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Dear Whoever,

This site came to life for one and only reason: to sell my book THE LIFE AND DEATH OF A HITECH PATRIOT, ISBN: 0-75964-846-8. And not so much to sell it for its mercantile value as for its sending-a-message-out-there value.

Of course, if I go already through all this effort, then why not expand it a little bit with extra 'cuts' and with some other general or personal stuff. So here it is, the way it looks now and probably not the way it will look in the future.

Yeap, first and major change: you'll find here links to my new books - poetry and others - which you are welcome to purchase and (promise) enjoy IF you are of a romantic fiber. And even a new version of the main book, with color spots on the drawings and an improved quiz.

Since I build this site myself, learning html and java script (to a bare necessities level) on the fly from several nice sites providing quite good help, you will not find here any flashy screens or subliminal messages. But I hope you like it nevertheless, and leaving messages in the guests book - is the best recognition you may give me for my effort. In addition to buying the books of course :) .

Due to the fact that all this activity is done in the background of my 'normal life' there will probably be quite a lot of spaces to fill-in later on. At the time I wrote these lines I didn't even know where the site will be located. But learning and developing it on the fly is part of the pleasure.

Thanks for the visit.