,
    Your name across
    My heart to wear,
    When pain, when ache,
    To wipe your brow,
    Your darkest nights
    To set aglow,
    And when your day
    Will be to part,
    I’ll lay across
    Thy silent heart.




    We sat on a bench. Cheek to cheek. Ear to lips and lips to ear. Whispering in the frozen dusk words covered by a thin frosty mist.

    Let’s whisper tales,
    Of handsome kings,
    Of fragile queens,
    Of harlequins,
    Of saintly virgins,
    Deadly sins,
    Of fearful knights,
    And magic beans,
    Of moonlit skies,
    The little prince,
    Of wizard’s spells,
    Of... dot com jeans?...

    You didn’t smile. I broke the magic. The thin silver thread trapping us in its spidery intricacies was broken. Like the sound of broken crystal. Dead. The tingle frozen, the tinkle gone. Forever. I tried to take your hand, to apologize. It was too late. You stood up, a painful drop of liquid crystal in your left eye. And you left. Forever.

    The whisper hollow,
    Brave king dead,
    His queen and knights
    Roll drunk in bed,
    The virgins whore,
    The harlequins
    Fed to the goats
    The magic beans,
    Sick is the wizard,
    Gone the spell.
    Private domain. Keep out.
    Dot hell.

    I finish the warm, tasteless beer. A formless unshaven face looks back at me from the broken mirror behind the bar counter. Good thing I don’t have to worry about my overflowing bladder anymore. The bartender wants his pen back. I leave a tip and he mumbles something that could be thanks or a curse. He was still mopping at my place as I got out into the street. Opposite side a bar "The Naked Prince". A life for sale street. Life and love for sale. The sinning part of the city. Even the moon refuses to shine its light in the dark alleys. I open the car door and slide behind the wheel. Dropping the piece of paper on the chair next to me. Fumble a bit with the key to find the ignition. I finally find it. The motor wakes up to life with a deafening roar.



The Five Seasons Of Love...

    So gay. With hope. From the heart.

    A sweet teen again,
    No cloud in your sky,
    The bells in your voice,
    The spark in your eye.

    So intense. With thirst. From the heart.

    The world in your hand,
    A summer day's bliss,
    The nightingale’s song
    At sun’s early kiss.

    So warm. With abandon. From the heart.

    In the opening fist,
    In the red rush of blood,
    In the whisper unheard,
    In the flowering bud.

    So sudden. With despair. From the heart.

    The shiver of night,
    The sharpness of sword,
    The shatter of dream,
    That cruel last word.

    So true. With emotion. From the heart.

    The caressing touch,
    The throb in the chest,
    The “never again”.
    Yes. The ultimate test.



From You...

    Sucking breath from your mouth’s hot red lips,
    Sucking heartbeat through your breasts’ rosy tips,
    Sucking eyesight off your eyes’ blue no end,
    Sucking life at the touch of your hand.

    Drinking wine from your mouth’s hot red lips,
    Drinking milk through your breasts’ rosy tips,
    Drinking tears off your eyes’ blue no end,
    Drinking love at the touch of your hand.

    Kiss the sweet of your mouth’s hot red lips,
    Touch the silk of your breasts’ rosy tips,
    Taste the salt of your eyes’ blue no end,
    Feel the thrill of the touch of your hand.

    Your mouth’s hot red lips
    Your breasts’ rosy tips,
    Your eyes’ blue no end,
    Your touch of the hand,
    Your breath’s sweet perfume,
    Your heart’s silken boom,
    Your eyes’ salty fears,
    Your life’s thrilling tears,
    Your dizzying wine,
    Your milk so divine,
    Your tear crystal bright,
    Your love’s gentle might.



That Magic Night...

    That magic night,
    In bridal white,
    Atop a wild unsaddled steed drawn with a charcoal’s heart,
    That gentle might,
    An eye so bright,
    Across a path of cobweb bricks, a master spider’s art,
    The moon alight,
    The sun your right,
    You came my stay and flowed to ground, a snowflake’s breath apart,
    That deep delight,
    A graceful sprite,
    Your lips my ear did softly touch, your pledge me to impart.

    blank“My master king,
    blankThis golden ring,
    blankMy soul with yours entwines,
    blankMy pledge for life,
    blankYour sacred wife,
    blankWith blood on flesh it signs.

    blankThru mother earth,
    blankThru children’s birth,
    blankThru seasons we’ll grow strong,
    blankTill fire’s glow,
    blankTill heart’s last throe,
    blankTill end, I thee belong.

    blankOn wind’s soft blow,
    blankWe’ll sail, we’ll flow,
    blankA father’s soft embrace,
    blankAnd water cools,
    blankIn icy pools,
    blankThe body’s heat to chase.”

    blank“My lady queen,
    blankYour soul so clean,
    blankMy thread of life I pledge,
    blankTo weave in mine,
    blankYour love divine,
    blankAnd you to guard and fledge.

    blankThru love and bliss,
    blankThru war and peace,
    blankThe iron core to steel,
    blankTo trust and dare,
    blankTo give and share,
    blankYour pain and hurt to heal.

    blankWith honest faith,
    blankYour thirst I’ll sate,
    blankAnd keep you to my right,
    blankMy crown and throne,
    blankMy sceptre’s stone,
    blankMy hand, my arm, my might.”

    That magic night,
    In bridal white,
    I carried you the hundred stairs up to the bridal room,
    That gentle might,
    An eye so bright,
    The moonlight beams your only dress, a flower deep in bloom,
    The moon alight,
    The sun your right,
    The passion rivers teeming wild at love’s fervid perfume,
    That deep delight,
    A graceful sprite,
    Your sleeping sigh my heart, my life, my kingdom to illume.



The Right...

    Songs and flowers,
    Children play,
    Drums and ribbons,
    ‘Cause today,
    Lad and lass,
    At eve and some,
    Vows will trade,
    In marriage come.

