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  and then Annabel Lee found me

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

~Robert Anson Heinlein

The magic is not in the written word. It is in the read one.

The real artists are the readers, those entities that absorb, interpret, mold fantasies and finally end up with a product the likes of which is the intended piece of art. Maybe pieces of art, as to each their own interpretation skills. And skills it takes. And magic.

Sure, the writer provides the skeleton and without skeleton there is nothing to hang the rest of the body on. Yet, it is the reader who provides the flesh, the heart, the breath, the soul. No reader Ė no soul, no art, isnít it?

Of course, some writers have the means to buy their readers. Some revert to mendicity. In between there is the dying of hunger. I guess, it is where I am.

    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Pulp
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Surreal
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Hay Fever
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Kindergarten... Kind Of
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Visit
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  No. Yes. It Is A Story About Humans
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  The Last Dog
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  MRI
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Garden
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Chopper
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Birmingham United
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Zoo
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Patience. Yeah...
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  A Zombie Stole My Loverís Body
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Crabs
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Father
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  "Some Women"
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Egypt, This Time
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Blind Date
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  President
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Bacteria
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Oh, No, Not Again...
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Stolen
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Strange
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Tra & Silvania & Co. (ie Count)
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Clay
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Wax
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Scavenger's Daughter
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Squish-Squish-Squish
    dot    ©anonymousatalfm  Stones




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