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Butterfly... For A Day

    I’ll pull your cotton layers off and soak them in the rain
    Then wrap you in the soggy cloth to soothe the growling pain
    Time fingers spell into your breasts your wish for mornings one
    And golden wings gash long your back to sprout into the sun.

    You spread your arms to test your bones, then stretch your muscled toes,
    A silken sail of tiny scales between your fingers glows,
    The time has come... a flap... a scream... your arrow leaves the glade
    And glinting hordes of starlight dust your streaking trail invade.

    Your roving heart for daylight long will chase the swallow’s tail,
    The sun will bask inside your hues to share your colors’ gale,
    Until the sunset’s waning rays will die inside your eyes
    To fold your wings, and once again to don your earthling guise.