    Wooden tables,
    Bread and cheese,
    Wine three barrels,
    Roasted peas,
    And where sill
    To wall adjoins,
    Lordship’s gift,
    Three golden coins.

    The darkness deep, all poor and all benight,
    At village inn have joined for thru the night
    The cheerful youth, with wonder to behold,
    The flushing bride, with braid of molten gold.

    A grumbling dog, what is this nearing thunder,
    Claiming the joy, the life, to tear asunder,
    The heavy hooves, the yellow stinking flame,
    The castle lord, his right has come to claim.

    Wild the youth,
    And scared the bride,
    Flesh and bone
    With shield collide...
    Gone the lass,
    Benumbed the dream,
    In the castle
    Howls the scream...

    Early morn,
    A crying wench,
    Blood and tear
    The torn garb drench,
    Tries a youth,
    Her love re-claim,
    In his eyes
    A raging flame...




    The wind was soft, the sky was low,
    Upon the lake a silver glow,
    A bluish dusk, a rusty hull,
    A tree, a hill, a sleeping gull,
    An empty road from here to there,
    An empty beach from when to where,
    And waves in endless chasing roar
    Of brothers lost on sandy shore.

    You sat, your back against the tree,
    Your eyelids closed, your spirit free,
    A dreamy smile across your face,
    A woman’s love, a teenage grace,
    A newborn sweet and innocent,
    Your nostrils flairing summer scent,
    Soft golden hair of flow no end,
    Your rosy lips a flowers blend.

    An engine stops. A shiver runs
    From neck to toe and back. At once
    The heart is thumping with the sound
    Of thousand hammers’ mighty pound,
    Your hand you raise, your little fist
    The sand is crushing to a mist,
    While solid hands your body grab,
    Your soul to rip, your heart to stab.

    With flaming cheeks on lust stained face,
    With tearing silk and ripping lace,
    With sweat rich rivers pouring down,
    With muted groans that thunder drown,
    With nails encrusted deep in chest,
    With arching back and offered breast,
    With bloodied lips gasping for breath,
    When bodies join the spasm of death...

    An engine starts. A parting growl,
    And silence calms the darkness’ scowl,
    The heartbeat cools, the fever wanes,
    The blood its riverbed regains,
    The heaving chest at last at peace,
    No burning lungs, no strangled hiss...
    Then eyelids flutter, sunshine burns,
    The agony of life returns.

    You stand. So small. So slim of shape,
    So big the wound, its mouth agape,
    Your bleeding soul, the searing fire...
    Yet... then you smile, oh, sweet desire,
    Go tell it wide, go ring the bell,
    It is my heaven, it’s my hell,
    Your fist you shake with fragile might,
    Again I’ll live. Again. Tonight.




    Lady night,
    Your starry breath
    Paint it on my lover’s bed,
    When her tears the pillow stain,
    It’s of me she’ll think again.

    Lady day,
    Your butterflies
    Paint them on my lover’s eyes,
    When her life the rainbows fill,
    Turn to me her laughter will.

    Lady moon,
    Your silver veil
    Paint it on the nightingale,
    Let my love at early morn,
    From my heart pull out the thorn.

    Lady sun,
    Your silken ray
    Paint it on my lady fay,
    When her body joins the lace,
    It’s to me her thoughts will race.




    Dressing white, so bright the color, fresh with innocence and charm,
    Rustling leaves forget to chatter as you take me by the arm,
    Down the magic depth of forest bird and beast have stopped to gaze,
    Who’s that child, head on my shoulder, sweeping me into the maze?...

    Dressing white, so clean the color, pale and soft the smiling maid,
    Shyly hums a song the forest blushing rust in leaf and blade,
    Asks a deer a passing rabbit – “who’s that couple deep asleep,
    Skin to skin in seamless pleasure, furs undone in shapeless heap?"

    Dressing white, so pure the color, hand in hand along the path...
    Lowered eyes... and smile the treetops, curbs the storm its rushing wrath,
    One torn button lights the clearing like a work of master art,
    As we leave, my lady holding – and my finger, and my heart.



Frozen In My Memory...

    Frozen in my memory,
    Joyful, free,
    Frozen in my memory –
          - far from me...

    Frozen in my bleeding heart,
    Witty, smart,
    Frozen in my bleeding heart –
          - far apart...

    Frozen in my dreams astray,
    Wild at play,
    Frozen in y dreams astray –
          - far away...

    Frozen in my mortal crust,
    Screaming lust,
    Frozen in my mortal crust –
          - gone to dust...



Three Wishes...

    Thru seconds rush, thru minutes pass, thru days and weeks and years,
    Thru mourning death, thru screaming birth, thru life’s unending cheers,
    Thru war and peace, thru peace and war, thru hope and darkest fears,
    And you are there, to guide my way,
          Forever and a day.

    Thru muted pain when body squirms and screams without a sound,
    Thru bleeding hurt when gushing wound is ocean’s pit profound,
    Thru quiet agonizing soul prey to hot hell’s own hound,
    And you are there, to ward the blow,
          Forever and ago.

    Thru songs of praise and hymns of love, thru birds of chime divine,
    Thru sunrise bright and peaceful skies, thru sweet and fragrant wine,
    Thru lovers’ kiss and mothers’ bliss, thru smiles the day outshine,
    And I am there, your hand to tend,
          Forever and no end.



Dear Diary...

    Dear Diary,

    Today I met a man. A shy, inventive, intelligent man. A gentle man. He made me laugh. I like to laugh.

    Today I met this man again and we talked. I don’t know him very well, but there is just something about him.

    Today we talked again. He comes from a different world, or maybe I do. I love his mails.

    Today, I looked for an email from him. Not there. Very disappointing. I don’t know why.

    Today the mail is there and I smile. My heart flutters like a school girl’s. How silly of me.

    Today he promises to write again soon. I wait in anticipation, counting the days.

    Today I hate myself. I turned the computer on just to see if he’s written to me. I am sad.

    Today he was there. Telling me about little pieces of his life and I him. Why am I so captivated?

    Today I know he is a writer. I think he is writing his name into my heart. God help me.

    Today his son is getting married. He is so proud. I’m proud for him. I wish I were there...

    Today is a sad day. He had some trouble at work and he is angry and hurt. I wish I could hold him...

    Today is the worst ever. He can’t write me for awhile. Please don’t let him forget me...

    Today and for days ahead I will wait. I miss him. I think something is wrong with me...

    Today he lit my world! A mail that says he misses me. What is happening to me?

    Today I can’t function. I can’t get it together. I re-read his mail. Feelings stir... I’m afraid.

    Today I’m more afraid to find he hasn’t written me. But he has. Be still my heart.

    Today I know this is real as I feel the pain. I’m in so much trouble. I’ve fallen for this man...

    Today I met a man who I cannot touch, or see, and I have never known such joy. I love you...

    Dear Diary,

    Today he made love to me. I will never be the same... love will never be the same... I have found paradise...

        * * *

    Dear Diary,

    Today I met a woman, a wonderful woman. She is the first woman in my life to have written me a poem. She is the first woman in my life to have written you about me. She is the first woman in my life to have told me with such passion that she loves me. She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me ache just to be there to cure my pain, she makes me live, she makes me die, she competes with God and re-creates me. I am born again. Thinking of her, and my stomach rolls in knots, my knees cut from underneath me, my hand shivers with the fire of fever and the fire of ice, I lust for her, I love her.

    Dear Diary,

    Today, she made love to me. I will never be the same... love will never be the same… I have found paradise...



Royal Flush...

    King of hearts, your marvels old,
    Ace of hearts, your rich untold,
    Ten of hearts, in diamond cold,
    Heart of jacks, in rubies rolled,
    Young and heartless queen in gold,
    Mass your treasures, coin by coin,
    Year by year, your kingdoms join,
    Lust and jewels, hoard and pile,
    Over mountains thousand mile...
    Vain, not hardly worth the while
    Even half my sweetheart’s smile.




    Raining, pouring buckets full,
    Thunder, lightning call the rule,
    In the middle of the woods,
    Under dripping treetop hoods,
    Skipping old and gnarled a root
    With my sweetheart bare of foot,
    Counting raindrops, hand in hand,
    Counting kisses, grains of sand...

    Whirling, shrieking, storming, snowing,
    Virgin whiteness ever growing,
    In the middle of the field,
    Under thin and icy shield,
    Watching stars like pearls set
    In my sweetheart's misty breath,
    Counting snowflakes, north and south,
    Counting kisses, mouth to mouth...

    Burning, blasting sun’s fierce eye,
    Searing fire from the sky,
    In the middle of the beach,
    Out of world and out of reach,
    Hearing ocean’s whispered cheers
    In my sweetheart's gentle ears,
    Counting sand grains, waves and shell,
    Counting kisses, heaven’s hell...



A Letter...

    With you. Alone. Writing.

    A blues in the air,
    A harmonica weeping,
    A coat on the chair
    Me company keeping,
    Cold beer in my left,
    A pen in the other,
    Try with unskilful deft
    One word, then another...

    With you. Alone. Writing a letter.

    My sweet dearest love...
    I write, then strike out,
    My virgin white dove...
    I sense you will pout,
    My summer wind whirl...
    No... that’s not yet so quite,
    My sweet little girl...
    I know this is right.

    With you. Alone. Writing a letter to you.

    My sweet little girl,
    Roads so many away,
    Shall I send you a pearl
    To remember one day,
    Or a sweet worded plea
    Being so far from you,
    Shall I roam land and sea,
    Always telling I’m blue,
    Do you still kiss each night
    My old picture in mind,
    And then early with light
    There you hope me to find,
    Will this letter's strange whiff
    After touching your breast,
    Keep you wondering if
    Ever I'll come your nest?...

    With me. Alone. Writing a letter to me.

    My dear gentle sir,
    Roads so many away,
    Not a pearl's the stir
    To remember one day,
    Not a sweet plea from you
    Being so far from me,
    No need roaming world through,
    Claiming true blue to be,
    I still kiss every night
    Your old picture in mind,
    Every early day's light
    Here I hope you to find,
    This short letter's secure
    Pressing tight to my breast,
    And I know safe and sure
    You’ll soon come to my nest...



With Me?...

    In the spring a buzzing bee
    Would you care and watch with me,
    Pouring gleaming sugar hail
    Long the anthills busy trail,
    Smelling lilies, wild lilac,
    Eating berries – blue and black,
    Cotton candy to your lips,
    In my mouth your finger tips...

    In the summer by the sea
    Would you like to play with me,
    Riding turtles on the beach,
    Chasing lizards out of reach,
    Drawing faces in the sand,
    Melting ice-cream in your hand,
    And with sunset’s bluish light
    Sighing gently in delight...

    Under autumn’s shedding tree
    Would you come and lay with me,
    Drinking rain from gushing skies,
    Licking drops around my eyes,
    Kicking leaves and running wild,
    Partly woman, mostly child,
    Stamping, stomping, squirting mud,
    Drowning world your laughter’s flood...

    In the winter – roaming free,
    Would you share my shack with me,
    Shoving snowballs down my shirt,
    Eyes ablaze with flaming mirth,
    Rubbing glove to frozen nose,
    Greenish blue, and purple rose,
    By the crack of glowing fire
    Softly quenching my desire...

    Bee, and sea, and tree, and free...
    Would you share your life with me?...



There And Here...

    Climbing stairs,
    Dusting drapes,
    Chasing bats,
    Squashing grapes...
          At this moment,
          Sweetheart dear,
          Don’t you seem
          My voice to hear?

    Cleaning floors,
    Planting shrubs
    Watching movies,
    Feeding cubs...
          At this moment,
          Sweetheart sweet,
          Don’t you guess
          My heart’s wild beat?

    Laughing loud,
    Telling jokes,
    Dancing tight,
          At this moment,
          Sweetheart girl,
          Don’t you taste
          My teardrop pearl?

    Flaming cheeks,
    Panting breath
    Craving touch,
    Lusting death...
          At this moment,
          Sweetheart doe,
          Don’t you feel
          My deathly woe?



I'd Like...

    I’d like to tell a story
    Of justice and of glory,
    Of knights in shining mail
    On evil’s bloody trail,
    Of blazing guns and smoke,
    Of breaking chain and yoke,
    Of beating hooves in night,
    Of crushing pain and plight...

    I’d like to count a tale
    Of fighting storm and hail,
    Of gripping hand to rocks
    Defying mountain’s hawks,
    Of stubborn steady plough
    Through blizzard, ice and snow,
    Of sharing lair and spring
    With jungle’s mighty king...

    I’d like to spin a yarn
    Of peace and sunshine darn,
    Of bells' soft crystal chime,
    Of love and smile in rhyme,
    Of dancing and of cheers
    For days and months and years,
    Of kids in mothers’ arms,
    Of sunset’s magic charms...

    I’d like to sing a song
    From time to time’s end long,
    Of quiet silent nights,
    Of flying rainbow kites,
    Of walking in the park,
    Of touching in the dark,
    Of living by your side,
    Of calling you my bride...




    I watch and cry,
    My tear is dry,
    The swelling flood invades my blood a hundred stories high.

    You walk the street at hasty pace,
    Soft silver glints your passage trace,
    Your clicking heels like pouring rain,
    No passer-by seems to complain,
    A nod to left, a smile to right,
    Someone you know, someone you might,
    A corner chat, a wave of hand,
    Your scent a field of flowers blend,
    A wake of heads that turn and sigh,
    A wake of dreams – all bound to die,
    No one’s to find, no one to know
    The secret setting you aglow,
    Your brow in thought, your eye in tear,
    Your mind away, your body here...

    I sit and gaze,
    Through misty haze,
    The gnawing pain invades my brain and sets my soul ablaze.

    A sudden start, all wide awake
    Your pace a second seems to break,
    A cheerful jump, a happy shout,
    I wonder what it’s all about...
    Oh God almighty, could it be...
    Oh no, you pass there right through me,
    A few more steps, a hug, a kiss,
    The sounds of daily life and bliss,
    A hasty pinch, a friendly pat,
    The air alive with chit and chat,
    A bite and cake at corner’s store,
    This weekend’s plan to camp on shore,
    A lengthy look, an asking stare,
    A hot night’s promise in the air...

    A mute regret,
    A frozen breath,
    A scorching fire of desire invades my vision’s living death.

    A shaded light draws gentle shapes
    Across the flutter of the drapes,
    You feel him close, a rustle near,
    You close your eyes... in lust?... in fear?...
    His hands on neck, then slowly glide
    Inside your shirt, then further slide,
    Your mind is deaf... your body hears
    And turns alight with mighty cheers,
    As squirming flesh in gripping lust
    Grinds mind’s oblivion into dust,
    A moment long your open eyes
    Regard my face... the vision dies.
    Your eyes are shut. I hear the knell.
    Away I go. Nowhere. To hell.

    Your body’s burn,
    My body’s churn,
    God bless the day I’ll find my way to there where’s no return.




    So once upon a time,
    ‘Bout neverwhen ago,
    In neverland by neverwhere where neverrivers flo,
    Where neverword is rhyme,
    Kids neverever gro,
    And neverday joins nevernight in neverending glo,
    There lived a little girl,
    Who loved a little boy,
    He promised her a pearl,
    She promised him a toy.

    The years have passed,
    So many years,
    And years, and years, and more,
    The girl has stayed in neverland,
    The boy has gone ashore.

    And night is day,
    And day is night,
    And night is chasing day,
    The girl has stayed in neverland,
    The boy has gone away.

    And weeds have grown
    In flower beds,
    And weeds and weeds galore,
    The girl has stayed in neverland,
    The boy is here no more.

    Dear gentle boy,
    In worlds so wide,
    In worlds and worlds so rich,
    Away you’re gone,
    So out of word,
    So out of missive reach,
    Dear gentle boy,
    Away so far,
    This frightened little girl,
    Awaits, awaits,
    Awaits, awaits,
    Your silver little pearl,
    Dear gentle boy,
    My braids are long,
    And long and long my wait,
    And in my hand
    I hold the toy,
    The promise long of date.

    The years have passed,
    So many years,
    And years and years and more,
    Please blow a bubble
    Ball of soap,
    And send it to my shore,
    And night is day,
    And day is night,
    And night is closing day,
    And fill it with
    Your rainbow’s kiss,
    And send it here away,
    And weeds have grown
    In flower beds,
    And weeds and weeds galore,
    You took my heart,
    Two hearts you have,
    I have a heart no more.

    So once upon a time,
    ‘Bout neverwhen ago,
    In neverland by neverwhere where neverrivers flo,
    Where neverword is rhyme,
    Kids neverever gro,
    And neverday joins nevernight in neverending glo,
    A man no longer boy,
    Returns to find a girl,
    He reaches for the toy,
    She reaches for the pearl,
    And with a final sigh,
    His grizzly head asleep,
    Forever in her lap,
    The toy in mighty grip.

    Oh tender boy, dear sir,
    Forever you are gone,
    The pearl me you grant
    To hold it here alone,
    And grow into the world,
    You gave me life and power,
    Dear sir, you are the seed,
    And I, the pretty flower.




    She’s a writer,
    She’s a fighter,
    She’s a lady,
    She’s a whore,
    She’s an angel,
    She’s a devil,
    She’s the woman I adore.

    She’s a dreamer,
    She’s a schemer,
    She’s a servant,
    She’s a queen,
    She’s a virgin,
    She’s a mother,
    She’s my forest’s evergreen.

    She’s a goddess,
    She’s a wild guess,
    She’s a breeze,
    She’s raging gale,
    She’s a smile,
    She’s legend’s fairy,
    She’s my heart’s eternal jail.

    She’s a fire,
    She’s desire,
    She’s an eagle,
    She’s a dove,
    She’s despair,
    She’s hope, she’s sunshine,
    She’s my one and only love.




    Why the moon
          Is barren rock,
    Why the clouds
          The sunset mock,
    Why the goose
          Is flying south,
    Why your lips
          Besiege my mouth?

    How come sol
          Precedes to la,
    How come mom
          Traded with ma,
    How come sun
          Returns each day,
    How come you
          Ask if you may?

    When does steel
          Give up and rust,
    When does love
          Give in to lust,
    When does stardust
          Turn to sand,
    When will you
          Set free my hand?

    Who’s to break
          A pledge of troth,
    Who will save
          The flame lured moth,
    Who decides
          This man, this beast,
    Who right now
          My fingers kissed?

    Whence the tune
          For lullaby,
    Whence the paint
          For butterfly,
    Whence the chill
          For mountain spring,
    Whence the spell
          That forged my ring?




    Let me see,
    One, two, three,
    You love coke and I hate tea,
    You’re no paddle, I’m no creek,
    Chickens peck,
    What the heck,
    C’mon baby let us neck...

    Let us jive,
    Three, four, five,
    You bake bread and I don’t drive,
    You’re no holly, I’m no smoke,
    Lions roar,
    What’s the score,
    C’mon baby give me more...

    Let’s try heaven,
    Five, six, seven,
    You like Poe and I’m no Raven,
    You’re no nail and I’m no tough,
    Robins sing,
    When’s the spring,
    C’mon baby blunt my sting...

    Let’s guess when,
    Eight, nine, ten,
    You’re in bed, I practice zen,
    You’re no bloody, I’m no hell,
    Lizards hiss,
    Where’s the fleece,
    C’mon baby let us kiss...



Tunes One...

    You said...

    Close your eyes,
    A deep breath take,
    Lift your arms,
    Your two fists shake,
    Touch my mind
    I’m everywhere,
    Touch your chest,
    I’m beating there.

    I listened...

    Closed my eyes,
    A deep breath took,
    Lifted arms,
    My two fists shook,
    Touched your mind
    At everywhere,
    Touched my chest,
    You’re beating there.

        * * *

    Vanilla ice,
    Red cherry top,
    Brown choco pearls,
    And rum one drop,
    You tasted once,
    And twice, great fun,
    I begged and prayed,
    You left me none,
    You even licked
    Your finger tips,
    I scooped my share
    From your sweet lips.

        * * *

    Seen girls scream,
    Seen boys dream,
    Seen dogs bark,
    Seen cars park,
    Seen leaves fall,
    Seen waves roll.

    Sweeping by,
    Fore my eye,
    Hasty pace,
    Blurry trace,
    Seen and lost,
    Fading ghost.

        * * *

    Are you there?
    Are you where?
    In the shadows
    Round the meadows?
    In the haze
    Round the maze?...

    Sculpting rhyme,
    Painting chime,
    Sewing lace,
    Weaving grace,
    Line and verse
    To immerse...

    Kiss and fold,
    Wrap and hold,
    Then let fly,
    Sad of eye,
    Dreams, desire,
    Torture, fire...



Quintet Quintets...

    You could lose an elephant in a shopping mall,
    You could fight a vampire bat painted on the wall,
    You could break one spiky heel and depart in style,
    You could melt an icebergs' sea
    Flashing it your smile.

        * * *

    Haunting sights, rose turned to grey, childhood turned to fraud,
    Terror nightmares turned to black life’s beginner’s road,
    Running, hiding, scared and lone, fright’s fierce lashing burns,
    Then one day, like tiger wakes,
    Cub to woman turns.

        * * *

    Tough as nails and soft as silk, servant, lady, queen,
    Wit of spirit, joke and phrase, granny, mommy, teen,
    Games, compassion, rescue, smiles, spoiling grown and child,
    Yet inside your silken breast
    Burns the passion wild.

        * * *

    Awful secrets, pain and fright, you have shared with me,
    Dreams of maybe... whether... if... you have let me see,
    Intimately whispered love, gasping lust, and shame...
    In return – I gave you pain,
    And consuming flame...

        * * *

    Know... remember?... you were sad over puppy’s grave,
    Oh... remember?... you were glad, once a tree I saved,
    My... remember?... through the rain you would try to fly,
    Yes... remember?... in your arms
    Is my place to die?...





    Like the red of blood,
    Like the might of flood,
    Like the scream of life in the bursting bud...


    Roaming earth’s entrails
    Liquid fire sails
    And in bursts of hell blinding sunshine hails...


    Like a typhoon’s eye,
    Like an angel’s sigh,
    Like a virgin’s pain in that love’s first cry...

    Like the sea reflecting the skies.
    Like the skies reflecting your eyes.




    You lay on your back.
    You have not been created yet.

    He looked at the sky,
    He needed a colour for them,
    He needed colours for the sea, the sun, the clouds.
    The colours have not been invented yet.

    He took his brush,
    Dipped it in your eyes,
    And softly started painting skies in long blue strokes,
    And skilfully coating grief with dark, deep, rumbling blue tones,
    And endless horizon with vibrating bluish fading haze,
    Dipped it again,
    And mixed the oozing paint in the sea waves,
    Dipped it in your tear,
    And the waves crest started rolling in a roaring procession of foaming thunder,
    Mixed the blue of the eyes,
    And the red of the lips,
    And the pink of the breasts,
    And painted the dawn, and the sunset, and the northern lights, and the love,
    Picked the spark off the eye’s tear,
    And the flash off the lip’s moisture,
    And the glint off the breast’s sweat,
    And in one magical sweep sprayed it over the no colour night skies
    For the millions and millions of stars waiting to be born off his artist’s touch,
    Dipped it in your soft breath,
    And painted the breeze,
    And the wind,
    And the hurricane...

    Dipped it in my unborn dream,
    And painted you.




    I was born two moons ago,
    How I know it? I don’t know.
    Maybe mommy, sweet and kind,
    Wished it straight into my mind,
    Like her mommy, yes, it’s true,
    And her mommy’s mommy too...
            ...wish I knew.

    I was weak, and wet, and blind,
    Mommy licked my front, my hind,
    Then, surprise, before I could
    Squeal, as any puppy should,
    Whoosh, my brother lands on me,
    Then my sisters, one, two, three...
            ... oh gee.

    Crawling round my mommy’s tit,
    All of us, with puppy grit,
    Squealing, squashing tail and head,
    Mommy licking, mighty glad,
    Biting, toothless, brother’s paw,
    “This my tit, this is the law”...
    With my sisters crawling by,
    Buried me, oh my, oh my,
    Squirming, moaning, sniffing loud,
    Mommy looking, fierce and proud,
    And with muzzle soft and deft,
    Pushing each, to right, to left,
    And in moments, all asleep,
    Each a nipple, sucking deep,
    No more squabble, no more squeal,
    Gone the whining, gone the thrill,
    Mommy’s tired, closed her eyes,
    Mommy’s happy, mommy cries?...
            ...mommy sighs.

    Sucking mommy’s tasty milk,
    Cuddled ’gainst her belly’s silk,
    Growing stronger by the day,
    Growing bolder all the way,
    Taking long exhausting trips –
    Mommy’s tail to her ears tips,
    Finding new exciting smells,
    Hearing voices, hearing bells,
    And one day – oh, mommy, help!
    Who’s that ugly beady whelp?
    Mommy barks and jumps with joy,
    Oh, my pup, you see..., oh boy,
    Eyes you opened, goshly grace,
    This is just your brother’s face,
    Let me lick your pretty eyes,
    Gosh, they’re brown, oh mighty nice,
    Now you’re almost dog complete,
    All you need is just a bit...
            ...of teeth.

    One full moon, and then one more,
    Not a single moment’s bore,
    Found some giants, scared me shit,
    Mommy laughs – don’t be a twit,
    These, the humans call them kid,
    Some are nasty, gosh forbid,
    Ours are the softy kind,
    Just sit down on your behind,
    Smile at them, just wag your tail,
    Show them who’s this cutie male,
    Roll around, your belly show,
    And they’ll scratch it fore you know,
    And they’ll play with you and fight,
    And their finger you may bite,
    There’s one secret you should know –
    When they smile, their teeth will show,
    God of humans, so the tale,
    Punished female, kid, and male...
            ...with no tail.

    Few more suns, then one day morn,
    Mommy says – my dear first born,
    And you others, pups of my...
    Time has come to say good bye,
    Giant humans make the rule,
    Soon they start what they call school,
    And your mommy’s very sad,
    Yet your mommy’s mighty glad,
    ‘Cause the human kids with you
    Will find giant humans who
    Will provide you food and care,
    Happy homes, and love to share,
    Come to mommy, rub my nose,
    Take a proud and fearsome pose,
    Your adventure starts today,
    Listen what I have to say –
    Love thy human, by his side
    Always stay, but never hide...
            ... your dog’s pride.

    Bye-bye mommy, one last bite,
    One last lick, you’re out of sight,
    Brother whimpers, sisters hide,
    I remember! and with pride
    On the basket’s rim I lean,
    Paws and muzzle fierce and mean,
    But I’d like so much, I too,
    To be squealing after you...
    You I promise, mommy dear,
    Head up high, no shade of fear,
    Your advice burnt deep inside
    Let it be my faithful guide,
    Bye-bye mommy, what’s this yawn
    Stretching muzzle dusk to dawn,
    Oh, I’m sleepy, kind of fear...
    Miss your warmth... on no, no tear,
    Promised you and I’ll fulfil...
    Wonder whose is this thin, shrill...

    Giant human female kid
    Opens up the basket’s lid,
    She and friends then sit around,
    “Anybody? Puppy hound?”
    I, my brother, sisters too,
    Wonder what’s this boo-hoo-hoo,
    Rushing giants, screaming kids,
    Giant mother baby feeds,
    Snapping jaws... another clan?
    Dog to dog like man to man?
    Suddenly I start to crawl,
    Suddenly I want to bawl,
    Backing into brother, sis,
    Mommy, mommy, you I miss,
    Mouth I open... wait... what’s that?
    Is it human, is it cat?
    Screaming, shrieking with delight
    Do I dream? Is it a sight?...
            ...not quite.

    Tearing passage, no excuse,
    In her wake twelve trodden shoes,
    Landing like no normal dame
    (Where in hell I know this name?)
    In my basket, crushing fur,
    Kissing noses, all’s a blur,
    Brother, sisters, kids and I
    Is she real?... looks like... my...
    Storm erupts in basketland,
    Barking puppies bite her hand,
    Smiling tails with sheer delight,
    Smiling teeth (that human plight...),
    And this crazy human she
    Picks me up, I’m glad, I pee
    In her lap. She jumps with joy,
    Keeps on mumbling “boy, oh, boy...”
    Other humans passing by,
    Some will laugh, some asking why...
            ... some just sigh.

    Slowly, slowly, noise and storm
    Fade away, I’m snug and warm,
    Hearing thumps in woman’s chest,
    Feels like mommy, close to breast,
    And I yawn, and then I itch,
    And I love this human bitch...
            ...she a witch?

    One thing’s sure, I know, you see -
    She would like a tail like me.
    Why? you ask, so she could smile.
    And I knew it all the while,
    ‘Cause, and here I must confess,
    Had a peek under her dress...
            ...can you guess?



One Simple Tune...

    One simple tune,
            So strange of sound
            Haunting and sweet,
    Out of no where,
            Out of no place,
            Out of no beat,
    I closed my eyes,
            Wandering thoughts,
            Over the sea,
    Hunting for you,
            Lonely and sad,
            Waiting for me.

    One simple tune,
            Drunken and soft
            Alien rhyme,
    Out of no heart,
            Out of no soul,
            Out of no time,
    Sin silken thoughts,
            Flooding your mind,
            In endless stream,
    Fingers entwined,
            Pain touching pain,
            Dream touching dream.



Autumn Wind...

    You asked.
    My Lord, how come your spring has passed away unseen,
    My nose against the window pane, from girl to maiden teen,
    Sweet tales I heard of laughter, joy, I learned of sun and song,
    Of droves of flowers making love to butterflies day long...
    While shivering with cold and fright, my hurt unjust and deep,
    Under the willow, night and night, crying myself to sleep.

    You asked.
    My Lord, your summer sun, how come it chilled my heart,
    Where was the knight in shining mail to rip my soul apart,
    Looking for burning summer skies and blinding magic light
    Through hollow sounds of gasp and breathe that rocked my bed each night,
    In day to day, in day to night, in night to day again,
    Was it the summer? was it love? and if it was then when?


    You prayed.
    My Lord, this autumn wind, this sudden ripping gust,
    Filling my soul with sudden life, filling my heart with trust,
    Filling my love with passion’s glow, with endless gentle pain,
    Filling my chest with childish joy and woman’s lust insane,
    My Lord, I pray, please let me wed my autumn lullaby,
    And when the winter roll shall in, together let us die.



The Shape...

    Naked body, white and soft,
    In my arms you lie asleep,
    Round my neck your feeble grip,
    Pouting slightly as you did...
    blank...so oft.

    Naked beach, and naked sea,
    In my mind a crazy view,
    On the beach a thousand you,
    Side by side, the art of love...
    blank... I see.

    Picked you up, you didn’t stir,
    Though your body, warm and snug,
    Graced me with a mindless hug,
    Your thoughts in dreamland’s endless maze...
    blank...a blur.

    Kissed the shoulder,
    Asked for lips,
    Told my fingers
    Hunting tips
    You to map,
    Your peaks, your deeps,
    Haunting silken
    Tender strips,
    Aching, charming,
    Killing trips.

    Let you down on gentle sand,
    Dark and wet and fine of grain,
    Looked at you – a pallid stain,
    Pallid body, pallid face...
    blank...pallid hand.

    And my fingers trace the form,
    Breaks the sand... and soft the sigh,
    Down the neck and up the thigh,
    God almighty... wakes my love...
    blank...the storm...

    Laughing wildly, screaming rape,
    Rolls and rides across my chest,
    Cups my hand upon her breast...
    ...Sea and wave with envy sweep...
    blank...the shape.




    Slide your finger through my ring,
    Burn your winter through my spring,
    Rend your chest and rive your heart and impale it on my sting.

    Catch my dreams in spider nets,
    Scorch my breath with hot regrets,
    Whisper softly in my ear and let me die a thousand deaths.

    Touch your finger to my brow,
    Sink your teeth to my blood flow,
    By my side your sunset ride... never go.



You Said...

    Be the wind that pulls my locks
    Like a sea of ribbon tails,
    Spraying mists of cool desire
    Long the wake of racing sails,

    Be the wand of wizard magic
    Dreamlove fairy’s very own,
    Weave my body in the carpet
    Flying you to lands unknown,

    Be the ram that rapes my tower,
    Breaks my wall and cracks my gate,
    Lay me waste and seed me flowers
    Crushed by you to welcomed fate,

    Be the sword that swiftly slashes,
    Carve my chest, my heart to save
    In your cage of golden silver,
    Lock the gate, forever slave...


    Be the wind, the wand, the timeless
    Change of is to should have been,
    Be the ram, the sword, forever
    Be my promise, be my dream...



Far Away...

    Far away from flight of eye,
    Way beyond the stretch of sky,
    Ever out the reach of men,
    Gone by where, and why, and when,
    Past the glint of dreams debris,
    Out of was, and is, and be,
            Hides a star,
            And none can see...

    Looking low by mountain’s shade,
    Cross the dreaming forest glade,
    Dripping honey from her breast,
    Braiding kisses round her nest,
    Moulding sighs to lullaby,
    Smiles a princess, sad of eye,
            In her lap,
            Asleep am I...

    Lucid fingers trace my cheek,
    Left of chest an answer seek,
    “Tell me stranger, soft of word,
    Queer of ways and fast of sword,
    To my world you brought your sun,
    Seasons many, torture one,
            Will you part
            And leave me none?...”

    Melting icebergs glide from eyes,
    Crush my heart in velvet vise,
    “Clue me stranger, will my nest
    Crumble down at your behest,
    Burn the silk on which we wed,
    From my breast on which you fed
            Blood will weep,
            And leave me dead?...

    From the depths of soul unbending,
    In the fields of love unending,
    Far from world and far from never
    I have sown the seeds of ever,
    I have fed it tear and sorrow,
    Angry past and sweet tomorrow,
            If I could
            Your dream to borrow,

    In my star to weave its thread,
    Run it through my bloodied bed,
    Flood till over runs my cup,
    Paint forget in waking up,
    In the star that’s never been
    You the king and I the queen,
            Queen of lace,
            And king of tin...”

    Closed my eyes, I knew I’m there,
    Lost amid the when and where,
    Not awake and not asleep,
    Honey marbles slowly drip,
    Kisses flutter round and by,
    Tunes of passion drift and fly,
            In her lap,
            Awaken I...

    Seeing gates of crimson red
    Hiding pearls loose of thread,
    Frozen lakes of whirling blue
    Shying back of frozen dew,
    Zephyr caress tame of feel
    Melting flakes from core of steel,
            By your side
            I bend and kneel...

    “Did the lark to heights take wing,
    In your voice his ode to sing,
    Did the sky its scheme reveal
    From your eyes the blue to steal,
    Did the sun lay down to get
    Scorching fire from your breath,
            Is it life,
            Or sweetest death?...

    Did your blood my veins invade
    Rushing forth its mad crusade,
    Did your thunder’s roaring art
    Find a haven in my heart,
    Did your soul its endless quest
    End inside my craving chest,
            You and I,
            One self, one nest?...”

        * * *

    Rolls the legend... “...stars away,
    Far from night, and far from day,
    There’s a land where wishes dock,
    Dreams cut riverbeds in rock,
    Smiles are pouring from the sky,
    Lost forever when and why...”
            It’s the land
            Of you... and I...



Short Encounter...

    Grey weeping clouds,
    Green sparkling grass,
    Black tinge of storm,
    Red shards of glass,
    Forgotten world,
    Deserted will,
    Sweet promise kept,
    Deep searing feel,
    The tangled hair,
    The heaving chest,
    The ruby cheek,
    The pallid breast,
    Half blue half closed
    Your pretty eyes,
    Half red half soft
    Your mouth’s sweet spice,
    A broken nail,
    A piece of lace,
    A missing shoe,
    A spilling case,
    Lips touching four,
    Hands holding two,
    Tears flowing ten,
    One “I love you...”...



Born, Living, Loving...

    Yesterday and more ago,
    Half a century, or so,
    Time the plains give in to snow,
    Acting life’s most awesome show,
    Knowing no...

    Yesterday and some ago,
    Half through life, through bliss, through blow,
    Time the seasons slowly flow,
    Acting life’s most common show,
    Knowing no...

    Yesterday not long ago,
    Half a world away, or no,
    Time the sudden passions glow,
    Acting life’s most scorching show,
    Knowing so...



Closed My Eyes...

    Closed my eyes.
    Trying to write you a poem,
    Using words never said before,
    Words you never heard before.
    But I failed.

    Closed my eyes.
    Trying to imagine,
    The breezy fragrance hiding in the wild recesses of your endlessly flowing fluttering hair,
    Blending silver sparks
            with soft light hints,
            shadows grey
            with color glints...
    Inhaling the inebriating forest perfumes burning bloody trails into my lungs...
    My breathing rough, irregular...
            But I failed.

    Closed my eyes.
    Trying to imagine,
    The stormy touch hiding in the capped fire wells of your softly reaching promising fingertips,
    Blending venom speed
            with fairy dust,
            heavens sting
            with mortal lust...
    Shivering at the howling forest squalls cutting bloody traces along my skin...
    My body aching, asking...
            But I failed.

    Closed my eyes.
    Trying to imagine,
    The killing hurricane hiding in the erupting volcano of your gently inviting smiling lips,
    Blending honey dew
            with cleaving pain,
            freezing hell
            with scathing rain...
    Writhing at the blazing forest fires carving smoldering paths across my soul...
    My self searching, begging...
            But I failed.

    Closed my eyes.
    Trying to write you a poem,
    Using same words I said before,
    Same words you heard before.
    And you were there...




    I found a woman.

    There’s no second to your kind,
    Scavenging my ravished mind,
    Sending feelers long and frail
    Through its steely shielding veil,
    Seeping into crack and hole,
    Peeling layers one and all,
    Squeezing through at honey crawl,
    Gripping secrets, dreams, and soul,
    Thirsty tracing blood and vein
    To this calling throbbing pain,
    Weaving fingers wizard’s art
    Holding tight to never part –
            - my heart.

    I found a whore.

    There’s no second to your thrill,
    Gashing ribbons through my will,
    Sliding shivers long my spine,
    Spiky nails in shoulders mine,
    Slicing teeth drive bloody wedge
    Like a razor’s dreaded edge,
    Long my chin the gushing line
    Stains the breasts that crush in mine,
    Thighs are merging, hips collide,
    Hands to gates of heaven slide,
    Fingers clasp in frenzied fight,
    Screaming silent, holding tight –
            - my might.

    I found a wife.

    There’s no second to your love,
    Way beyond, or way above,
    Soft the song at morn you sing,
    Kind the kiss each eve you bring,
    By my side when children play,
    Hand in hand when puppies stray,
    Laughing day and smiling night,
    Sparkling eyes at candle’s light,
    Telling whispers in my ear,
    Reading poems from my tear,
    Wearing proudly, song to wing,
    Day to moon, and sun to spring –
            - my ring.



You And I...

    you wrote a poem,
    i read the words,
    you played a laughter,
    i heard the chords,
    you said forever
    and one more day,
    i feared the never
    that’s paving my way.

    you counted the seasons,
    we sadly have lost,
    the falls and the winters
    we’re hoping to host,
    i pained for the summers,
    the tunes of the spring,
    and prayed for the seasons
    tomorrows will bring.

    you rhymed of a bridge
    you built lover’s art,
    you laid out the bricks,
    you reached for my heart...
    i grabbed dreamland’s hammer,
    obeyed your behest,
    your bridge and your heartbeat
    i nailed to my chest.